Best Celebrity AI Voice Generator

Best Celebrity AI Voice Generator

Celebrity voice generators use AI, deep learning, and advanced applications to mimic the voices of well-known public figures. Many of these generators also allow typed text to be read aloud in a voice that sounds like a desired celebrity.

These tools have a variety of uses, including content creation, and entertainment in general. However, it is important to note that using celebrity voice cloning can also raise legal and ethical concerns related to boundaries and misinformation.

In this article we will go over the top five AI celebrity voice generators currently available, and which ones may be the best fit for your project or needs.

Best Celebrity AI Voice Generator - Speechify

#1 Speechify

Speechify is considered the top rated and user recommended Ai Voice Generator currently available. Speechify’s Celebrity Voice-Over Generator allows you to create audio clips that sound exactly like your favorite celebrities. This tool can turn written text into spoken word using AI, from personal greetings to professional or educational content.

The technology is high quality and user friendly, and promises a fun engaging way to incorporate celebrity voices into various projects. For example, below is a quick video of a Snoop Dog AI generator saying ‘We represent the lollipop guild’.

Speechify is our top recommendation for an AI celebrity voice generator due to all of the extensive 5 star reviews, and its user friendly technology.

AI Voice Generator - PlayHT

#2 PlayHT Celebrity Voice Generator

PlayHT offers a Celebrity Voice Generator for creating realistic celebrity voice-overs using AI technology. The tools they provide allow you to easily clone any celebrity’s voice to use in various projects including animations, games and marketing videos.

By using PlayHT’s advanced speech-to-text feature, you can generate expressive speech that captures the styles and accents of any celebrity. The platform is easy to use, allowing for quick voice cloning and generation, and multiple retakes to get the perfect outcome.

PlayHT is a great choice for creators looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to incorporate celebrity voices into their work.

Celebrity Voice Generator - LOVO


LOVO offers AI voice cloning for creators and professionals, with high-quality custom voice content. Featuring their AI named Genny, they offer the ability to mimic any voice and ensure premium sounding AI-generated voice clones.

The platform is designed for various uses, including advertisements, education, explainer videos, YouTube content, audiobooks, podcasts, social media, and more.


#4 FakeYou

FakeYou’s deepfake technology allows you to generate audio or videos of your favorite characters, saying anything they want. Trying out their technology is super simple and just a click of a button on their homepage.

They currently offer limited languages, but they have an extensive library of voices including cartoons, comedians, actors and more.

Because they have very competitive pricing, FakeYou is a great option for those looking for a quick cheap and simple AI celebrity voice generator.

Best AI Celebrity Voice Generator - Top Mediai

#5 TopMediai

TopMediai includes a text-to-speech voice generator with voice cloning that offers 3k plus AI voices in more than 70 languages. It allows custom voiceovers with both AI cloning and text-to-speach.

TopMediai allows projects to be exported into different formats such as MP3 and WAV and more. This along with many other custom options makes TopMediai a great choice for podcasters and content creators in general.

Trump AI Voice Generator

If you are looking for a quick and easy AI Trump voice, or Obama AI voice generator check out Parrot AI. With just a few clicks of a button you can obtain an audio and video sample with the free version, or upgrade to remove their company watermark.

Other Top AI Voice Generators

It is also important to highlight a couple AI Voice Generators that are not celebrity focused, but offer top quality and professional AI Voice Generators and tools.

Imagine creating voiceovers that not only sound incredibly natural but also perfectly match the style and tone of your content. Thanks to deepfake and AI technology all of this can be achieved without the need for expensive studio time or professional voice actors. 

Below we will review our two favorite Ai Voice Generators for personal and professional use.

Best AI Voice Generator - Descript


Descript offers a unique and simple approach to AI voice generation. With Descript you can create high-quality audio content or voice clones with ease. It offers a range of highly realistic AI voices, which can be customized in many ways including tones, emotions, and accents.

Descript’s tools are designed for generating voiceovers, correcting audio mistakes and even narrating videos without having to record audio manually. Descript stands out by providing life-like pacing and personality in its text-to-speech outputs. This ensures a natural and engaging listening experience.

The software’s all in one editing suite is intuitive, and supports team collaborations making them a top choice for company projects.

Murf AI

Murf AI

What sets apart is not just its library of lifelike voices but also its extensive customization options. Users can prefect voiceovers to match the exact mood and pacing desired, making each project unique and impactful.

Besides text-to-speech, offers features like tone adjustment, pacing control, and language selection. Because of these tools you can create voiceovers that truly resonate with your audience.

Murf AI’s natural sounding voices, customization and easy to use interface make them another fantastic choice for AI Voice Generating tools.

Conclusion – Best Celebrity AI Voice Generator

While there are many different options currently available when looking for a celebrity AI voice generator, we prefer Speechify due to its professional quality and overall ratings.

However, if you are just looking to create a quick meme, there are also simple free options out there that will do the trick. Just keep mind when sharing your creations, that you are not in risk of crossing any legal or ethical boundaries.

Thank you for reading!

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