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Best Text to Speech Ai Voice Bots

Text-to-speech conversion, speech synthesis, and voice cloning are all concepts made possible through Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice generation bots.

Too shy to record your own voice for a Youtube video? Too busy to record an audiobook on your own? Would you rather listen to than read an article? An AI voice generator can help you solve all these problems and more. Don’t believe me? Ask Siri! 

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant, all of these applications use a voice generated by Artificial Intelligence. In this article, I have compiled a list of some of the best AI voice generators available on the market. Below are the quick rankings and ways to get started:

Best text to speech ai voice generator bots

What is an AI voice generator?

Best Overall for voice generation

Play ht voice and podcast ai

Well done “ultra-realistic voices“. They have some cool dystopian fake podcasts out there too between fake ai people.

Best Value for Voice Generation

Murf Voice generator AI

This feels the most user-friendly and easy to use if you are trying to generate synthetic voices or clone your own voice.

Best For Listening to Content


Speechify text to speech AI Bot

This product focuses on making the web more accessible by integrating within your device and reading back articles.

Best Full Package Editing Suite


Descript Voice AI

A full-service audio and video editing tool that also includes ai voices and allows you to clone your own voice. Great choice if you are looking to do more than just Ai voice.

An AI voice generator is software that uses machine learning to create natural-sounding speech. It takes hundreds of hours of processing real voice recordings for the computer to learn to create an audio output that resembles the human voice. Creating your own an Ai voice generator itself is rather complex. Luckily, there are plenty of AI voice generators on the market that have made things easier for individuals and businesses to turn text to speech and even clone their own voice to do so.

You can use this technology to create audiobooks, ad campaigns, customer response messages, online courses and more. You can also leverage this technology to make your web page more accessible via an audio version of your post.

How to create an AI voice?

Creating an AI voice requires you to follow machine learning models and feed the machine tons of relevant data for it to create an output in the form of an AI voice. This is the hard work that software developers have done for you to create very easy-to-use AI voice generators online. Using an AI voice generator like the ones mentioned below you can create an AI voice in a few simple steps.

Just give the AI voice generator a text input, select a language and style of voice, and you are ready to get the output. Some options on this list even allow you to clone your own voice (or the voice of anyone that gives you permission to do so).


Murf offers studio-quality voice-overs with over 120+ real voices in 20 languages. It offers a variety of use cases ranging from educational videos, explainer videos, ads, podcasts and webinars. The Murf studio is packed with easy-to-use, yet powerful features for every creator. Key Features 

  • Text-to-speech conversion
  • Voice cloning 
  • Voice over video 
  • Voice over Google slides 
  • Voice Changer Pricing

Murf offers a three-tiered pricing plan. 

The basic plan starts at $13 per month with 24hrs of voice generation and unlimited downloads. You can access 60 different voices and 10 languages with commercial usage using the basic plan. 

The pro plan offers 96hrs of voice generation with unlimited downloads and access to 120 different voices and 20 languages for $26 per month. It also comes with a voice changer and commercial usage right. allows up to 3 users per account.

The Enterprise plan starts at $167 and offers unlimited voice generation with unlimited downloads per month. It allows up to 5 users per account with collaboration and access control, centralized invoicing and unlimited storage. 

You can also use Murf to try out a free online text-to-speech bot. Murf offers 10 mins of voice generation for free, but unfortunately without any download option. 


Speechify is geared more towards text-to-speech as an article reader, enhancing the listening speed to make listening to articles more productive. You can listen to a text with up to 5X speech speed to save a massive amount of time. 

Speechify has a number of different Ai voices, but rather than focusing on creating new voices, it focuses on integrating text-to-speech everywhere. This makes the web more accessible and convenient because with Speechify installed you can listen to any article on nearly any platform.

Speechify Key Features 

  • One of the best features of Speechify is its accessibility and integration capability.
  • It works with major platforms like Mac, iPhone, Ipad, Android, Chrome extension and API integration. 
  • It also offers advanced note-taking and highlighting features. 

Speechify Pricing

Speechify offers two simple pricing plans; Speechify Limited & Speechify Premium 

The Limited plan is a free plan that offers 10 standard listening voices with a speed up to 1x. 

Speechify premium is priced at $11.58 per month that offers more than 30 voices in 20 different languages with up to 5x the speed and unlimited downloads. is another best voice generator to create both synthetic and realistic voices with natural sounding. It offers over 600 male and female voices in 142 languages and accents. boasts clients like Verizon and Comcast 

Recently, started a completely Ai generated podcast. Everything from the content to the voices are created by artificial intelligence. It is far from perfect, but listening to an ai Joe Rogan talk to an ai Stevel Jobs is still pretty interesting: Features

  • AI podcasts 
  • Team Access
  • Ultra-realistic voices and voice cloning 
  • Accents & Phonetics
  • API integrations Pricing offers multiple price plans for both individuals and enterprise uses 

Personal Plan is priced at $14.25 per month for up to 240,000 words per year with standard voices and unlimited downloads. 

The Professional plan offers 600,000 words per year for a $29.25 monthly pricing with a commercial license. 

The Premium plan is priced at $74.25 per month with ultra-realistic voices, unlimited generation and white-labeled audio players. 

The Team plan is billed at $371.25 per month for up to 5 members, with unlimited projects, voice generation and centralized billing 


Descript is a full podcast and video editing suite packed with features. One of those features is a free overdub tool that can mimic anyone’s voice so that you can punch in those pesky missed words on a podcast.

Descript Features

Beyond creating ai voices, you can use Descript for so many podcasting, video editing and content creation needs. Just to name a few of Descript’s features:

  • Automatic Filler Word removal (detect “ums” “Likes” and more and have them automatically removed from the audio)
  • Overdub – create an Ai voice clone to replace words that were missed during live recording
  • Edit Video via text transcript. No more clunky video editors, edit video like you would a word doc
  • Transcription – automatically have your podcast and video transcribed in order to help with blogging and SEO.

Descript Pricing

Descript offers a free plan, a creator plan and a pro plan.

The free plan is free and comes with 3hrs of transcriptions. It also includes full audio and video editing, but videos can only be exported with a watermark.

The creator plan costs $12/mo and comes with 10 hrs of transcription, plus watermark-free video export.

The pro plan comes with unlimited ai voice overdubbing, advanced export and file batching options, and 30 hrs of transcriptions a month.


Lovo uses the latest machine learning technology to create some of the most powerful and human-like voices for a variety of different uses that includes gaming, e-learning, podcasts and ads. Similar to murf, you can create a clone of your own voice to use in your content via the voice cloning technology of Lovo. 

Lovo Key Features 

  • 180+ voices in 33 different languages 
  • Human emotions voices 
  • Voice cloning & customized voice skins
  • Lovo API for enterprise use enables you to integrate Lovo into your services to handle hundreds of calls and chatbot voices per month 

Lovo Pricing

Lovo studio offers 3 pricing plans that include the free version, the personal and the freelancer plan. 

The free text-to-speech generator version offers unlimited conversion and listening with up to 3 downloads per month. However, this plan is for personal use only. 

The personal version starts at $17.49 per month with unlimited conversion, listening, sharing and up to 30 downloads per month. It also offers commercial use rights and unlimited access to all voices. 

The Freelancer version is $49.99 per month with unlimited use and up to 100 downloads per month for commercial use. 

The API pricing starts at $45 per month for up to 1000 text-to-speech API calls.


Listnr has one of the largest libraries of around 600 voices in 75 languages around the world. Boasting over 15,000 users, Listnr provides an easy-to-use solution for podcasters, agencies and freelancers for their next voice-over project. 

Listnr Features

  • Text to Speech editor, which enables you to create voiceovers for ads, and podcasts in multiple styles and pronunciations with unlimited downloads 
  • Listnr Embeddable audio player can be embedded anywhere on the web to easily reach and deliver to a wider audience. 

Listnr Pricing 

Listnr offers 6-tiers of pricing. it also offers free trials with each tier of its plan. The 3 most popular plans are: 

The Solo plan. $19/mo, offers up to 30,000 words per month in 600+ voices with unlimited downloads, audio embeds, and 50GB storage

Startup Plan, $39/mo, offers up to 100,000 words per month with unlimited downloads and 100GB of storage. 

Agency Plan. $99/mo, offers up to 300,000 words per month with unlimited downloads, 250GB storage, and unlimited audio embed.

Resemble claims to create a human-like voice better than Alexa’s robotic voice. If you want to clone your own voice with advanced AI technology for free, give a try.

Resemble Features

Resemble offers a variety of features like: 

  • Emotions
  • Speech to Speech with granular control over inflection and intonation 
  • Localization of the voices to multiple geo-locations 
  • Resemble fill can blend human voices with synthetic voices (great for making podcast edits)
  • With API integrations you can integrate your voices across multiple apps and games 

Resemble Pricing 

Resemble offers Basic and Pro pricing plans 

The basic plan cost $0.006 per second with up to 10 voices and unlimited audio downloads in English only 

The Pro plan offers speech-to-speech, API integrations, 24+ languages and custom data uploads. The Pro plan pricing is customized, to get a quote you will have to contact the sales team of Resemble. 


While not as high quality as some of the other ai voice text to speech generators on this list, if you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription for an AI voice generator then Speechelo is a good option. It comes with more than 30 human-sounding voices in both male and female gender and works in more than 23 languages.

Speechelo Features

  • Works with multiple video creation software like Adobe Premier, Powtoon, Camtasia etc.
  • Multiple tones including serious, joyful and normal 
  • One-time download – One-time Pricing 

Speechelo Pricing

Speechelo offers a hugely discounted one-time pricing of $37 without any monthly charges. Just pay one time and use a free AI voice generator for life. 

Most realistic voice generator?

Voice generators are becoming more and more realistic with the advancement in machine learning and artificial intelligence every single day. and are by far the most realistic voice generators and they come with a number of use cases in multiple industries like content creation, e-learning, and IVR. 

Free AI Voice Generator?

If you are looking for a Free AI voice generator, then you are in luck because most of the above-mentioned AI voice generators offer free plans for personal use and a one-month trial for the pro plan too. offers up to 10 minutes of voice generation free and allows you to play around in their voice generation studio before purchasing.

Best Text to Speech Ai Voice Generators Conclusion

The best text-to-speech AI is hard to pin down exactly, as the field is new and improving almost daily. Depending on your needs you may want a full editing package like Descript, a product made primarily for listening like Speechify, or some awesome AI voice generators for content creation like murf and

Either way, I hope this article was helpful. If you do purchase a voice over software, please do through via the links above. At no extra cost to you, I’ll get a small commission and that commission will help me to continue exploring the internet and creating content.

I appreciate your attention.

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