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4 Best AI SEO Software For Business (Reviewed & Rated In 2023)

Artificial intelligence has been incorporated into nearly every business process and marketing and SEO have not been left behind. In particular, content marketing is crucial for every business to prosper, and SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is essential to rank higher on search engines and get your business discovered.

Merging AI with SEO creates a killer combination when it comes to beating the competition on the internet. I’ve tried and tested various AI SEO tools to rank the top 4 AI SEO softwares for you to rely on in 2022. So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, keep reading!

4 Best AI SEO Software: A Quick Preview

If you want your business to stand out and organically appear at the top of Google search results, pay close attention to Search Engine Optimization. Trust me; you won’t regret it. SEO can give you organic, non-paid, inbound leads to your blog or business daily. On top of that, using AI can drastically increase your efficiency in creating content and in optimizing it for search engine results.  

Keeping this in mind, here are quick previews of the Top 4 AI SEO softwares that you can use to grow your business and increase the search rankings of your website.

Best AI SEO Tool Generating Unique Content

Jasper AI

Jasper Ai Copywriting Logo
  • 4.9 Star Rating
  • Helps in Keyword Research
  • Prompt the AI with proven templates
  • Google Chrome Extension available
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Write inside their content creation suite or link to WordPress to optimize articles
  • Use AI to generate various types of content
  • Keeps articles free from plagiarism and grammatical mistakes
  • 3 monthly/annual packages – Standard, Pro, and Agency
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Best AI SEO Tool FOr Keyword Research & Content creation


  • 4.9 Star Rating
  • Helps in Keyword Research
  • Prompt the AI with proven templates
  • Google Chrome Extension available
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Write inside their content creation suite or link to WordPress to optimize articles
  • Use AI to generate various types of content
  • Keeps articles free from plagiarism and grammatical mistakes
  • 3 monthly/annual packages – Standard, Pro, and Agency
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Best AI SEO Tool FOr Optimization & Competitor Analysis

Keyword Surfer

keyword surfer
  • Powerful Keyword Research tool
  • Free AI article outline generator
  • Can be connected with Surfer API, Jasper, Semrush, WordPress, and Google Docs
  • Growth Management Platform for weekly SEO reports
  • Track unlimited websites
  • AI-backed content writer and editor
  • SEO Audit feature to find errors and areas of improvement
  • Provides location-specific relevant data after analyzing from 70+ countries
  • Google Chrome Extension available
  • 1-month Free trial available
  • 3 monthly/annual packages – Basic, Pro, and Business

Best AI SEO Tool For Optimizing Youtube videos


  • Ai Enhanced spelling & grammar check
  • Youtube-targeted optimization to boost your channel’s organic traffic
  • Keyword research stating search volume and competition level for SEO
  • Generates periodic performance reports to track youtube channel growth
  • Give trend alerts to compare with the most-viewed videos
  • In-built Thumbnail generator and productivity tools
  • 24*7 channel audit with real-time stats bar
  • Google Chrome and Firefox Extension available
  • Basic version is available for free
  • 3 paid packages are available – Pro, Boost, and Max

What is SEO AI Software & How Can it Help??

Artificial Intelligence is designed to make our lives easier and our work faster. AI in SEO has been shown to help users produce more high-quality content in less time.. Here are a few ways that AI can help with SEO efforts: 

Identify The Right Content Topics/Ideas

People ask a billion questions on Google every day, so which topic should you pick to write about and catch the most attention? The best way is to choose the most-searched topics in your industry with the least competition. 

AI can automatically help find trending or viral topics in your industry to increase the number of visitors to your site and make your website rank higher. AI can also provide a list of the most to least competitive topics so that you can choose the one you think you’ll be able to rank for. 

Analyze Your Topics

Not sure if your chosen topic will perform? Ask AI. 

AI SEO platforms can analyze existing content and see if there are ways to optimize and improve it to rank higher in search results. A certain set of words can make all the difference online, and AI knows that. Sometimes it’s just a matter of placing in a specific way to appear at the top of the search results. 

A good AI SEO tool will suggest different variations of your topic’s title and the related search volumes so that you can make a better decision on not only what to write about but how to phrase your key headings. It also showcases competitor websites and what’s working for them. The higher the competition for a particular topic, the lower your chances to stand out and gain authority. It’s recommended to start with unpopular yet in-demand topics to gain viewers. 

Keyword Research

One of the most crucial parts of content writing is incorporating the right keywords. You should know that Google changes its search engine algorithm now and then. While many fail to understand it completely, the best AI SEO tools will continuously update to stay up to date with Google’s changing search engine best practices. 

Search engines demand certain words or phrases in your content to consider it worthy of solving search intent and displaying among top results. These keywords showcase your content’s relevance and whether it solves the user intent or purpose. So, if your content helps them in this pursuit, your website will be shown in the search results.

Use AI SEO tools and learn to compile a good keyword list with high search volumes and click rates. Include these keywords in your content at relevant places, and you will begin to see positive results. 

Speed-Up Content Writing

AI has changed the content writing game today. Whether generating landing pages, ad copies, blogs, social media captions, existing content rephrasing, emails, article outlines, summaries, company bios, or descriptions, AI SEO tools can do it all. 

The best part? All the generated content is SEO optimized, free from grammatical errors, and has zero plagiarism. You can use it as it is or make some smart alterations without disturbing the optimization to add personalization. You can find various templates in such software to target a particular online platform like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Amazon, Google, and other search engines. 

Manage Massive Online Traffic

AI-powered SEO tools can better manage your incoming traffic to provide optimum results. They quickly understand the relationship between different web pages and tracking SERP results. 

AI turns Google Analytics data into easy-to-understand graphical representations of your website performance to track visitors and buyers. These statistical reports about different aspects of your business are an added advantage for making amendments on time and saving losses. Understanding your incoming web traffic can help to funnel that traffic into conversions and revenue.

Optimize Old Content

A great thing about SEO tools is not just generating new content but optimizing published posts. Most bloggers publish and forget, but if you want to run a truly successful website, it’s important to optimize your old content from time to time. 

Guess what? AI can help you do that too. Utilize the ‘on-page’ content optimization feature within your AI SEO tool to revamp and update your website according to current marketing standards. It helps you increase the conversion rate and attract more traffic. As market trends change, so should your content. 

So, that’s how AI can simplify SEO processes to create optimized content that works for major search engines. Let’s move forward and review our Top 4 AI SEO tools in detail: 

Top 4 AI SEO Tools- Detailed Reviews

Now that you know a great deal about SEO and how AI is changing the game, we’ll dive into the detailed reviews of our Top 4 Artificial Intelligence SEO software: 

GrowthBar Review 

GrowthBar Review

GrowthBar was launched by two successful growth marketers and bloggers in 2020 as an SEO chrome extension. Since then, it has been developed into a full-grown SEO assistant, complete with an AI copywriting tool. 

What is GrowthBar?

GrowthBar is highly-rated AI SEO software for businesses, marketers, and content creators. 

Its flagship product is a Chrome Extension used for keyword research. With the GrowthBar extension in your browser, when you type a query into google, GrowthBar will display the average monthly search volume + how difficult it is to rank for that term. It will also show you a quick analysis of the search engine results on the first page to gauge if you can outrank some of your competitors. 

Furthermore, Growthbar analyzes your website and recommends changes for it to rank higher on search engine results pages.

Recently, Growthbar also created a content creation tool. It enables you to easily make article outlines, optimize your writing and have an AI writing assistant suggest paragraphs, sentences, and more content.  

How Does GrowthBar Work?

growthbar in action

GrowthBar’s user interface is quite easy to navigate. You can either use it as a web app or a chrome extension. Once you log in to the software, you will be introduced to its various features. The basic work of GrowthBar is to find keywords that people are already googling. 

You can search for the in-demand topics in your niche and start making high-quality content to deliver. GrowthBar helps to provide 80 to 90% of what you need to create excellent content that ranks higher on the internet. 

Type the topic you are thinking about writing next on GrowthBar’s search column, and it will process a list of similar keywords with a high search rate. It will show you the monthly volume, CPC (Cost Per Click), and keyword difficulty s-core of potential topics. These aspects help you decide the topics with a higher potential to make you shine. 

When you scroll down, you can see the Domain Authority (DA) of your competitor’s websites. Domain Authority is basically an indication of how much the search engine trusts your website. DA usually lies between 1-100. So, the higher your domain authority, the easier it is for content on your website to rank in the top of Google results. .

You can also check a web page’s word count and the backlinks for the site. Backlinks are proof of how many other websites trust and promote your content. However, toxic backlinks can also lead to the downfall of your website, so it’s best to keep an eye on who links to your website. The more credible sources link to you, the better it is for building your Domain Authority. 

Lastly, you can also visit the dashboard to check your website’s SEO performance over time and upgrade accordingly. Also, within that dashboard is an AI article writing assistant. GrowthBar is a great tool to shape ideas, have a creative sidekick suggest section headers, and even compose full paragraphs and blog posts in a matter of minutes. 

GrowthBar Pros And Cons 

Product Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Chrome extension available
  • Cheap entry-level plan
  • Rank Tracker
  • Provides useful google analytics data to design SEO strategies
  • Allows unlimited keyword research and domain queries 
  • 5-day free trial is provided on choosing a plan
  • Built-in AI writing assistant

Product Cons

  • Beneficial for basic SEO projects only
  • Backlink researcher needs improvement 
  • Broken link building is difficult
  • The pricing of Pro and Agency packages needs revision compared to the additional features provided.

GrowthBar Pricing 

GrowthBar pricing

Visit the GrowthBar page and click on the pricing column. You can purchase these plans on a monthly or yearly basis. However, you get about 20 to 40% off if you go for the annual plan. GrowthBar provides three plans. You can choose any of the three plans and try them for free for the first 5 days:

  1. Standard: $48/mo

For beginners with small-scale work requirements and accessible to 2 user accounts. 

  1. Pro: $99/mo

For professionals to manage multiple projects and create content strategies. It is accessible to 5 user accounts. 

  1. Agency: $199/mo

For large-scale businesses and marketing agencies with upto 10 team members. 

Jasper AI Review 

Jasper ai

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, provides endless content writing ideas and specific paragraphs. It is a top-ranking Google software with advanced content creation features. It has more template options than any other SEO tool in the market. 

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper is an AI writing software for quick, high-quality writing and has recently launched a feature to create art for blog post images and thumbnails as well. Yes, you heard that right; this full-fledged SEO software can now also create illustrations, thumbnails, and artwork. It can understand and write in over 25+ languages and, thus, appeals globally. 

What Is Jasper AI Used For?

jasper ai dashboard

As mentioned earlier, Jasper AI is used for writing SEO-friendly content and generating images. Both features basically work the same way. You describe what you need, and the software presents it. The user interface is easy to navigate and use. 

You can write articles, blog posts, social media captions, long articles, headlines, outlines, emails, newsletters, ads, company bios, etc. You are offered 50+ templates to choose from and work upon. You bring the idea, and Jasper will bring you everything else. The data, the keywords, you name it. 

Visit the features column on their website to see all that Jasper has to offer. You will also find expert blogs and training videos on their website to learn from. So, whether you are a beginner, professional, or business owner, AI-integrated Jasper has all the tools to build content from scratch. 

Jasper AI Pros And Cons 

Product Pros

  • Faster and accurate content generation
  • Good for long-form articles
  • Simple UI
  • 50+ AI templates
  • AI command feature
  • Powerful Boss Mode
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Built-In Grammarly support

Product Cons

  • Content quality degrades for highly technical topics
  • Deducts credit points for every word produces
  • Extra charges for plagiarism check

Jasper AI Pricing 

jasper ai pricing

Jasper offers three monthly/yearly plans. You can get a 5-day free trial on the first two. You will get 17% off on the total amount of purchasing a yearly plan: 

  1. Starter – $49/mo

For people who have just started a website as a hobby. 

  1. Boss Mode – $99/mo

For professional bloggers and content creators 

  1. Business – Custom price 

For big teams, businesses, and marketing agencies. 

Keyword Surfer Review

keyword surfer

Surfer was founded in 2008 to boost SEO work with useful data and save time. Today, thousands of business owners use the Surfer SEO tool worldwide to increase their website reach and generate higher revenue. 

What Is Keyword Surfer?

As the name suggests. Surfer is primarily used for powerful keyword research so that users can incorporate those keywords in their content and rank highly on search engines. The idea is to please the algorithm and build trust. The better authority you gain online, the better your chances of reaching millions of people. 

How Does Keyword Surfer Work?

keyword surfer dashboard

Once you log in to the Surfer, you will notice a user-friendly interface. The features are pretty easy to navigate and understand. You can also read their training blog or watch their tutorials to get going. 

The products offered by Surfer are Grow Flow, Keyword search, Content Editor, Audit, and AI Outline generator. You can also install the chrome extension to analyze and work on your web page itself. 

Glow Flow helps you analyze and manage your website growth. It notifies you about your to-do tasks and gives SEO insights on well-ranking competitor companies. You can use all the data to create an effective SEO strategy for your business and enhance your performance. 

The keyword research feature of the Surfer has shocked people with its results. It can make a huge difference in the search engine results of websites if used intelligently. Feed your ideas into the software, and it will generate the most relevant keywords to include in your content. 

You can connect your Surfer tool to Jasper, Google Docs, or WordPress. The content editors help you generate briefs, optimize content, and check plagiarism. If you want to get pre-made article outlines, Surfer can provide that too. 

Surfer audit is a great feature to make amendments to already published content and remove elements that are hindering your search rankings. It also helps you repurpose previous content and remove SEO errors.

Keyword Surfer Pros And Cons

Product Pros

  • In-depth keyword and NLP (Natural Language Processing) research
  • On-page SEO and ranking reports
  • Easy UI
  • Competitor websites analysis
  • Displays real-time SEO scoring
  • Content editor, including plagiarism checker
  • Chrome extension
  • Free version available
  • Grow flow feature to manage growth

Product Cons

  • Lack of SEO auditor
  • AI writing assistant needs improvement
  • Difficulty in using for beginners
  • SEO score tracking is confusing as it stops increasing even on adding more suggested keywords to the content. 

Keyword Surfer Pricing 

keyword surfer pricing

Surfer SEO tool also provides monthly and yearly paid plans. You get a 17% off of the monthly price on buying the annual package. The plans are as follows: 

  1. Free: $0/mo

For beginners looking forward to expanding the reach on their website. 

  1. Basic: $59/mo

For hobbyists, small bloggers, or business owners. 2 users per account are allowed. 

  1. Pro: $119/mo

For professionals handling multiple websites. 4 users per account are allowed.

  1. Business: $239/mo

For large businesses or marketing agencies working with multiple team members. 10 user accounts are allowed. 

VID IQ Review: Bonus Tool

vidiq review

Vid IQ is an amazing tool you can use to grow your YouTube channel. VId IQ software lets you see the details of your channel’s analytics, and competing channel analytics, perform YouTube keyword research, and improve your content description and thumbnail quality.

What Is VID IQ?

Vid IQ is a product for YouTube content creators that provides a web app dashboard that allows creators to research keywords, generate content ideas, and optimize their content for growth.  

Vid IQ directly connects to the YouTube API and helps creators grow their YouTube channels by providing additional high-value analysis that lets creators better understand what can be improved within their content.  

Also, since it’s a video tool, plenty of video tutorials explain the ‘whats’ and ‘why’s’ so you can better understand the video SEO features and YouTube analysis that Vid IQ provides. Vid IQ has a website, a YouTube channel, an application for both android and ios, and a Google chrome extension. 

How does VID IQ work?

vidiq in action

Vid IQ has a lot to offer to its users. Let us go through its features and content optimization tools one at a time to understand how Vid IQ works.

To begin with, the backbone of the software is data analytics. The entire software is based on useful data that is well organized and smartly displayed in the features Vid IQ offers. You will see data divided and organized in graphs representing a particular portion of your channel’s content to decode the exact status. 

You can also optimize your content using Vid IQ as per YouTube’s algorithms and increase your search engine rankings. SEO plays a major role in content, especially when your content is competing with other channels.

The SEO ranking improvements that can be done with Vid IQ include Title optimization, description optimization, adding relevant tags, adding hashtags, etc.

Vid IQ uses your channel’s and YouTube’s data to compare how well your channel is doing. It shows several informative graphs representing your channel’s total views, subscriber count, likes, minutes watched, etc. 

Vid IQ also collects data on the type of content you are uploading. Based on that, it suggests relevant topics you can make videos on. It generally shows topics viewers are searching for or that do not have much competition in that domain.

VID IQ Pros And Cons

Product Pros

  • Channel performance evaluation
  • Good keyword tracking & Ideas
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • Subscriber analysis
  • Helpful competitor analysis
  • In-built Thumbnail editor 
  • Free plan available

Product Cons

  • Only for YouTube SEO
  • Few additional features than YouTube Studio 
  • Limited features on the mobile app

VID IQ Pricing

vid iq pricing

Luckily, the basics of Vid IQ can be used for free. For those who want to take their channel to the next level, Vid IQ offers paid plans with much more useful tools like the ‘Vid IQ keyword engine.’

You can choose from the following plans offered by Vid IQ: 

  1. Basic – Free

For creators new to youtube and with limited daily access. 

  1. Pro – starting at $7.50/month

For professionals needing regular analytical reports and more research keywords 

  1. Boost – starting at $39/month

For YouTubers looking for high reach on new and old video content.

  1. Max – starting at $79/month

For YouTube coaches

Can SEO be Automated?

Yes, with the help of AI, a level of SEO automation is possible. Remember that SEO is a continually evolving problem and needs constant attention, education, and implementation. 

AI can help businesses automate SEO for effective growth and ease of content creation. While not everything can be automated, automation of simple and repetitive tasks is possible. Using AI saves time and money, thus, allowing businesses to keep the focus on other creative aspects. 

Here are all the SEO tasks that can be automated with the help of AI: 

  • Content Management: It is hard to manually keep track of multiple pages on a website. SEO automation will help you manage bulk content in a single tool for easy access and timely alterations. It makes your workflow smooth and organized. 
  • Site Monitoring: You can keep an eye on multiple websites’ ranking in the same place. You can immediately detect errors and deploy measures to stay on the right track. 
  • Periodic Auditing: You can obtain periodic statistical reports about conversion rates and business growth with automation. It’s necessary to track unsafe backlinks and strengthen internal links for positive growth. 
  • Keyword and Market Research: Know that not all keywords are useful to a website while making content. It’s vital to separate relevant keywords, conduct research, and collect marketing data for your niche to ensure success. 
  • Traffic Management: Use your SEO automated reports to understand your page’s audience. It will help you recognize your target audience and track their purchasing patterns and online behavior.  
  • Competitor Analysis: What’s better than being able to analyze high-ranking competitor websites to know what they are doing right? Automation will allow you to look deeper into what’s working for competitors so that you can do the same thing. 

AI SEO Writing Tools: Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for reading. SEO is becoming increasingly crucial with advancing algorithms and competition. The earlier you start using search engine optimization websites for digital marketing strategy, the better. 

If you still have some doubts, you may find your answers below:

Will SEO professionals be replaced by AI?

As artificial intelligence becomes more accessible to people, it will soon take over SEO processing and strategy. Plus, AI being faster at analyzing website content and producing results, will be a great advantage to businesses. However, you should remember that AI cannot replace the human brain. You still have to follow search engine guidelines and use AI as a supplement to fuel your creativity.

Does Google have free SEO tools?

Yes, Google provides some free SEO software tools like Google Search Console, Google Lighthouse, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, etc. As the names suggest, each has specific uses and varying features to target different aspects of SEO. They are pretty easy to use and help boost the performance of your website content on their search engine. 

Is AI writing good for SEO?

An AI content writing tool can help you create more content in less time. That said, be careful and make your content unique and helpful for the viewer. 

What is the best AI writing assistant?

According to our research and reviews, Jasper would be the best AI writing assistant. It has a user-friendly interface with a quick learning curve. The basic to advanced features make it perfect for beginners and professional content writers.

Does Google penalize AI content?

In theory, AI auto-generated content violates Google’s webmaster guidelines and can be detected by their software. There are still many debates and discussions regarding this topic in the SEO community. According to Google, AI can be used to brainstorm ideas, optimize existing content, or create article outlines, but generating complete articles is not acceptable. 

Google wants to promote the organic growth of those websites and bloggers who write with their experience and knowledge rather than the ones with AI tools. However, when it comes to business marketing and generating short ad copies and posts for various social media platforms, AI can be very beneficial and time-conserving. 

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