Best Podcast Editing Software

Best Podcast Editing Software (2024)

Are you looking for the best podcast editing software so that you can create content in a fast and professional manner?

We’ve reviewed all the major remote podcasting softwares based on price and recording features – now let’s get specific about the editing.

Best Podcast Editing Software -

#1 Riverside FM’s video editor is a powerful tool for podcast editing due to its AI-enhanced features.

It offers easy navigation with color-coded speakers for simple editing and automatic transcript-based editing. Riverside FM also offers content division into chapters for better organization.

The platform highlights its AI capabilities, including noise removal and audio enhancement, as well as notes and social clip generators. The editing software aims to improve both the audio quality and the overall editing efficiency.

Additionally, Riverside supports custom branding, captioning, and format adjustments to simplify content for sharing. Riverside is a versatile option for podcasters and marketers alike.

Podcast Software - SquadCast by Descript

#2 Squadcast + Descript

Squadcast, recently acquired by Descript, is favored for its seamless integration with Descript’s editing capabilities, making it a top choice for podcast editing and recording. Descript’s platform offers easy, AI-enhanced audio and video editing, including simple text-based edits, voice cloning, and more advanced audio processing features.

This combination simplifies the podcasting process, from recording to editing, especially for content creators focusing on quality and efficiency without requiring technical expertise.

For a detailed review of Descript’s features and benefits, you can read our full review of Descript here.

Podcast Editing Software - Zencastr

#3 Zencastr Podcast Editing Software

Zencastr offers an extensive suite of post-production features for podcasting. Along with studio-quality recording, Zencastr offers reliability and stability through their ZenCloud’s recording backups.

Other features include a live soundboard for inserting audio clips in real-time, automatic post-production tools to enhance audio quality, and smart filters to remove filler words and dead air.

Zencastr also offers AI video layouts for better participant display, unlimited audio distribution, and analytics to better understand listener demographics, behavior, and engagement.

Conclusion – Best Podcast Editing Software

Luckily today there are a wide variety of options for creatives to create and edit podcasts. The softwares we mentioned all will get the job done. However, in conclusion we like as the best podcast editing software.

Thanks for reading.

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