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Descript Review – Worth it or a Gimmick?

In this Descript review, I will share my experience using Descript Ai Video Editing Software. After reading, you’ll have enough information to decide whether or not investing in Descript is a good option for you.

This post on Descript will lay out the basic features of the program and also provides a video review and tutorial about Descript that was made using the program itself.

Descript AI Video Editing Review

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If you’re a beginner looking to create YouTube, podcast, and other social content quickly. Descript is a great program to start with.

While not quite as sophisticated as Premiere, Descript allows users to do 95% of what they could in Premiere, but more efficiently and with less of a learning curve.

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I recently transferred from Premiere Pro to editing audio and video content with Descript.

Unlike traditional editing software, it was intuitive to use, and I was able to create a high-quality video quickly and efficiently.

Descript Review: Pros & Cons


  • Edit video as easily as a word document
  • Ai Enhanced Transcriptions
  • Clone your voice and overdub recordings digitally rather than re-record
  • Modern-day video editing workflow that is intuitive and efficient.


    • Must re-train your brain if switching from a timeline-based video editor
  • Limited timeline feature

Is Descript Legit: My Experience

As an owner of a video agency, I have created thousands of client videos and animations using industry-standard programs like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro.  Descript is a relatively new addition to the world of video editing.

Descript claims to have used Ai to revamp the video editing process to make it more efficient and much simpler. So, I wanted to try it out.

Here is a video of me reviewing Descript. I also made the entire video using Descript. Meta… I know, but check it out to hear my thoughts and see the software’s capabilities:

As you can tell from my video review and the product box above, I really enjoyed my experience using Descript. I will continue to use Descript in my video project workflow. There is a chance it will completely replace Premiere as my primary video editing software, but for now, I will use both.

Now, onto the full review.

How to Use Descript?

Descript is an AI-based video and audio editing tool designed to simplify the process of editing. When you import video or audio recordings to Descript, the software transcribes them using speech detection AI.

In the case of a video file, Descript links the transcription to the frames of the video. You can then make changes to the video by changing the corresponding text. The same can be done for an audio file. You can even create a clone of your voice to add produced audio recordings to an existing project or create a new one without recording anything. 

You get Descript audio tools that could ease the process of editing, so one could save time by not having to use a Digital audio workstation to have their audio sound great. As audio is a crucial part of a video, with Descript’s audio processing, one could worry less about recording audio in a quiet environment.

Update: Descript recently purchased Squadcast to add remote recording features to what was previously just an editing software.

What Artificial Intelligence Does Descript Use in Its Software?

Descript Pricing

Descript uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and converts speech to text with a claimed accuracy of 95%. For voice cloning and artificial voice synthesis, Descript uses Lyrebird AI. Now an AI research division within Descript, Lyrebird AI was bought by Descript in 2019.

Descript Pricing

As of 14/11/2022, Descript offers a free version as well as three paid plans.

  • Free version: $0
  • Creator: $12/mo
  • Pro: $24/mo
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Descript Free Version

The free version of Descript gives you access to all the video and audio editing features but limits the transcription to 3 hours. This might seem like a limitation of Descript free plan, but you also get a trial of Overdub in this limited version.

Descript Creator Plan Pricing

The Creator plan is available at $15/editor/month if you choose the monthly billing option and at $12/editor/month if you choose the annual billing option.

In addition to everything offered in the free version, the Creator plan allows 10 hours of transcription per month and lets you export the videos without the Descript watermark. 

Descript Pro Pricing

The Pro plan is available at $30/editor/month if you choose the monthly billing option and at $24/editor/month if you choose the annual billing option. The Pro plan, along with all the features offered in the Creator plan, allows 30 hours of transcription per month. Moreover, it offers unlimited Overdub, batch file export, custom branding, and pro publishing and editing features like detection and removal of filler words.

The Enterprise plan is for teams of video editors with more than 10 users and offers custom pricing. Along with the limited features compared to the Pro plan, the Enterprise plan offers enterprise-level features like a dedicated account representative, security review, centralized billing, onboarding, training, etc. 

Descript Video Editing Interface

Is Descript Good For Podcast Editing?

Descript originally gained popularity among video and podcasting editors as a podcast editing tool, and rightly so. The ease of use makes it ideal for creative content creators and influencers who want to focus more of their energy on coming up with new content ideas and keeping their audiences engaged and less on editing the content. 

With Descript, you can do both audio and video podcast editing, in the same manner, you would edit a text document. You don’t even have to type the text yourself. Just upload your audio files or video clips, and Descript will transcribe the audio for you.

Moreover, you can also fine-tune the audio through loudness normalization, noise cancellation, and automatic removal of filler words. With Descript’s Overdub feature, you can clone your voice. From there, you will be creating audio content in your voice by typing words.

However, we haven’t found the voice quite realistic enough for full content (not yet capable of premium audio production). It works better for “overdubbing” and adding in snippets of something to an existing podcast without having to go back and re-record the audio files. More on that…

Descript Overdub

Let’s say that you forgot to say something important in your video; Descript’s Overdub feature will save you the hassle of recording again. Overdub takes a sample of your voice and uses AI to create a cloned voice.

From there, you must type the desired text, and the cloned voice will say it for you. You can also use Overdub to make a video without having to record your voice at all. Just type in the text, choose a stock voice, and Overdub’s text-to-speech model will handle the rest.

Studio Sound

Descript Studio Sound is a feature that uses AI to remove noise from your audio files and enhance the overall audio quality.

No matter where you recorded your audio and what type of mic you used to do it, in just a few clicks, Studio Sound can make your audio sound more professional.

It works by isolating the speaker’s voice and then regenerating the audio with the improvements, so there is no dampening effect on the voice of the speaker.

Descript Noise Reduction: My Experience With Descript’s Studio Sound

We recorded our first podcast – and our mic was hot :/. Yikes! You could hear every breath, and there was a lot of background noise.

Luckily, Descript studio sound cleaned it right up, and the audio sounds incredibly professional. It all happened with a click of a button.

You can check out the first episode of our Podcast with Chainflip here if you’re interested in hearing the finished output.

Descript Video Editing

Descript Video Editor

Descript is an easy-to-use and efficient platform for editing video recordings. It simplifies the editing process with the help of AI. The automated transcription of the video not only makes it easy to add subtitles to the video but also makes it easy to edit the video. 

Moreover, Descript gives you access to a media library with millions of stock images, gifs, videos, and animations. You can use the drag-and-drop editor to add elements to the video and zoom in on areas of focus.

You can also use different transition effects to switch from one scene to another. To add a clip between a video, you must insert a forward slash in the video script where you want to add the clip. This will split the script and make space for a new scene. You also get the chroma key feature for creating video clips using a green screen.

All-and-all, Descript is a powerful and efficient video editor. It doesn’t have quite as much customization as an industry standard program like Premiere Pro, but for most tasks, it is faster if you are ok with being a little less picky and detailed with your edits. And if you are picky…

Export Descript to Premiere Pro Timeline

In just a few clicks, Descript allows users to export their project from Descript into other video editing programs like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. An XML file is exported, which contains all of the cuts, animations, and changes made in Descript so that you can pick up where you left off in another editing program.

For my workflow, I’ll use Descript to make the macro edit and get the pieces together. Then, I’ll export the XML and open the timeline in Premiere to add the finishing touches. Yes, you can export a project with all the cuts, effects, and additions from Descript and continue working on it via another platform.

Since Descript makes the macro edit much faster and offers some really great Ai additions like Studio Sound, I find it nice to make the first pass of the edit and clean up within Descript.

Edit Video by Editing Text (or Audio)

One thing that makes Descript stand out is that it saves you from a lot of hassle that you have to go through using traditional video editing platforms. That way, you can simply skim through the text document rather than watch all the footage.

You don’t like a scene in the video? Simply delete the text corresponding to that scene, and Descript will automatically take that part out of the video.

Forgot to say something important while recording the video? Use the Overdub feature to create a clone of your own voice and have it say whatever you missed by adding text to the script. There is no need to record again.

Descript also removes filler words with just a few simple clicks, thus helping you create a professional smooth flowing video within no time. 

The audio functions worked excellently, and their capabilities allow you to advanced editing. Those who love editing audio mostly appreciate these features.

Descript 2.0 Story Board

Descript Storyboard is the newest version of the Descript software that strongly emphasizes video editing. Descript Storyboard lets you use a script-first approach to video creation.

You can simply type or paste the script for your video and use the forward slash to divide the script into different “scenes”. The scenes will appear as separate thumbnails, and you can choose to add any video clip, animation, gif, or photo to that scene by simply dragging it onto the thumbnail.

If you have already recorded a complete video and want to edit it, you can easily do it by uploading it to Descript Storyboard. As you do, Descript will automatically transcribe your video (Descript claims a 95% transcription accuracy – we found it to be a little less accurate, but still completely fine).

With a little bit of editing with the transcript tool, you can use it to automatically add subtitles to the video or edit the video by removing part of the text. Descript will automatically remove the corresponding part from the video as you remove a part of the transcription.

Descript Discord

Descript Discord

Descript has its own Discord server that grants participants access to a community of Descript users.

You can use the Descript Discord platform to discuss problems, suggest improvements, connect with like-minded people, and get help in your video creation and editing journey.

Descript Customer Service

Descript Customer support

Descript has created a help center for its users with a ton of different resources. These resources include video tutorials, how-to guides, a reference manual, and a product changelog.

The product changelog will help you keep up with the latest updates. The Descript tutorials and how-to guides will help you get started. And the reference manual will teach you everything you need to know about what different tools (e.g., Overdub and Quick Recorder) do and what different terms (e.g., scene, canvas, timeline, etc.) mean.

You can also send feature requests to the Descript team if you feel like something is missing from the product. In case of a problem or an issue, you can contact Descript’s team by submitting a ticket or emailing them.

What Customers Say About Descript?

There are a lot of customer reviews from around the world about Descript, and honestly, there’s nothing to hide. The response is amazing, as this video editing software has made work easier for beginners as well as professionals. 

According to the users, the best part is video transcription for subtitles and text editing. It’s a great app for people interested in creating audiobooks and improving their speech impediment. Some people jokingly talk about opening their transcription business with the help of Descript to make more money than they paid for the app. Hilarious, right?   

When customers were asked what they disliked, they reverted with mixed responses. They say the app crashes on small devices. So, it’s best to use a heavy hardware device to work without obstructions. However, the positives make them keep coming back for more. 

A few negative reviews have stated that the app has no AI voice replacement for longer sentences. Sometimes there are lagging or freezing issues along the transcription process. The sound and video speaker do not align or do not sync with the transcript. There are complaints about blank video portions on exporting too. 

However, the overall ratings are good and commendable. On witnessing quick feedback from the Descript support team, it’s clear that they are determined to make their customer experience smooth and organized. In addition, there are reviews appreciating the team for keeping their interface quick and easy to use.

Descript Alternative

Honestly, when we thought about Descript alternatives, we could only think about apps with a few additional features. So, if you want to try your hands at video editing apps besides Descript, we do have recommendations:

Adobe Premiere Pro is a great option for professional video editors and people whose work is not text-centric. This timeline-based video editor has a slow learning curve and, thus, takes time to get used to the interface. However, once you are all set, there are some amazing results.

Premiere is an industry-standard program used for big projects. This huge software requires a powerful system for uninterrupted and glitch-free editing. The motion graphic templates, VR rotation, and simultaneous project handling are some of the top features that make it stand out from the competition. 

While Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro, might have ruled the market for quite some time now, Descript is a new addition to the video editing world. This AI-backed software has a quick learning curve and is a better choice for beginners or people still confused between Premiere Pro and Descript. 

When customers were asked to choose between Descript and Premiere Pro, most of them responded to stick with both. There were many who had already shifted to Descript from Premiere Pro due to quick and less-picky transcriptions. At the same time, people already used to the Premiere Pro workflow preferred to stay with it. 

FYI, Descript might soon launch a Pro version with upgraded features to elevate the editing experience. However, if you have tried the recent version of various editors and want to continue with them all, Descript provides you with an option for inter-software export.

Yes, you heard that right! You can edit videos using all Descript features and export the projects to other programs. Descript converts all your effects, animations, text, cuts, and additions to an XML file, which is then exported to another software. Thus, you can continue just from where you left off without repetitions. 

It’s recommended to create a macro edit in Descript, as it’s much faster and clean with the AI-supported Studio Sound feature, and then export it to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to give the finishing touches. 

Descript Video Editing Review: Final Verdict

The point of this Descript review was to help you decide whether or not subscribing to Descript is a good idea for you, so let’s boil it down.

If you are passionate about the art of editing videos and already have a good grasp on software like Adobe Premiere, I’d say stick to that process.

However, if you are new to editing or are more focused on content creation (want to quickly publish a video or audio project you created) rather than the process and art of editing, starting a Descript subscription is definitely a good idea. Not only will you be able to do 95% of what you want to do within Descript, but you will also be able to get started creating content faster, as Descript has an easier learning curve than traditional video editing software.

No matter what, learning any video editing software is worthwhile. Given the popularity of Descript and its innovation in the video editing process, I hypothesize that Adobe and other such platforms will take note of and introduce text-based editing within their own software. It is also likely that Descript will introduce more pro features and increase its timeline’s flexibility.

Personally, I am happy to pay for both Adobe Premiere and Descript, as both software have their unique benefits.

Descript Review FAQs

Is Descript a good editing software?

Yes, Descript is a good editing software with a very fast learning curve. The drag-and-drop features for adding content, the one-click audio enhancements, text-based editing and the multitrack recording for screen and camera are some of the features that bring efficiency to the video editing process.

Is Descript reliable?

Yes, Descript transcriptions are relatively reliable. They get the job done and correct about 90% of the time. However, you’d likely want to edit any transcript before posting the written format publicly.

In terms of software, Descript is a reliable platform and is also secure to use. The data you send to and from Descript is encrypted over HTTPS, which is the industry standard for safe internet transfers. Yes, Descript transcriptions are relatively reliable. They get the job done and correct about 90% of the time. However, you’d likely want to edit any transcript before posting the written format publicly.
In terms of software, Descript is a reliable platform and is also secure to use. The data you send to and from Descript is encrypted over HTTPS, which is the industry standard for safe internet transfers.

Is Descript good for video editing?

The text-based editing and the storyboard format of Descript have made it especially efficient to edit long-form video content.

What is Descript for?

Descript originally gained popularity as an amazing audio editing tool to deliver quality podcasts. However, you can now use Descript to create and edit all kinds of audio and video clips.

Some popular use cases are educational videos, marketing videos, sales videos, business videos, and creative videos for your YouTube Channel or social media accounts.
Text-based editing makes it simpler to create and edit videos, and the auto-transcription and audio enhancement help to make the videos more accessible and improve their quality.

Descript Review


If you’re a beginner looking to create YouTube, podcast, and other social content quickly. Descript is a great program to start with.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Descript Storyboard
  • Descript Overdub
  • Podcast Editing
  • Customer Support


  • Edit video as easily as a word document
  • Ai Enhanced Transcriptions
  • Clone your voice and overdub recordings digitally rather than re-record
  • Modern-day video editing workflow that is intuitive and efficient.


  • Must re-train your brain if switching from a timeline-based video editor
  • Limited timeline feature

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