Flocksy Review

Flocksy Review – My Experience

Flocksy offers unlimited graphic design, copywriting, video editing, voice overs and other creative services for a fixed monthly subscription. 

I tried flocksy for one month to help make images for this crypto blog and also used it for some of my other creative projects. 

In this Flocksy review I’ll let you know what I liked and what I didn’t when using the unlimited graphic design service. I’ll also let you know about the different services Flocksy offers, the price point, what I used Flocksy for and overall if I found Flocksy worth it. 

Flocksy Review

Like many images on this blog, the above image was made by Flocksy. I simply told them, make me a 1920 x 1080 image with Peer Through Media’s branding + Flocksy and add the words “My Experience Using Flocksy”. I received the above image in <10hrs. In the meantime, I wrote this review.

Like what you see? Give Flocksy a try or read on to learn more.

What is Flocksy?

Flocksy is a service provider and project management dashboard that gives customers access to a team offering unlimited creative services for 1 fixed monthly price. 

The company was started in 2016 and offers same day turnaround on a variety of creative tasks. 

Flocksy Review

Flocksy Review

Flocksy provides unlimited graphic design and creative services for one low monthly price. You are assigned a project manager, a project dashboard and a team of talented designers, editors, writers and more.

  • Variety of Services
  • Price
  • Design Quality
  • Speed
  • User Experience


  • Excellent turn around times
  • High Quality Designs
  • Project manager and project management dashboard
  • Forces you on a “productivity treadmill” (See post)


  • Sometimes you don’t want to waste too much of your queue space on bigger/longer projects
    • Best for social media images, thumbnails and quick but professional needs.

What Services Does Flocksy Offer?

Flocksy offers a wide variety of creative services, from graphic design to voice over and US based copywriting. Here are the services Flocksy offers as of the time of this writing:

Flocksy Pricing

Flocksy offers two plans, and each come with a 14 day money back guarantee. Also, Flocksy can be canceled at any time as there are no contracts. 

The first plan is called the “Team Plan” and it starts at $495/month. 

The upper tier plan is called the “Access Plan” and it starts at $995/month. 

Personally, I tried the upper tier Access plan so that I could have 2 projects running concurrently. Also, with this plan I could create animated .gifs and get website/app design. 

While both plans offer unlimited design and revision, understanding how Flocksy works will clarify why having 2 concurrent projects is quite the boost in productivity. 

Below is a pricing chart, but here is a $100 off your first month of Flocksy coupon.

Flocksy Pricing & Services

How Does Flocksy Work?

When you sign up for Flocksy, you are given access to a project management dashboard and assigned a project manager. 

From within the dashboard, users can create new projects. From there, they can invite a team member or leave the invite open and your dedicated project manager will find a new (or existing) teammate to add onto the project. 

Team Plan members can have up to 1 project and 1 revision going at a time. Access plan members can have up to 2 projects and 2 revisions going at a time. The concurrent work style of the access plan essentially doubles your output. 

What’s more, is that with the access plan, you can invite up to 20 team members. These collaborators can create new projects and help make sure your queue is always filled. 

Flocksy Review: The Dashboard

Another great thing about flocksy is the dashboard. From within the dashboard you see everything. You can start new projects via easy to fill project briefs. You can also mark-up and comment directly on projects for revisions, rate freelancers that are assigned to you and more. 

Having the organized dashboard almost doubles as a project management tool, which is a huge benefit compared to working across scattered apps, emails and freelancers. 

Users can also connect their dashboard to Slack, Zapier, Trello and more if they want to integrate Flocksy with their existing project management softwares. 

My Experience With Flocksy

I really enjoy using flocksy to help me run this blog, a few smaller client requests and some music projects. 

I primarily used their graphic design service to great blog post hero images and infographics. However, I also tried out their .gif creation, copywriting services, logo creation and presentation design. 

Using Flocksy scaled my workflow and work quality in two ways:

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A Banner image created by Flocksy. Quick, simple, professional

The obvious way is that it helped me to create professional and eye-catching graphics with just a few lines of directions. This saved me hours in photoshop and increased the professionalism of the graphics on my blog. 

The other way it increased my output was with a “fomo factor”. Basically, I knew I was paying for Flocksy, so I felt the need to use it. This created a treadmill of productivity. 

When I got a blog post idea, I would submit the title and instructions for the graphic. Knowing that graphic would be ready in 24hrs or less, I’d have the pressure I needed to create the post. Then, once the graphic came, I felt wasteful not using one of my two flocksy project spots, so I’d submit a new request, which spawned more work, etc. etc. 

It was nice to have this “productivity challenge” to fill my Flocksy queue. 

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Another banner image by flocksy

What type of work is Flocksy good for?

Flocksy seems best suited for projects that you want to feel professional but are recurring and not the end all be all. What I mean by that is, I very much enjoyed Flocksy for blog post graphics, social media graphics, presentation design, quick .gifs and more. 

I used Flocksy for their copywriting and logo services and it worked quite well. I enjoyed the articles and design BUT, I also think that logos, writing and larger projects ,where you may want to be overly picky and deliberate for longer, might not be the best use of your Flocksy subscription. It slows down your queue.

If you’re a social media manager looking for high quality post graphics, or a blogger or youtuber looking for thumbnails – Flocksy is absolutely ideal. 

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Added Flocksy Productivity

With Flocksy, you also receive the source files for your projects. You can also choose which programs you want your projects created in – adobe programs, canva, google slides and more. 

Luckily, I have a design background, so an added benefit was getting the .ai files so I could make any quick modifications rather than waste a revision slot.

Having familiarity with design programs certainly helps to speed up productivity and increase the usefulness of each design you receive. As each source file can serve as a future template. 

.gif made by Flocksy. Click it to get $100 off your first month^

Flocksy Review: Speed & Quality

Flocksy boasts a 9 hour average turn around time. I can attest that that seems correct. Most of my projects were turned around in the same day or the next business day. 

A few projects, like some .gifs and a 1500 word article I tested, took 2 to 3 business days. Also, there were times where it would take a half day or so to find someone to assign my project.

Primarily though, I would plan to receive my delivery the next business day and usually get it earlier. Rarely did I have to wait 2 or 3 business days. 

As for the quality, I was impressed! Overall, I really enjoyed the graphics and creations I received from Flocksy. I did have one logo created, and I liked it quite a bit. However, I think there are better services out there for brand creation and the bigger more “timeless” design projects.

So you can use Flocksy for those larger projects, but primarily, Flocksy is best when you want to churn out a lot of relatively high quality products. 

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How Many Projects Did I Create in 1 Month?

Looking back over my first month using Flocksy, I created 29 projects. Honestly, I think Flocksy could have created more. I likely had my queue of 2 projects full 60% of the time. 

Additional Flocksy Features – Flocksy Review

Beyond the dashboard and project manager, I found a few other Flocksy features to be helpful. 

Brand Buckets

Brand Buckets are bins that you can put logos, fonts, colors and other brand guidelines in. This helps to speed up the process of briefing a task.

For “branding” you can simply choose the brand bucket. Whoever is assigned to your task will already have the brand guidelines, logo files and other important information. 

What’s more, is you can have unlimited brand buckets with the “Access Plan” – this is great if you are working with a variety of projects and clients, each with their own branding. 


Flocksy integrates with popular project management and messaging platforms. Therefore, if you and your team already use Slack, Trello or another software that connects through Zapier – you can directly connect Flocksy. 

Personally, I didn’t use this feature, but I do understand how it would be helpful if you already had a workflow set up with a team and didn’t want to change it. Flocksy integrates into your process, not the other way around. 

Templates, Stock Photos & Graphics

A Flocksy plan also gives you access to pre-made templates that you can download and modify. Also, your Flocksy team has access to their own royalty free stock photo library and graphics. This gives you the rights to use these images because of Flocksy’s subscription. 

Team View & Requests

After each job, you can rate the work and work style of the freelancer assigned to the job. On future projects, you can then invite or exclude certain team members. For jobs I found more important, I would invite my favorite team members to take them on. 

This team building and rating functionality means that Flocksy becomes more personalized and effecient over time. 

Flocksy vs Fiverr

Before trying Flocksy, I would frequently outsource through Fiverr to scale my workflow. Fiverr is an excellent solution for finding creatives. I’ve even made some NFT art through fiverr. (Though I never launched the NFT collection. )

Once you find a few creatives that work well with you and at your desired price point, Fiverr can be cheaper than Flocksy. However, you often have to sort through a lot of people and try out/waste a bit of money on ineffective freelancers before you find the gems. 

Flocksy is a lot easier to use than Fiverr. Since they only hire the top 2% of talent, Flocksy essentially does all the sifting through Fiverr for you. (I’m not sure if they actually find the designers on Fiverr, but they search through a pool and vet designers. So same general idea.)

On top of that, Flocksy aggregates all of your projects into brand buckets and queues and easy communication dashboards. 

I also think, because there is a larger Flocksy brand name behind each individual projects, design quality is higher and accountability is stronger through Flocksy than Fiverr. 

That said, they both are solid options. Flocksy is more reliable, easier, but likely a bit more expensive. Fiverr is a crap shoot that can yield good or bad results, take a lot of time but also sometimes be cheaper than Flocksy. 

Personally, because I frequently use design services, I am going to stick to unlimited design plans. The slight bit of added costs saves me a lot of time compared to dealing with Fiverr.

Flocksy vs Design Pickle

Flocksy and Design Pickle both offer unlimited graphic design and creative services. Out of the gate Flocksy offers a few more services at a lower price point. 

However, Design Pickle was one of the first and most respected unlimited graphic design programs out there. While their price points are slightly higher, and their service offering a bit more limited, it seems as though the quality of their work, their turnaround time and their customer service may be above that of Flocksy. (I haven’t actually tried design pickle yet, just reading other reviews)

So if you are looking for higher quality and are ok with the higher price point, Design Pickle may be for you. 

For me, Flocksy’s design quality was more than enough. 

Is Flocksy Worth It?

Ultimately, I really enjoy Flocksy and find it to be totally worth it. The fact that I got 29 high quality projects for just under $1000 dollars feels like a steal. 

That said, Flocksy was the first unlimited graphic design service I used. So as of now, my plan is to pause the membership and try a few other unlimited design services like Penji and Design Pickle. 

Pausing your Flocksy membership costs $20 a month but keeps all of your files, teammates, and accounts open for when you return.

So in conclusion, for my work process, an unlimited graphic design service is totally worth it. Flocksy was an excellent experience. I do plan to try 1 or 2 more unlimited design services before settling on one and sticking with it. Based off this first month, Flocksy will certainly be hard to beat – I honestly thought about giving up the experiment and just staying at Flocksy.

I’ll try to retroactively place links to my reviews of the other platforms once I try the service and create the review. 

For now though, thanks for reading this Flocksy Review and you really can’t go wrong with giving Flocksy a try. If you do, here is a $100 off your first month coupon link.

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