Today is incredible and the future is exciting.

Artificial Intelligence is enhancing human intelligence, productivity, and insights. Blockchain is digitizing the economy and offering new means of human coordination at a global level. And perhaps best of all, almost everyone has the tools to tap into this technology and launch their own business. 

Peer Through Media exists to help creative entrepreneurs see the big picture, forecast the future waves rolling our way, and connect the dots to carve out a useful and profitable place within our fast-moving society. 

Financial Professionals

A lot of our content and explorations have to do with finance, crypto, gold IRAs, and more. Nothing we say should be considered official tax or investment advice. However, we do get most of our financial content audited by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs). Here are a few certified financial professionals that help review or contribute to Peer Through Media:

Michael Smoragiewicz

Editor/Author, CFP®

Mike is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with over 15 years experience. His mission is to help people align their finances with their goals and values by simplifying complex concepts in a fun and approachable manner.

Mike received his bachelor’s degree in business administration with concentrations in Finance and Economics from Boston University and holds the CFP® certification.

Member Name

Editor/Author, CPA

For over 8 years, Maureen, a CPA, has been a finance professional working for one of the Big 4 global audit firms. Recently, she moved to work for a healthcare company as a senior accountant. A cryptocurrency and stocks investment enthusiast, she also aims to share practical finance tips.

Maureen earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP).

Mark Sandusky Peer Through

Mark Sandusky

Founder & Editor

Hey, I’m Mark. I go into my back story and plan in the next sections of this about page. But the TLDR is:

I was a Finance Major turned creative entrepreneur. I’ve worked for the founder of Ethereum and now consult with some top Web 3 protocols. I also have tons of side hustles. I’m not super active on social media, but feel free to connect with me there.

Our blog articles are about helping you, but since you’re on our about page — the rest of this article is about me and my vision 😉

Founder & Editor

Hi, I’m Mark.

Oh hi mark gif

Having launched and created plenty of failed projects and a few successful ones, I consider myself a creative entrepreneur. I created Peer Through Media because I wanted to help other creative entrepreneurs learn from my successes and failures.

Also, I’ll be honest, I created this blog because I am constantly learning about and experimenting with the next new thing. Having a blog to showcase my findings and experiments gives my obsessions a unifying base layer, rather than each project becoming its own one-off island.

More on my Backstory

I graduated as a Finance Major from Penn State University with a 3.9 GPA.

Being an East Coast kid, I originally thought I wanted to be an investment banker. However, something shifted in me over the years and I began to embrace my creative dreamer side.

While studying abroad in Argentina, I noticed a lack of spicey food – so my friend and I went back and started a hot sauce company. The Argentines themselves didn’t like our sauce, but we found a real niche business selling to study abroad programs, backpackers, hotels, and hostels. We grew the operation from our apartment kitchen to renting out a factory outside of Buenos Aires. It was the early days of YouTube, and we did our best to document our adventures.

After two years, we basically decided it was time to come back home to The States. So we shut the business down. By that point, I was addicted to creating content and finding entrepreneurial niches. So I moved to San Francisco and started a freelance production company, creating videos for start-ups and apps.

This foray into video making for tech companies eventually led to me working for one of the founders of Ethereum at ConsenSys.

Since then, I’ve been hooked on blockchain – through the ups and the downs. I rode the wild ride of ConsenSys for two years but eventually was laid off during the crypto bear market in 2020. It was then that I turned my focus to building Peer Through, the marketing agency.

Since launching the agency, our team has become an elite squad of crypto native creatives and we’ve helped Web3 companies raise over $1 billion in funding.

Peer Through Media – The Blog

While running the marketing agency, I also started a (different) blog with 3 friends. Over the course of about 2 years, we grew that blog to 120,000 readers a month and sold it to a publicly traded company.

Before that experience, I had only created content as a service for other companies or created my own content as a hobby. Blogging as a business was an eye-opening experience. So, starting in May of 2022, Peer Through Media is now my second attempt at running a blog as a business.

As you may notice, the Peer Through Media blog and YouTube channel have actually been around for quite some time. However, it only sporadically documented some experiments I’ve run like, creating a deepfake video, launching an NFT collection, or trying to figure out how to market my music. However, I wasn’t consistent and mission-driven.

Peer Through Media Mission

Peer Through Media is on a mission to keep you up to date on what’s “new and exciting” in tech, finance, and entrepreneurship so that you feel mentally stimulated and financially secure.

I hate boredom.

We only get 1 marvelous life, and there is an infinite amount to learn. We shouldn’t get bored. Even more so, I don’t want anyone to struggle financially or work a job they don’t enjoy in order to scrape by.

If you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, once we get over the base physiological needs, having a career that you enjoy and keeps you stimulated flows upward throughout the pyramid:

Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Peer Through Purpose

If you find something you’re passionate about and build a business around it you’ll:

  • Have an income to help ensure safety
  • Find your tribe for a feeling of love and belonging
  • Cultivate independence and self-esteem by working for yourself
  • Be able to grow and expand into the best version of yourself you can be

Obviosly, becoming a passionate entrepreneur is not a cure-all and comes with it’s own set of problems. But it’s a pretty good way of life none the less.

More on fighting boredom: Besides a lot of obvious obstacles in the way, a big silent weight that keeps us all from starting that next big thing is apathy and boredom. We need to peer through to the next opportunity and get excited about it so that we have the energy to creat it and build a better future.

Peer Through Vision

My goal with Peer Through over the next 5 to 10 years is to take a 3 pronged approach of Media, Capital, and Agency.

As of now, our Marketing Agency is the prong paying the bills and funding the growth. However, ultimately, I want Media to lead the way. The goal is to grow a loyal audience on Peer Through Media properties and have it funnel back through to the investment and agency side of things.

Our team will use our financial knowledge and connections with start-up founders to win deals for Peer Through Capital, a VC firm focused on funding innovative companies aiming to do good in the world. Then we’ll help clients and portfolio companies spread their message through our Peer Through Marketing Agency.

Peer Through & You

The Peer Through vision is in its infancy. It all starts by creating fantastic content that helps our readers and viewers. So thank you for stopping by and reading our about page. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way: