8 Best Brand Videos

8 Best Brand Videos To Take Your Ad Campaign to the Next Level (2023)

People often underestimate the effectiveness of brand videos in conversions. About 89% of the consumers have admitted to buying a brand’s product/service because of a video. However, creating a high-quality brand video can be overwhelming for beginners.

We’ve curated a list of the 8 best brand videos to inspire you. If you want your own brand video to look like one of these, we got you covered!

Apple knows how to grab people’s attention with a brand awareness video.

The fast-paced text and the energy Apple created keep us on our toes throughout the video. The sound design, interspaced product shots, and unexpected changes in pace make this video pleasing to watch.

We’ve used this format as inspiration to create branded video content for different brands. The video we made for Upshot’s NFT Financialization platform is a perfect example. This template can be a great resource for your branding videos.

#2: Headspace App

The next successful brand video on the list was released for the Headspace app. The video creates an authentic atmosphere using animated visuals to explain the problem. The app deals with meditation and makes you feel the atmosphere shifting from anxiety-inducing to calm. That is the power a great video holds.

The video captivates you without mentioning the brand until the very end! These conceptual animated videos can be great if you wish to tell a brand story or visualize the problem your brand aims to solve.

#3: Wheel

If your brand deals with B2B sales, the video animation we made for Wheel might be a style you want to pursue. The video content conveys growth and innovation. In addition, branding and logos explain the core concepts while engraving the brand logo in people’s brains.

Templates using infographics and animation are popular among audiences. They do not overwhelm the viewer and keep them hooked throughout the video. Motion, achieved through lines and shapes, explains the flow of the products/services of the brand. If you’re looking for a B2B video that your sales team can use as collateral, an effective brand video like the one we made for Wheel may be the way to go.

#4: Penguin Story

We all love a compelling story about a detective. But what if there was a brand video resembling the same? Penguin has managed to pull that off so well. The animated video, with superb narration and music, feels like a throwback to the time when the company was actually started. The video is quirky and funny while still feeling fresh and sophisticated.

The storytelling makes the brand seem more prominent than just a clothing company. That’s exactly what the audience wants, to be a part of a bigger story. If you manage to create an aura around your brand, giving context to your purpose, people will naturally want to associate with it, ultimately increasing your brand loyalty!

#5: Apple Carbon Neutral

The next successful marketing video on our best explainer videos list is the Apple Carbon Neutral. This brand video demonstrates and announces that Apple is going carbon neutral. But what’s the secret behind its effectiveness?

The one thing that sticks out in Apple videos is the pace; the fast pace of their videos gets the message across. In addition, using colors related to the theme adds a creative touch to their video; green, in this case, represents a healthier planet.

An additional touch by Apple that made this video pleasing was the interplay of computer-generated fonts and handwritten texts. Using arrows and transitions to form a storytelling narrative adds direction to the video. This is another great style that you could use for your brand campaign!

#6: AMPL

If you aim to introduce a big new idea, you can learn much from AMPL’s video marketing strategy. The video explains a new form of cryptocurrency. They compare themselves directly to Bitcoin at the start of the video itself. This hooks all the listeners interested in cryptocurrencies. The video proceeds by framing questions in the viewers’ minds and then explains the answers to these questions.

Due to the complexity of the topic, the video tries to shoot down as many doubts and explain as many terms as possible through infographics, charts, and diagrams. This video style can be great for educating audiences about your product/service.

#7: Lyft Story

If you believe your brand has a bigger mission than just the products or services you offer, it needs to achieve what Lyft did with its video. The story of how Lyft came to be has been told so beautifully in this video.

The video shows all the solutions that Lyft made possible when nobody else even saw a problem in the first place. The popping colors and animation style with superb narration immediately draw you in.

This video instantly connects with the audience by telling the human story of their founders.  Humanizing a tech-forward company via founder stories and relatable situations is a great way to connect with your audience.

#8: ConsenSys (3D Animation)

Visuals make or break your brand video. More creative and aesthetic visuals will naturally get more attention. ConsenSys doubled down on visuals in this brand video. The video uses 3D animation to get the point across.

Since ConsenSys is a larger holding company, they creatively used the logos of their sub-companies to form the ConsenSys logo and, finally, the Ethereum logo (the main blockchain that ConsenSys promotes). This video is short and sweet. It was awesome to play it before keynotes and speeches, allowing members of the team to walk out to a hype video.

We have come to the end of the best brand videos list, and we hope the brand video examples taught you a lot. Are you inspired to create your own? Do you want your brand video to look like the one mentioned above? Contact us at hi@peerthrough.com or Keep reading!

How Do You Make a Good Brand Identity Video?

Now that you know what an engaging brand video looks like, why not create one for your brand? Before you get started, here are some tips to help you:

Know Your Target Audience:

Before you create a brand video, you must know who you are trying to reach. Your target audience will vary depending on your product or service. Therefore, your video must reach the right audience and appeal to them. Moreover, your video’s visuals, tone, and overall feel will also vary as per your target audience. While creating your videos, you must prioritize your audiences’ perspective, taking into account their wants, needs, and problems, and presenting your brand as the solution. After all, your audience is who will eventually buy your product/service.

Script Is The Key:

Storytelling is crucial in a compelling brand video, as it is the story the audience connects with and ultimately decides to be a part of. The message your brand video conveys is a deciding factor it’s success. Before you start making marketing videos, you need to work on the script for the video. A script helps keep the vision intact while providing direction for the video.

Compelling Visuals:

As you may have noticed in the above examples, visuals make these videos tremendous and pleasing to watch. They showcase your brand’s professionalism. The visuals must be top-notch and match the brand’s aesthetic and vibe.

Visuals enhance the brand message and draw you in. Making visuals overly salesy is a common mistake in most brand videos. The key is to keep the visuals aesthetic and pleasing. They should be entertaining and should feel natural at the same time. 

Clear Call To Action:

Call to action should be top of your priority list while making a brand video. What do you want from your audience? Knowing the answer to this question will make your brand video 100x more effective.

Do you want them to buy your product? Or do you need them to support your venture? These questions will help you write your script with clarity. Knowing your audience’s wants will translate to getting what you want through your brand video!

These were some critical tips for creating fantastic brand videos. However, if you need help creating a brand video for your brand, we are here for you! You can check out our portfolio of brand videos and shoot us an email at: hi@peerthrough.com to discuss things further.

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Best Brand Videos: FAQ

Now that you’ve read the entire article, you know what it takes for a brand video to be better than its competitors. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding brand videos:

What does a brand video mean?

A brand video is created or sponsored by a brand to market its product or service. A brand video showcases the brand values. A brand aims to either educate and inform audiences about its products or services or simply convey a feeling, vibe, and relatable story through a brand video. The ultimate goal is to drive audiences into engaging with the brand directly or indirectly.

What is the purpose of a brand video?

The purpose of creating compelling brand videos varies depending on what the brand needs from its audiences. In any case, the primary goals of a good branding video are:
Increasing brand awareness; Informing and educating people about the brand.
Selling a product/service: Brands videos can drive audiences into purchasing the brand’s products or services.
Community Outreach: Brand videos are highly effective in helping a brand grow its social media community and reach.
Brand Authority: Brand videos have also proven effective in helping brands build brand authority and showcase their products and services professionally

How long are brand videos?

There is no exact specified length for a brand video. However, most brand videos fall between 1-2 minutes. Social media also lends itself well to shorter videos. Unless you’re specifically aiming to make a longer documentary-style video, 120 seconds or under is enough to finish the job.

What are the different types of brand videos?

The type of brand video usually depends on the kind of brand and the video’s aim. Choosing the correct brand video type is crucial before making a video for your brand. Here are the different types of brand videos to create for your next extensive brand campaign:

Origin story video
Case study video
Explainer video 
Animated video
Product video
Company culture video
Customer testimonial video
Company event videos
Behind-the-scenes video

How much is a branding video?

The price for creating branded videos can vary widely. You can always find someone to do it cheap and dirty for around $1000 or you can go with top-of-the-line professionals that often charge $50,000+ per minute of video or animation. 

What you choose will depend on your desire for polish and professionalism. Please note more expensive doesn’t always mean “better.” When looking for a video production company, you should find someone who fits your budget, can help understand your product and your company’s full marketing funnel, AND creates something that is visually AWESOME. 

That’s where Peer Through comes in. We aren’t just incredible videographers and motion graphic artists; we are full-stack marketers and technologists. We’ll work with your team to fully understand your product and your marketing funnel and then create a message, video design, and story that converts for your business. 

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