3Commas Trading Bot Results

114 Days of 3Commas Trading Bot – My Results

On 07/09/2022 I deposited $606.71 into my FTX sub-account, connected my 3commas trading bot to the exchange, set up the automated trading bot, and then stopped paying attention… until today, 10/31/2022.

In this article, we’ll take a look at my results using the 3commas trading bot, specifically the grid bot, over a 114-day period.

3Commas Trading Bot Results

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Over my 114 day period running the 3 Commas Grid Trading Bot, I made a return of 34.5%. If I had simply bought ETH and held it, I would have only made a return of 30.6%.

So using the 3 Commas free trading bot feature, I netted an extra 22% annualized ROI

The Initial Deposit & 3commas Trading Bot Setup

To get started using the 3commas grid bot, you have to pick a trading pair, and then hold a certain amount of each of the currencies in the pair. The reason for this is that a grid bot will buy a little when the price goes down and then sell a little when the price goes up, all set at various increments (grids). For that reason, you need buffer funds on both sides of the market so that the bot can work its automated magic, buying and selling the dips.

As mentioned, I deposited $606.71 (USDT) into a separate trading subaccount on FTX. To get the bot going I had to purchase .206 ETH. The price of Ethereum at the time was $1224.02.

So my bot began trading with .206 ETH ($252.15) and $354.56 USDT.

The 3commas grid trading bot then began buying and selling ETH in size increments of .003 in step increments between 1 and 7%.

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My 3commas Grid Trading Bot Results So Far

After 114 days, the 3commas grid bot has made 378 trades. My account currently holds:

.4286 ETH and $130.76.

ETH is currently priced at $1599.38. So that’s a dollar account value of my account is:

(.4286*1599.38) $685.49 in ETH + $130.76 = $816.25

3Commas Grid Bot ROI

My initial deposit has grown from $606.71 to $816.25.

  • Gain = $209.54
  • ROI = 34.5%
  • Annualized ROI = 152.7%

Those are fantastic results. BUT, ETH also went from $1224.02 to $1599.38 which means if I would have simply put that initial deposit all into ETH and held (606.71/1224.02 = .4956 ETH) I would have received:

  • Gain = (1599.38*.4956) – (1224.02*.4956) = $186.03
  • ROI = 30.65%
  • Annualized ROI = 130.58%

3Commas Grid Bot Conclusion

In my particular instance, over the 114 days in this particular market, the grid bot has been very worth it. It netted me roughly 22% more ROI a year, which is a sizable amount (particularly if I would have invested more in the bot).

What is more impressive, is I did all of this with the 3Commas Grid bot free plan version. I haven’t had to pay for a subscription, as I haven’t gone after some of the more pro bot features that 3Commas has to offer, like the copy trading marketplace.

So, if you liked this post, and you think setting up some automated crypto trading strategies is right for you, sign up for a free 3commas account and see how it goes. I’d be grateful if you used my link, as at no extra cost to you, it helps me to continue creating content that is honest and transparent.

I appreciate you reading and best of luck on your trading journey!

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