squadcast + Descript

Descript Now Comes With Squadcast

If you pay for the video editing tool Descript you now get the podcast recording tool Squadcast included in your monthly subscription.


Descript is a software that you run on your computer to focus on local audio and video editing. You can read our full Descript review, but primarily they became popular as they were the first to allow users to “edit video or audio as easily as a text document”.

That means, the software was one of the first creative editors to incorporate artificial intelligence – it used AI to transcribe the audio, time stamp it to the video and enable the user to edit the video by deleting text in the word document.

Descript as an editor had a lot of other great features like generating gifs, and doing some voice sweetening around your audio. You could even overdub your voice with a text to speech type voice clone.

Squadcast Descript Remote Podcast Editing and Hosting

Descript Limitations

While Descript is great for editing audio and video once you have the content recorded in the software — you still had to actually record your video/audio podcast somewhere, download it and import it into Descript.

Now with Descript’s purchase of Squadcast, hosting, recording, and then editing a remote podcast is now all in one package and one subscription.


Squadcast is a platform that allows you to invite remote guests to an interview. It functions in a similar way as having a google meet or zoom meeting with someone, only it has a few special features designed for recording.

For instance, with products like riverside, zencaster, or squadcast – they make sure that the audio and video records locally onto each persons machine . That way, unlike zoom or google meet, if there is a glitch in the internet – it will not appear in the final uplaoded recording.

There are also some added bells and whistles like inviting audience members and behind the scenes producers to the show.

Squadcast Limitations

Squadcast was a great remote recoridng software, but then – there were no heavy duty post production tools.

Now that squadcast is under the descript umbrella, the two streamline together.

Squadcast Descript Conclusion

Users can now pay one monthly subscription fee for both Squadcast and Descript.

With these two tools, users can record a video and audio interview in Squadcast, have it port into Descript where final edits, audio clean up, and more can be done to get the final episode ready for posting to social media.

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