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Best Ai Video Generator Tools

The impact we can make with a video is unmatched by other mediums, but creating a high-quality video is the key to achieving that impact. Luckily for us, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made the task easier by using the best Ai video generator tools. AI video creation tools with natural language processing, speech synthesis, text-to-video conversion, and automated workflows have made high-quality video creation accessible to everyone. 

Here at Peer Through, we’ve used machine learning and artificial intelligence to create deepfake videos in the past. However, Ai is far more than a video gimmick. There are some really powerful Ai based video editors out there.

Our Pick



Descript is a modern content creation platform designed around Ai and natural language processing

  • Transcribe Audio & Video files then edit like a text document
  • Clone your voice with Ai so you can overdub sections rather than re-record
  • Robust stock library and modern editing workflow
Descript Logo

From creating videos for personal use and entertainment to creating training courses and high-performance marketing campaigns, there is a lot that you can do with an AI video creation tool. Whether you are looking to grow your influence through social media channels as an individual or you are looking to expand your business by creating brand awareness, AI video creation tools have got you covered. Following are our top picks.

Best Ai Video Generator Tools

1. Descript – Best All-Around Modern Ai Audio & Video Editor

Descript is pretty incredible. The content creation tool uses Ai and natural language processing to allow users to edit video and audio as easily as a word document. This drastically reduces the software learning curve for podcasters, YouTubers, and social media creators.

We use Descript in our workflow here, and we like it so much we’ve created a separate Descript Review and video.

Most of the major video editing software like Premiere or Final Cut have been around for a while. Descript is new but growing quickly because it is using design ideas based on modern Ai Video capabilities.

Within Descript, you can drag a video or audio file. The software will automatically transcribe the file, and then users can make cuts, and add graphics, sound effects, and more all within a text-based editor.

Descript is a modern editor for the modern content creator. It can handle everything from Youtube, podcasts, TikToks, and more.

Descript Key Features

  • Descript allows users to edit video and audio as easily as a text document
  • Descript comes with a fully loaded stock library of footage, gifs, stickers, music, and sound effects
  • Descript lets users CLONE THEIR OWN Voice with AI so that if they forget to say something, or mess up, they don’t have to re-record — simply type it in.
  • Descript uses Ai to automatically remove filler words like “um” and “uh” so that you can clean up your audio and video for fast distribution
  • Descript hosts a variety of templates to further splice your content into pieces and share on social media

Descript Pricing

Descript has 3 subscription-based pricing plans.

  • Free
  • Creator: $12 /mo
  • Pro: $24/mo

Does Descript offer a free version?

Yes, Descript offers a robust Free plan. Users can get 3 hrs of video transcription and edit full video and audio for free in Descript.

With the Descript free plan, users can even try the Ai voice cloning and overdub feature. Click here to try descript for free.

Synthesia Ai Video generator

2. Synthesia – Best Ai Presenter For Creating How-to and Training Videos

Synthesia is a web-based platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to bring efficiency and innovation to the process of video creation. Trusted by more than 12,000 companies worldwide, Synthesia has made professional video creation accessible to a larger population.

Instead of hiring video presenters, you can simply use an AI avatar that will look like a human presenter. The only input required from you to make a video on Synthesia is text. If you want to get started with this ai video generator quickly, simply type the video script, choose a video template and an avatar and you’re good to go.

However, you can also get more detailed and customizable with yoru video. You can also choose to add soundtracks and visual elements like shapes, slides and images to your video.

With Synthesia you can create videos in more than 60 languages and switch between different accents. Synthesia offers over 65 diverse AI avatars to choose from and over 50 pre-designed templates. You can also choose to create the video from scratch, and even create your own custom avatar.

Synthesia is the most realistic AI presenter we’ve found on the market. Some presenters are more life-like than others. It’s far from perfect, but it’s getting pretty close! Synthesia is something to play with as it may just create the next big YouTuber 😉

Synthesia key Features

  • Synthesia offers 65+ AI avatars that can speak in different languages and accents.
  • Synthesia has a built-in screen recorder, that you can use from Synthesia STUDIO and add recordings of your screen to your videos.
  • With Synthesia, you get access to more than 5 million free stock images and videos which you can use to make your videos more creative.
  • Synthesia makes sharing easier by allowing you to embed videos in more than 30 apps including Vimeo, YouTube, WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Squarespace.

AI Business Use Case for Synthesia

Businesses can create exclusive custom avatars for their brands and use them for lead generation by creating how-to guides, videos that tell their brand story, or informational videos that may benefit the general audience.

Synthesia Ai Video Presenter Pricing

Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia has 2 Pricing plans:

  • Personal: $30/month
  • Corporate: Custom Pricing

Does Synthesia offer a free version?

Synthesia does not have a free version but before you buy the Personal or Corporate plan, you can test the AI features (AI avatars & voice) offered by Synthesia by making a free video. For further details, you can check out Synthesia here.

Lumen5 Ai Video Generator

3. Lumen5 – Best For Creating Marketing Videos at Scale

Lumen5 is an online video editor trusted by over 10,000 companies worldwide. Some of the big names that have used and benefited from Lumen5 include Mitsubishi, CISCO, and SIEMENS.

Lumen5 uses AI to make video creation and editing easier for users without any technical expertise in the area. You can easily transform text into video content by adding links to articles or simply typing or pasting text in Lumen5.

Lumen5’s Ai video generator dynamically determines the length of each scene in the video based on the amount of text. And it determines the position of the text based on the type of media file you are using.

With Lumen5 you also get branding options like the ability to add logos and watermarks, as well as the ability to choose a color palette for your videos that goes with your brand style.

Lumen5 Key Features

  • Lumen5 makes the text-to-video conversion very simple by allowing different options to input text.
  • Lumen5 makes the video-making process efficient by using AI to adjust scene length and text positioning.
  • Lumen5 lets you optimize your videos for different platforms by giving you control over the resolution and aspect ratio of the video.

AI Business Use Case for Lumen5

Businesses can work with the Lumen5 design team to create unique custom templates with Lumen5 that are in line with their brand identity and use them to make unlimited marketing videos. With its automated workflows and collaboration options, Lumen5 is an ideal solution if you want to produce videos at scale and that too, in no time.

Lumen5 Pricing

Lumen5 Pricing

Lumen5 has 4 Pricing plans:

  • Basic: $29/month
  • Starter: $79/month
  • Professional: $199/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Does Lumen5 offer a free version?

Yes, Lumen5 offers a forever free version called Community. While it allows you to create unlimited videos, the videos will contain a Lumen5 trademark and be available in 720p video resolution. You can check out Lumen5 here.

Inksprout Video Generator

4. Inksprout – Best For Creating Videos for Social Channels

Inksprout is an online AI-powered video creator as well as a writing assistant. The Ai Video Generator creates “bite-sized” videos for you in seconds and is a great way to increase social media engagement without putting much effort.

To create a video using Inksprout, all you have to do is give it a URL to a blog post that you want to use. Inksprout will summarize the information in that blog post and generate a small video based on that summary. You can choose to share that video on social platforms and marketing channels or simply download it for later use.

Inksprout also gives you some control over the video as you can choose the background sound, caption color, caption style, the dimensions of the video and its resolution.

Inksprout Key Features

  • Inksprout allows you to create AI-powered videos by simply importing a link.
  • Inksprout lets you create videos based on the news if you link an RSS feed.
  • Inksprout also has an extension that you can add to your browser thus increasing convenience.

AI Business Use Case for Inksprout

Inksprout gives a quick, easy, and powerful way to increase engagement on social media platforms. A cosmetic brand can keep its audiences engaged by sharing videos about skincare and all the brand will really have to do will be to import the right URLs to Inksprout.

Inksprout Pricing

Inksprout Video Creator Pricing

Inksprout has 2 Pricing plans:

  • Pro: $12.99/month
  • Premium: $99/month

Does Inksprout offer a free version?

Yes, Inksprout offers a free version with all the features of the paid plans, but it has a very limited quota of videos and summaries. You can only make 6 videos per month with the free plan. For more details, you can check out Inksprout here

Flexclip Online video Editing Tool

5. FlexClip – Best For Creating Brand Awareness Videos

FlexClip is a simple and easy-to-use tool for online video editing. Trusted by companies like Google, Windows, Facebook, and VISA, FlexClip has more than 7 million users around the globe.

We’ll admit Flexclip is more of an online editor than an Ai video generator tool, but there are some Ai functions built into the online video editor to make editing videos easier.

The best thing about FlexClip is that you don’t have to be a video editing expert to create amazing videos using FlexClip. Even if you are a total newbie and hardly know anything about video editing, FlexClip has got you covered. The tool gives you access to thousands of video templates that you can customize according to your needs. The templates are designed to serve different industries (sports, education, travel etc) and different purposes (advertisement, trailer, invites etc). You can also choose to make your video from scratch.

When creating a video from scratch you can choose between different frame aspect ratios, depending on where you want to use that video. The options offered by FlexClip include 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:5, and 21:9. FlexClip offers two edit modes, a Timeline mode and a Storyboard mode. The latter makes the process of editing simpler and the former gives you more control over the video.

The video editing capabilities offered by FlexClip include video trimming, video merging, adding music to video, adding text to video, and adding shape & effect overlays. You can also add branding text and images to your videos if you want to use them for business purposes.

Flexclip Key Features

  • FlexClip makes editing simpler with its drag-and-drop editor and thousands of industry-specific, purpose-built templates.
  • FlexClip allows you to add custom branding in all of its paid plans.
  • FlexClip allows you to save unlimited projects online in all of its paid plans.
  • FlexClip lets you upload custom fonts to add your own style to the video.
  • FlexClip’s pricing plan for business offers 10GB to 100GB of cloud storage and 50GB to 1TB of video hosting space.

AI Business Use Case for FlexClip

Startups can use FlexClip to make videos using the custom branding feature to create brand awareness. With FlexClip you can add logos, branding text, and watermarks to your videos. Users also have the choice between different frame aspect ratios, which makes it easy to customize videos according to different sharing platforms.

Flexclip Pricing

FlexClip Pricing

FlexClip has 3 Pricing plans:

  • Basic: $6.99/month
  • Plus: $13.99/month
  • Business: $20.99/month

Does FlexClip offer a free version?

Yes, FlexClip offers a free version which allows you to create up to 12 projects per month. The maximum video length allowed in the free version is 1 minute and you can only use one stock audio and one stock video per project.

Along with this, the free version offers 480p SD downloads and 3 background removal credits. Even though the free version has its limitations, it is a good way to get familiar with the different features of the tool. You can check out FlexClip here. 

Gila Studios Ai Video generator Tools

6. GliaStudio – Best For Repurposing Content

GliaStudio is an online video maker and editor with a number of different features. You can choose to create videos from templates, content, or URLs.

With GliaStudio, you can simply create a video by uploading an article as an input or importing a URL from which you want GliaStudio to fetch information. You can also add your personal media assets to the ai video generator or choose a media file for GliaStudio’s Mediabase.

You can use GliaStudio to add voiceover to existing videos using your own voice or an AI-generated text-to-speech voice.

GilaStudio Key Features

  • GliaStudio helps you create informational videos at scale by automatically summarizing the information in an article and using it to create a video.
  • GliaStudio lets you add natural and robotic voiceover to the videos to make them more engaging.
  • The cloud-based editing platform offers features like video cropping, cutting, trimming, and resizing thus giving you more control over the video.

AI Business Use Case for GliaStudio

GliaStudio can be a great choice for businesses that want to create product promotion videos at scale. By importing the URL to the product site, businesses can use GliaStudio to fetch product information and use it to create product promotion videos.

GliaStudio Pricing

Gila Studio Pricing

GliaStudio has 3 Pricing plans:

  • Pro: $300/month
  • Business: $550/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Does GliaStudio offer a free version?

GliaStudio does not have a free version but it offers a 14-day free trial available through the Google Cloud marketplace. To find out more, you can check out GliaStudio here.

Design Ai Video Maker, Logo Maker and more

7. Designs.AI – Best For Creating Multi-Content Campaigns

Designs.AI is a design suite that offers you a video maker, a speech maker, a logo maker, and a mockup maker, all in one plan. However, you can also choose to pay only for the ai video generator if that is all you need.

Designs.AI uses text-to-video technology to create stunning videos. You also get access to a library of images and audio files that you can add to your videos to make them more interesting. Moreover, the intuitive video editor lets you edit your videos step by step and see the changes in real-time.

Design.AI Key Features

  • Designs.AI helps to automate the video creation and editing process with accurate content suggestions and intelligent scene cutting.
  • Designs.AI makes collaboration easier by allowing you to share unlimited drafts without any additional cost.
  • Design.AI lets you optimize videos for multiple platforms by auto-adjusting your text and video content when you resize the video.

AI Business Use Case for Designs.AI

Influencers can use Designs.AI to create short-form videos for multiple platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook to increase engagement across all platforms. As an influencer, you can drive traffic to your personal website by using a website article’s link to create a video and sharing it on Instagram with a call-to-action.

Designs.AI Pricing

Design Ai Pricing Page

Designs.AI has 4 Pricing plans:

  • 5 Projects (Videomaker only): $135 one-time payment
  • Basic (Complete design suite): $29/month
  • Pro (Complete design suite): $69/month
  • Enterprise (Complete design suite): Custom pricing

Does Designs.AI offer a free version?

Designs.AI does not have a free version, but it offers you a 30-day free trial in which you get access to all the features offered in the basic plan for 30 days. To find out more you can check out Designs.AI here.

Invideo Ai Video Creation App

8. Invideo – Best For Intro and Outro Videos

Invideo is an all-in-one online video maker with 7 million customers across 190 countries. It also has a mobile app available on AppStore and Google Play.

Invideo gives you access to a library of more than 8 million videos, photos, and music tracks to use in your videos. You also get 5000+ customizable templates and powerful video editing features including cool transitions and effects.

Trusted by companies like CNN, IBM, CNBC, Microsoft, and Dropbox, Invideo offers multiple ways to get started with AI-powered video generation. You can use the text-to-video feature, select a template, or start creating your video from scratch.

Invideo Key Features

  • Invideo lets you cater to a diverse audience by allowing you to make videos in several different languages.
  • Invideo offers branding presets which help you maintain visual consistency in your marketing videos.
  • Invideo gives you access to more than 5000 templates designed specifically to serve different purposes, thus making video creation much simpler for beginners.

AI Business Use Case for Invideo

Brands can use Invideo to create attention-grabbing intro videos for new product announcements. With thousands of intro templates, available Invideo has made the process very easy.

Invideo Pricing

Invideo Pricing Page

Invideo has 2 Pricing plans:

  • Business: $30/month
  • Unlimited: $60/month

Does Invideo offer a free version?

Yes, Invideo offers a version with free video sharing, a 40-minute video duration, and 5000+ video templates to choose from. To learn more check out Invideo here.

Elai Text to video AI Tool

9. Elai – Best For Explainer Videos and E-Learning Courses

Elai is a powerful AI video generator tool that lets you create videos with digital presenters by only adding text. Founded in 2021, Elai is trusted by companies like SIGMA, NIH, and The Safeguard Company.

Elai uses text-to-video conversion to let you create videos with digital presenters. There are more than 25 digital avatars to choose from. You can start with a blank video or use a pre-made template. To add the text input, you can use a URL or upload a pdf document.

Elai Key Features

  • Elai lets you create engaging videos by adding digital presenters to your videos.
  • Elai allows you to add media files and elements like shapes into your videos to make them more interesting.
  • Elai supports more than a hundred different languages spoken in different accents that you can use for your digital presenter to speak in, thus enabling you to cater to a diverse audience.

AI Business Use Case for Elai

Educators and e-learning platforms can create e-learning courses without getting into the complexities of video production with Elai. The digital presenters created by AI make the videos much more engaging than text-only videos.

Elai Pricing

Elai Pricing and plans

Elai has 3 Pricing plans:

  • Basic: $29/month
  • Advanced: $99/month
  • Custom: Custom pricing

Does Elai offer a free version?

Elai does not offer a free version but you can get a 14-day free trial of both the Basic and the Advanced plan. To learn more you can check out Elai here. 

Steve Ai Animation Video

10. Steve AI – Best For Making Video Ads

Steve AI is an Ai video generator that lets you create animated videos and live-action videos with text. Trusted by brands like GSK, Target, McDonald’s, and Standard Chartered, Steve AI can be used even if you are a beginner.

Steve AI has a massive media library of more than 100 million assets to pick from. Using Steve AI you can not only convert text to video but also use audio files to let Steve AI extract the text and create a video based on it. You can use Steve AI to create social media posts, ai marketing videos, news videos, and video projects for your clients. Key Features

  • Steve AI allows you to make dynamic video content by letting you create videos in multiple styles (live-action, animation).
  • Steve AI makes collaboration on video creation easier with features like Team Library and Workspace Management.
  • Steve AI offers flexibility in pricing with its pay-per-download feature.

AI Business Use Case for Steve AI

Startups can make use of a vast library of video ad templates provided by Steve AI along with the auto-generated scripts to level up their advertising game in no time. Pricing Table for Video Making

Steve AI Pricing

Steve AI has 4 Pricing plans:

  • Basic: $20/month
  • Starter: $60/month
  • Pro: $80/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Does Steve AI offer a free version?

Steve AI has a free version but it allows only 3 downloads per month and the pay-per-download feature is not available in this version. To learn more check out Steve AI here.

Kapwing Video Automation

11. Kapwing – Best For Collaborative Content Creation

Kapwing is used by millions of content creators worldwide to create and edit videos online. Its editing tools can come in handy for repurposing existing videos.

Kapwing offers AI-powered text-to-speech conversion, waveform generation, background removal, and smart cut for cleaning audio files. Using Kapwing’s online editor you can trim the videos, resize them and add subtitles and text. You can also add custom fonts to personalize your videos and create a consistent brand identity with Brand Kit.

Kapwing Key Features

  • Kapwing has an easy-to-use but elaborate editor that gives you a lot of editing options which you can use without video editing expertise.
  • Kapwing lets you optimize videos for different purposes and platforms by allowing you to trim, resize, and convert videos.
  • Kapwing saves your video editing time with tools like Smart Cut that automatically remove silences from the video.

AI Business Use Case for Kapwing

A marketing team can use Kapwing to take the process of creating video marketing campaigns to the next level by enabling everyone on the team to contribute to the creation process at the same time.

Kapwing Pricing

Kapwing Pricing Plans

Kapwing has 2 Pricing plans:

  • Pro: $24/month
  • Teams: $24/month

Does Kapwing offer a free version?

Yes, Kapwing has a free version which gives you access to all of the features in the paid plans but there are limits on the number of projects you can edit & store, and the length of video you can make with Kapwing. To learn more, check out Kapwing here. 

Best AI Tools For Video Creation Conclusion

Technology has never evolved at such a rapid pace as it is evolving today. What’s new in the world of AI today might be outdated in a matter of months if not days. Hence companies that provide AI-based solutions are always striving to keep up with the new advancements in technology. When investing in an ai video generator for your business, it is best to buy from companies that are committed to keeping up with the latest technologies by introducing updates to their solutions.

Thanks for reading!

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