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Dynamic Video – Personalized Video Creation at Scale

Delivering a personalized video to a customer or prospect enables companies to cut through the noise and connect with their viewers. However, using traditional video creation techniques is too expensive to directly target a single individual. That’s why we created our new dynamic video offering. 

Using our dynamic video portal you (or anyone on the team) can generate hundreds or even thousands of high-quality, but affordable customized videos in the blink of an eye.

In this article, we’ll go over the concept of dynamic video in general and how our specific dynamic video service works. 

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What is Dynamic Video?

Dynamic Video is a combination of creativity and technology that takes video customization to the next level. In short, dynamic video is the process of creating a beautiful video framework that can then be rendered with various data points, words, images, and video files received via a simple webform to collect user inputs or directly from your API or CRM. 

Spotifywrapped: Year in Review Type Videos

Perhaps the most viral example of dynamic videos is “Spotify’s Year in Review.”  Shortly before the turn of the new year, Social Media is flooded by literally millions of videos that showcase a user’s specific listening stats, top songs, artists, and more. These year in review videos do wonders for Spotify’s organic marketing, but despite the high ROI Spotify is not forking over the bill to create these videos 1 by 1. They are able to produce a video for each of their hundreds of millions of users by utilizing the concepts of dynamic video creation. 

How Do You Create a Dynamic Video?

Creating dynamic videos that can drive ROI, feel personalized, and yet truly scale requires experienced marketers, a top notch creative team, and a the technical know-how to link everything together. 

Step 1: Create a Beautiful Template

The first step to creating a dynamic video is similar to making a one-off creative video asset: focus on building the best video messaging, look, feel, and pacing for the animation or video possible. 

However, as the creative team works, they must keep in mind the certain aspects of the video that will be swapped in and out depending on the incoming data, images, footage, audio, or customer types.  

Step 2: Rig the template accordingly. 

Step 2 in creating a dynamic video campaign requires the one-off video to become a rigged template that can receive incoming data points/footage from a JSON file and insert it correctly at the right time, size and location of the video. 

Rigging the template is a technical process done using a combination of video and animation creation softwares like After Effects, scripts, plugins and other methods to ensure quality across media types. 

Step 3: Connect the template to a data source

The technical magic of our portal really comes alive in step 3, where we connect your custom video template to a corresponding web form, where anyone from your team can type in inputs, upload images, or change customer names as easy as filling out a webform. From there, they simply hit render and a beautifully customized video will be rendered in seconds. 

If you want to take the automation a step further, we can even connect templates to your API or CRM. This means that incoming data can automatically trigger a new video to be created. For instance, imagine a customer just made their 3rd purchase. Using our dynamic video portal, we could create a custom thank you video, complete with their name, a unique offer code and images of their specific past purchases, and have it automatically sent to their email without anyone lifting a finger.

Using dynamic video techniques allows businesses to cut down the man hours and costs of utilizing video marketing at scale. It also enables them to automate their processes, while still delivering a personalized feel to their customers.

Use Cases for Dynamic Video

The applications for Dynamic Video are as limitless as your imagination, but let’s go over a few possibilities:

Increased Gamification of App Usage:

Capitalize on the rise of gamification by using Dynamic Video to create personalized achievement videos for your app users. The video template could interface with your app’s API to monitor user activity, rewards earned, and milestones reached. At each significant accomplishment, Dynamic Video automatically generates an engaging video celebrating the user’s progress and achievement, reinforcing positive user behavior and boosting engagement within your app. These videos could also include prompts for the next challenge or level to keep users motivated and involved.

E-commerce Marketing:

Imagine delivering personalized product videos to your customers based on their browsing history or past purchases. Each video can showcase products that resonate with their preferences, enhancing their shopping experience and boosting your conversions.

Crypto Exchanges:

This template could interfaces with the crypto exchange’s API, pulling the latest stats directly from their system each day at a predetermined time. The Dynamic Video service automatically generates a video using the day’s data and the established template and then automatically tweets that video from the Crypto accounts twitter.

Real Estate:

Dynamic Video can automatically create video tours for each property listing, incorporating real-time data like price, location, images, property features, and more.

Education and Training:

Tailor educational content to each learner based on their progress or areas they struggle with. Personalized tutorial videos can enhance understanding and engagement.

Customer Onboarding:

Send personalized welcome videos to new customers, featuring their name, the product or service they’ve purchased, and helpful tips tailored to their needs.

Dynamic Video Conclusion

In the digital age where personalization is the bridge between businesses and their audience, Dynamic Video isn’t just a game-changer – it’s a paradigm shift in content creation. It’s a tool that redefines the very nature of connection, engagement, and conversion.

Dynamic Video goes beyond the boundaries of conventional video content. It’s not a one-size-fits-all presentation; it’s a finely tailored conversation crafted meticulously for each viewer. It amplifies your message, transforming it into a living, dynamic dialogue that resonates with each individual in your audience at that specific point in time.

Every interaction with Dynamic Video is a unique experience, as diverse as the data it draws from and as individual as the viewers it speaks to. It delivers unparalleled personalization, creating opportunities for engagement and conversion that conventional videos can’t even begin to touch.

And that, indeed, makes all the difference.

Ready to take your content to the next level? We invite you to explore our Dynamic Video creation portal today and reach out to see how we can work together: hi (at) peerthrough.com . Together, we’ll redefine what video content can do.

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