Best Ai Recruiting Software & HR Tools

Best Ai Recruiting Software & HR Tools

The advances in AI have brought about flawless developments for HR enabling better employee matches than ever before. All the big players, from diverse industrial backgrounds, such as Google, and L’Oréal, make recruitment decisions using AI tools. These Ai Recruiting Softwares analyze and learn about the values and requirements of a company. They then filter out talent that matches their learning using techniques like data mining, logical reasoning, and Natural Language Processing.

However, this isn’t just for big companies with tons of applicants. Ai Recruiting software can be used by small businesses looking to make a smart hire or recruiting companies looking to source candidates. That said, here are the 10 best AI recruiting software that can be used

Ai Recruiting Software

Best Ai Recruiting Software Quick Take

This is a blog that covers crypto and Ai, but we also have our own video marketing and recruiting agency. We use a number of tools to optimize operations, and we’ve found Manatal to be the best all-in-one modern, yet easy-to-use Ai Recruiting software.

Our Pick

Manatal Ai Recruiting


Manatal is an all-in-one recruiting software that is easy to learn and affordable. On top of that, it offers some advanced and complex Ai assistance behind the scenes that makes sourcing and presenting the right candidate easier.

  • Ai Automation for candidate profile enrichment, matching, and job posting
  • Progressive Mobile App
  • Easy to use Kanban pipeline management
  • Direct integration to your site and 2500+ professional networks and job sites
  • Monthly Subscription Based (Starting at $15/user a month)

1. Manatal – Best For Simplified and Integrated Recruitment Processes

Manatal is an AI recruitment software that greatly simplifies the entire hiring process. It automates mundane and redundant tasks and suggests the best candidates for a specific job.

Manatal Ai Recruiting Software

Although simple in design, Manatal is a powerful tool tailor designed for headhunters and recruitment agencies. It enables organizations to source candidates, and perform quick and effective hiring. There is no steep learning curve with Manatal. Users can easily overview the entire recruitment process, track progress, and customize the pipeline with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Furthermore, Manatal allows users to manage all their sponsored job advertisement campaigns from a single consolidated platform. With Manatal, candidates’ profiles can be enriched for improved matching recommendations. Insights can be collected from beyond the resume and employers can share their job openings on more than 2500 premium channels.

Key Features of Mantal Ai Recruiting Software

  • Manatal can easily source candidates from various channels like LinkedIn, job boards, and referral programs.
  • Manatal can streamline the entire hiring process with custom fields, and API. easy-to-use pipeline, and powerful search.
  • Manatal goes beyond resume parsing and builds holistic candidate profiles.

AI Business Use Case for Manatal

Any organization with frequent hiring needs can truly benefit from Manatal. The tool offers easy integrations with all the major online, professional networks. This increases the reach of employers and enables them to find the perfect candidates from a wide talent pool.

Manatal Pricing

Manatal Ai Recruiting Software Pricing

Manatal has 3 Pricing plans:

  • Professional: $19/user/month
  • Enterprise: $39/user/month
  • Custom: Custom pricing

Does Manatal offer a free version?

Manatal offers a 14-day free trial version that allows non-subscribers access to most of the features that are available in the professional and enterprise packages. However, it does not allow access to the email automation feature, the job board posting feature, and the GDPR consent request tool. For more details, check out Manatal here.

2. Zoho Recruit – Best For End-to-end Hiring Solutions

Zoho Recruit is a one-stop platform offering all the features that your internal HR team or your staffing agency can ask for. It has both a CRM and a robust Applicant Tracking System (ATS.)

Zoho Ai HR Tools

Zoho’s AI-powered recruitment software makes use of automation capabilities in sourcing candidates, screening resumes, developing workflows, and engaging candidates via chatbots in real-time. With its ease of automated workflows, Zoho efficiently helps its clients with fast and effective recruitment. Zoho Recruit lays the groundwork for great employee engagement, offers end-to-end hiring solutions, and reduces candidate drop-off.

Zoho Recruit helps its clients in filling a specific job slot with the best option, by curating a list of the top candidates using its candidate-matching software Zia. This software Zia matches the resumes with job descriptions, industries, and job locations, and considerably reduces the candidate shortlisting process.

Key Features

  • Zoho Recruit enables world-class recruitment with its automated hiring software.
  • Zoho Recruit connects with Zoho Workerly’s temporary staffing solution to enable easy management of the temporary workforce.
  • Zoho Recruit’s job boards are an effective source for employers to broadcast job openings, and for candidates to search for relevant job offerings.
  • Zoho Recruit’s proprietary candidate sourcing system, ‘Source Boosters’, saves time and effort for recruiters during talent search.
  • Zoho Recruit’s analytics tools can help in turning data into actionable insights and enhancing your recruiting strategies.

AI Business Use Case for Zoho Recruit

Staffing agencies can use Zoho Recruit as their ATS. They can benefit from faster and more efficient recruitment using Zoho Recruit which has proven hard to beat so far. It is already used by diverse organizations such as Yokohoma, OnePlus, and Airtel.

Zoho Recruit Pricing

Zoho Ai Recruiting Software Pricing

Zoho Recruit has 3 Pricing plans:

  • Standard: $30/month
  • Professional: $60/month
  • Enterprise: $90/month

Does Zoho Recruit offer a free version?

Zoho Recruit offers a Forever Free version with staffing basics for freelance recruiters. It offers candidate management, interview scheduling, email management, free job boards, and 24/5 support. There is also a 15-day fully-featured free trial that provides access to all the Enterprise features of Zoho Recruit for 15 days. If you’re interested, you can check out Zoho Recruit here.

3. Ceipal – Best For an Intuitive Interface that Enhances Productivity

Ceipal is a successful and inexpensive AI Recruiting tool. It has a highly intuitive interface that aids in improving workplace productivity with well-informed recruiting decisions.

Ceipal Recruitment Artificial intelligence

Ceipal offers a Global ATS that includes candidate matching, ranking, sourcing and harvesting. Clients can make use of its AI-driven assessments. These assessments enable the analysis, planning and reporting of recruitment decisions. Ceipal comes with an HRMS for intelligent employee management and customized onboarding.

It offers some great features to meet your hiring requirements and its success rate is backed by outstanding user reviews from both existing and former clients globally. Clients can source and hire top talent to fill their job vacancies with greater ease. Ceipal’s advanced platform is especially well known for its intuitive interface that helps in increasing productivity.

Key Features

  • Ceipal uses its Applicant Tracking System to auto-screen thousands of resumes to identify qualified candidates.
  • Ceipal ensures proper compliance of workplace DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) via automated and AI-powered diversity hiring.
  • Ceipal’s Vendor Management System enables easy procurement and management of contingent staff, and SOW vendors.

AI Business Use Case for Ceipal

A diverse set of clients can benefit from using Ceipal. Ceipal can enable businesses in the education sector as well as the medical industry in finding great quality resumes to fill important job vacancies. The ai recruiting software provides unwavering user support to the staffing industry in general.

Ceipal Pricing

Ceipal Pricing

Ceipal has 3 Pricing plans:

  • Ceipal ATS: $24/user/month
  • Ceipal Workforce: $4/user/month
  • Combination of both platforms: Custom pricing

Does Ceipal offer a free version?

Ceipal does not offer a free version but it does offer a 14-day free trial for all of its paid versions. Its free trials grant 14-day access to all the features of Ceipal. For more details, check out Ceipal here.

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4. TurboHire – Best For Freeing Up Recruitment Resources

TurboHire is an excellent AI-powered recruitment tool that empowers organizations to find the best candidates for their business. The ai recruiting software helps organizations in saving a significant amount of time and money spent on hiring.

Turbo Hire Ai Recruiting Software

TurboHire perfectly integrates with the existing tools, CRM, and the clients’ websites. With the help of TurboHire, users can focus their work on interviewing successfully shortlisted candidates instead of sifting through low-value resumes. With TurboHire, you do not have to worry about the huge volume of job applications. It uses an intelligent algorithm to identify the right candidates by matching them with the company’s requirements based on education, skills, interests, and availability. It creates a great hiring pipeline with room for candidates to express themselves.

Key Features of TurboHire Ai Recruiting Software

  • TurboHire offers great job boards and automates interview scheduling.
  • TurboHire builds talent pipelines for available vacancies.
  • TurboHire utilizes AI-powered candidate matching and offers a marvelous interview experience.
  • TurboHire offers wonderful hiring metrics, reports, and a LinkedIn extension.

AI Business Use Case for TurboHire

TurboHire can be used by a lead generation company that already utilizes a CRM. The Ai HR Software will integrate well with its existing CRM and tools, and enable the company to recruit the right agents and ensure maximum conversion of leads.

TurboHire Pricing

Turbohire Pricing

TurboHire has 3 Pricing plans:

  • Pro: contact TurboHire for a quote.
  • Premium: contact TurboHire for a quote.
  • Enterprise: contact TurboHire for a quote.

Does TurboHire offer a free version?

TurboHire has a great 14-day free trial so prospects can test the tool before paying for the service. Prospects can ‘request a demo’ to check for their eligibility for the free trial. Once the free trial is over, if satisfied with their experience, clients can enter a valid payment method to access one of the chosen paid plans. To learn more, check out TurboHire here.

5. myInterview – Best for Teams Seeking Specific Soft Skills in Candidates

myInterview is an AI-powered recruitment tool that specializes in AI for video interviews. It analyzes each video for keywords, soft skills, and personality characteristics.

Myinterview Interview Ai

myInterview has a sample set of interview questions that users can access. It also sends through questions for a one-way video interview. This interview has to be completed within a certain window by a candidate. After that, the software analyzes each video for soft skills and personality traits to identify the best candidate that fits perfectly with the work environment and culture of your company.

Key Features of MyInterview Ai Recruiting Software

  • myInterview finds candidates that perfectly match job descriptions by using purpose-built machine learning algorithms.
  • myInterview features curated interview playlists that automatically present the most relevant, shortlisted candidates.  
  • myInterview features bias-free assessments to analyze videos for soft skills, keywords, and personality traits.

AI Business Use Case for myInterview

A food business can utilize myInterview to save a significant amount of time spent in hiring processes otherwise. Its intuitive user interface makes collaboration among colleagues and the interview experience a breeze.

myInterview Pricing

MyInterview Pricing

myInterview has 4 Pricing plans:

  • Growth: $79/month
  • Team: $229/month
  • Performance: $449/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Does myInterview offer a free version?

Yes, myInterview offers a free version called Starter which stays free forever. This version allows 1 active job, 2 user seats, and 10 one-way interviews per month. It also offers some features of candidate management and security. Overall, the starter package is a decent option considering that it stays free. To learn more, check out myInterview here.

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6. CVViZ – Best For Integrations with Existing ATS Tools

CVViZ is a great AI Recruiting Software that offers actionable and data-driven insights into your recruitment process. The Ai recruiting software automates the sourcing of candidates and matches them to the right jobs.

CVViz Ai Recruiting Software

CVViZ enhances the quality of hires through useful insights into the hiring process. CVViZ learns the hiring pattern of your business and bids farewell to manual resume screening. With the help of machine learning built-in algorithms, it can screen scores of resumes within some seconds.

CVViZ easily integrates with the existing ATS tools and helps you effectively fill vacancies with highly skilled candidates. CVViZ is an AI recruiting technology that can handle both volume hiring and niche hiring. It handles the entire recruitment process from a single dashboard and allows you to identify the best candidates for job openings within your organization.  

Key Features of CVViZ Ai Recruiting Software

  • CVViZ provides intelligent automation of the entire recruitment process and integrates it with the existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • CVViZ offers Automated Candidate Sourcing and via Social Hire, it sources the best professionals from various online networking sites.
  • CVViZ provides a smart Applicant Tracking System that seamlessly and intelligently connects recruiters, candidates, HR personnel, and recruitment agencies.

AI Business Use Case for CVViZ

CVViZ can serve an organization that wishes to work with niche candidates, such as a business specifically on the lookout for candidates with a military background. So it’s good for getting granular.

CVViZ Pricing

CVViz Pricing

CVViZ has 6 Pricing plans:

  • Starter: $69/month (if billed annually)
  • Basic: $109/month (if billed annually)
  • Standard: $189/month (if billed annually)
  • Pro: $349/month (if billed annually)
  • Integrate: $25/job
  • Custom: Custom pricing

Does CVViZ offer a free version?

CVViZ does not offer a free version, however, it does offer a 14-day free trial. The free trial offer is available for 5 plans: Starter, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Custom pricing plans. For further details, check out Cvviz here.

7. HireEZ AI Recruiting Software – Best For Technical Sourcing

HireEZ is an end-to-end Outbound Recruiting Platform that enables clients to create and maintain a strong talent pipeline. It allows users to intelligently skim through millions of diverse candidate profiles and make efficient hiring decisions.

HireEZ Smart recruiter

HireEZ empowers clients to Intelligently filter through millions of profiles, identify hiring trends, and make data-backed hiring decisions. With its ATS Sync, you can supercharge your HR tech ecosystem and consistently update your ATS data as you discover more. The tool’s EZ Rediscovery keeps your database clean, meaning all your information is correct and up-to-date.

Key Features

  • HireEZ features enable searching, segmentation, and effective ranking of ATS profiles.
  • HireEZ has an unlimited boolean builder and unlimited projects.
  • HireEZ offers a Chrome extension, and single and sequence email engagement.
  • HireEZ offers enterprise-grade data security.

AI Business Use Case for HireEZ

The healthcare industry can benefit from the ability of HireEZ to track down the best technical sources. The tool’s updated and centralized contact information has a high success rate of finding the best professional candidates required in technical niches.

HireEZ Pricing

HireEZ Ai Recruiting Software Pricing

HireEZ has 2 Pricing plans:

  • Business Tier: $169/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing.

Does HireEZ offer a free version?

No, HireEZ (previously known as Hiretual) does not offer a free version. However, it does offer a 30-days free trial when a user is eligible. To find out more, check out HireEZ here.

8. X0PA – Best For Transparent and Inclusive Hirings

X0PA AI is an AI-powered B2B SaaS platform. It uses Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning to optimize human decisions and automate mundane tasks. Recruitment Tools

With the use of AI, X0PA AI offers predictive analytics, and actionable data-driven insights, and enhances productivity. The software is backed by various AI algorithms and it is highly customizable. X0pa offers features for job matching, candidate sourcing, end-to-end interview workflow automation, and performance prediction. X0pa also prescreens candidates for text-based and video assessments.

Key Features of Xopa Ai Recruiting Software

  • X0pa AI maintains a strong pipeline by building talent pools with both new applicants and your existing candidate database.
  • X0pa AI has a transparent hiring process that nurtures collaborative efforts within and outside of the organization.
  • X0pa AI features an objectivity pool that enables workplace diversity and inclusive hiring.
  • X0pa AI enables GDPR & PDPA-enabled protection of personal data.

AI Business Use Case for X0pa

Organizations in the academic and government sectors can benefit from the recruiting abilities of X0pa AI. As an Ai recruiting software, X0pa AI can ensure transparent and streamlined hiring for its clients while mimicking the role of a human recruiter.

X0pa Pricing

Xopa Ai Pricing

X0pa AI has 4 Pricing plans:

  • SME Tier AI Recruiter: $199/user/month
  • Staffing/RPO $29/user/month
  • Enterprise: contact sales.
  • Academia: contact sales.

Does X0pa offer a free version?

X0pa AI Recruiting software does not have a free version. However, its SME Tier and Staffing/RPO Tier offer 7-day free trials for prospects to try out and ensure their needs are met. For more information, check out x0pa here.

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9. HireVue – Best For End-to-end Recruitment Assistance Services

Hirevue is an AI-based recruitment tool and HR chatbot. The Ai recruiting software empowers its clients to make quick and efficient recruitment decisions by automating candidate sourcing, screening, and scheduling of interviews.

Hire Vue

HireVue’s Hiring Experience Platform amplifies the hiring power of its clients by automating boring and redundant workflows. The time saved by automation can be refocused on the generation of high-value tasks instead. The tool offers solutions with science-based assessments to make fair hiring decisions. HireVue also offers structured interviews to enable data-driven talent decisions that take workplace diversity into consideration.

HireVue has a model based on tons of scientific research and experience with conducting over 32 million interviews. This enables the focus on the skills and behaviors of candidates and their relevant competencies. Powered by AI, HireVue is consistent in its performance and fair in its assessments. It enables excellent time savings and cuts the costs of the expensive hiring process.

Key Features of HireVue Ai Recruiting Software

  • HireVue boasts innovative models built over decades of science and more than 30 million interviews to enable fair and diverse hiring decisions.
  • HireVue features a chatbot and automated talent acquisition workflows.
  • HireVue automates candidate sourcing, screening, and scheduling of interviews.
  • Hirevue offers great end-to-end assistance services to support candidates and employees alike.

AI Business Use Case for HireVue

Brands looking to improve diversity in their work environment can benefit greatly from HireVue. It provides systematic support for making fair and data-driven recruitment decisions.

Hirevue Pricing

Hirevue Pricing

Looking at their website, HireVue has 2 Pricing plans:

  • Essentials: Starts at $35,000 (one-time payment)
  • Enterprise: Customer pricing

Does HireVue offer a free version?

No, HireVue does not offer a free version or a free trial. You can contact the sales team and request a demo so that they can help you in choosing the right paid plan. For more details about it, you can check out HireVue here.

10. HackerRank – Best For Organizations Looking to Hire Developers

HackerRank is a screening tool for developers that is trusted by platforms like, Linkedin, Goldman Sachs, and Stripe. It has assessed developer skills for 28,000 companies around the world.

HackerRank Developer Recruiting

HackerRank offers bias-free and technical assessments for accurate screening of developers. These assessments are based on Validation and Reliability Studies, job relevance, and unbiased field-tested content. Furthermore, via technical challenges and live conduction of interviews, HackerRank ensures the selection of the best candidate to fulfill any developer role. HackerRank provides recruiting services for filling developer roles ranging from Quality Assurance to Software Engineering to Cyber Security.

Key Features

  • HackerRank offers interview tools for plagiarism detection.
  • HackerRank features live interviews and technical challenges for efficient selection.
  • HackerRank offers assessments based on validation and reliability studies for ensuring accurate and bias-free decisions.

AI Business Use Case for HackerRank Ai Recruiting Software

An IT firm looking to fill job openings as it expands can make use of HackerRank. Reason being, this tool has extensive knowledge and experience in bias-free screening and selection of developers.

HackerRank Pricing

HackerRank Ai Recruiting Software Pricing

As you see, HackerRank has 4 Pricing plans:

  • Interview: $25/user/month (if billed annually)
  • Individual: $249/month (if billed annually)
  • Team: $599/month (if billed annually)
  • Enterprise Platform: Custom pricing.

Does HackerRank offer a free version?

HackerRank allows 5 free interviews per month. Users can immediately get started, collaborate on virtual whiteboards, and enjoy access to a sample set of interview questions. For further details, check out HackerRank here.

Best AI Recruiting Software Conclusion

The future takeover of AI in all business operations is vividly foreseeable, particularly in the recruiting function. Growing statistics of AI-powered talent acquisitions reveal that recruitments without AI might eventually become completely unviable. Therefore, unless you do something about it, your competitors will skim the best talent. Talent acquisition warfare is no secret after all, so it is necessary to be best equipped to shield your prospective staff from the eyes of your rivals by finding and hiring them first.

To summarize the benefits of AI recruiting tools, with the right software a business enjoys the automation of redundant tasks that are associated with hiring such as application screening, sourcing, and interview scheduling. These AI recruitment tools boast huge databases with several hundreds of millions of talent profiles. This saves resources spent on finding the right candidates. Furthermore, several AI-driven recruitment tools offer free trials, so you can test them before signing up for membership.

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