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We’ve written about the best ai text-to-speech software, now let’s take a look at speech-to-text artificial intelligence tools. Yep, software can now easily recognize the human voice and turn audio into a text document. Here is a short list of the 3 best Ai transcription software so that you can take your audio, video, or meetings and turn them into a transcript in little-to-no time.

Our Picks

Most Accurate

  • Industry leader with over 750K clients
  • Best price to accuracy human/Ai transcription mix
  • Pay as you go OR subscription
  • Powerful APIs
  • Live Transcripts
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Most Versitile


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  • 30 hrs/month for $24
  • WAY beyond just transcription
  • Powerful Creator tools
  • Ai Voice Overdub
  • Edit Audio & Video like a text document
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Best for Meetings

  • Live meeting transcriptions
  • Meeting take-aways and notes
  • Access the assistant across platforms
  • Integrated project management software
  • Easily invite to zoom meetings
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Best Ai Transcription Software

How Can Ai Help Transcribe Audio?

When it comes to artificial intelligence, transcription services are a no-brainer use case. Once the models are trained, transcribing audio is a relatively straightforward task for an Ai.

There have been plenty of models trained around natural language processing. A relatively new speech-to-text model, Open Ai’s Whisper, came out just a month ago. This Ai transcription model is incredibly accurate and will no doubt power a new wave of apps.

Human vs Ai Transcription

Before the advent of speech recognition bots, transcripts were done by hand. It’s still the case that human transcribers are likely more accurate than an Ai transcription bot. However, paying a human for their time is a lot more costly than running an ever-scalable bot.

To give you a better idea, a 2021 study on the accuracy of Ai powered transcription showed an accuracy rate of around 86%. The leading score was held by If you pay by the minute for, they use a combination of ai, and then humans to correct the transcript, which ensures a 99% accuracy rate for transcribing audio to text.

So for now, humans still win. But the most cost-effective, high-accuracy solution is to use a combo of an ai transcriber and a human editor. – Ai Transcription is a powerhouse in the transcription space. It is the number one transcription service in the world, with over 72,000 freelancers and 750,000 customers.

Rev offers various services, with their most accurate transcription service at 99%. This service uses Ai and humans to transcribe the content, add subtitles, closed captions, and more.

Rev also has automated ai transcription services that boast close to a 90% accuracy and are far cheaper and faster to receive than the Ai, human combo. Pricing offers human transcriptions (99% accuracy and an average of ~5-hour turnaround time) for $1.50 a minute. offers automated Ai transcription services by an Ai (90% accurate and a 5-minute turnaround time) for .25 a minute.

There is also the “Rev Max” subscription plan that costs $29.99 a month and allows you to use their Ai to transcribe up to 20 hours of audio each month.

They also use an Ai to offer live zoom captions at $20 a host, English closed captions on video for $1.50 a minute and can translate subtitles into over 15 languages with 99% accuracy from $5 to $12 a minute (depending on the language and complexity).

Does Offer a Free Ai Transcription Service? does offer a free 14-day trial of their Rev max subscription. The subscription is normally $29.99 a month, and it offers 20 hrs of automated transcriptions.

So yes, you can try out rev’s ai transcription services for 20hrs or 14-days free by using this link.

Descript – Ai Transcription

Descript is an incredibly powerful podcast, video, and content-creation software that also offers Ai Transcriptions, and ai/human hybrid transcription.

The accuracy of the Ai transcription is similar to the 90% of The Ai/human transcript is also similar to the 99% offered by rev, but comes in at a pricer $2 a minute.

However, where Descript stands out is if you want more than simple transcriptions. Descript will transcribe audio or video and then you can edit the audio or video file by editing the transcript. That’s right, you can edit audio and video as simple as editing the text in the document.

When you remove sentences, it will make cuts in the audio and video – so you no longer need to learn a fancy editing software. Also, you can even ADD sentences that you never said to the transcript by using their “overdub” tool. This is perfect if you are a content creator and don’t want to re-record that one line. Simply type it in.

This software is great for Ai Transcriptions, but most importantly it is worth choosing if you are looking to do more around content creation than simple Ai transcription services.

Descript as Ai Transcription Service

Descript Pricing

Descript offers professional human/ai powered transcriptions for $2 a minute. However, if you’re looking for Ai transcription + a powerful suite of tools like ai voice overdub, video editing programs, and more you should go with a monthly subscription.

For $12 a month you get 10hrs of Ai transcription a month + the creator tools. For $24 a month you get a whopping 30hrs/month of transcription + enhanced creator tools and unlimited ai voice overdub.

Does Descript offer a free Ai Transcription version?

Yes! You can download Descript and most of its editing tools for free + get 3 hrs of transcription a month for free by using this link.

Otter Ai – Ai Transcription uses ai transcription to increase meeting productivity. By inviting the assistant to your Zoom calls or Google Meetings, the Ai will take note of who is talking and transcribe their audio in real-time.

It will then create an outline of what happened in the meeting so that you can share actionable items with yourself and the team.

Using you never have to worry about taking notes during a meeting again.

Otter Ai Pricing transcription services are quite affordable with plans ranging from free to $20 USD a month. There is even a free version that gives you 300 monthly transcription services.

As you go up in monthly pricing, you not only get access to more transcription minutes but also more powerful project management and meeting assistant tools.

Best Ai Transcription Software Conclusion

As of now, most Ai Transcriptions are about 90% accurate. Therefore, it isn’t so much the accuracy of the transcription that will cause you to choose a certain software, but rather the features around the transcription.

In this article, we denoted which of the Ai transcription software is best in each case.

  • is best if all you want is accurate audio transcriptions.
  • Descript is best if you want a powerful creator suite as well as transcription.
  • And is best if you are looking for an Ai tool to help you transcribe meetings and take notes on the fly.

We hope you found this Ai Transcription article helpful. Thanks for reading and please check out some of the other articles on my site.

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