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NFT Generator – No code Software for NFT Creation

When I first started creating NFT collections, everything had to be hand coded. This required python scripts for the NFT art generation, solidity for the smart contract used to mint NFTs, and react.js for the front end site. Now, there are no code NFT generator softwares AND no code smart contract creation platforms. 

These no code NFT generation softwares, have made NFTs extremely easy to create. I’ev tried a few, and in this article we are going to touch on my favorite NFT creator software in terms of art and smart contract mint management:

NFT Generator Software

Three Main Components of Generating an NFT

From a coding perspective, when creating an NFT collection there are 3 (4) main components involved. If you want a more in depth version of the concepts behind NFT creation check out: How To Make an NFT Collection (10,000 Pieces)

For now, we’re going to focus on these 3 technical components. As it is primarily the coding aspects that the no code online NFT software helps with.

NFT Generator ART 

Creating NFT art, you first draw the individual components inside a program like Adobe Photoshop or procreate. You then export each trait as its own layer. Here’s an article that goes more into the creation process of the NFT art.

However, once you have your individual art layers, you have to form them into randomized NFT images. To do that you give each trait rarities and then overlay the traits to create unique NFT images.  It used to be that this NFT art generation was done through a custom python script. 

Now there are no code NFT Art Generator programs that rely on easy drag and drop user interfaces. Within the interface you can create and name categories, upload your trait artwork within those categories, set the rarity %s, name the files etc. It’s quite simple now to use a no code NFT generator. 

NFT Generator Art Portion

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NFT-Generator Pricing is an easy to use NFT generator software to create the images associated with your NFT collection. For just $99 a month you can create unlimited NFT collections. 

This is the lowest price in the industry I have come across. You also can cancel the membership at any time and retain the NFT collections you already generated. 

NFT Generator Smart Contract

In order for people to buy your NFT you need to create a smart contract so that your NFT can live on the blockchain and be sent out to anyone who participates in the mint. 

NFTs, stand for non-fungible tokens, and they follow an ERC-721, ERC-721A, or ERC-1155 standard. You used to have to code up your own smart contract, or at least have solid technical skills to take inspiration from github or open zeppelin

Now, there are no code smart contract launch platforms. With these platforms, it is as simple as choosing your desired blockchain, mint price, and contact name. You then connect via your metamask wallet and launch the contract on the blockchain. This contract is entirely owned by you. 

The-NFT-Generator Smart Contract Prices

If you use, the-nft-generator they will launch your NFT smart contract for free (you pay the network fees), then they simply take 4.9% of initial sales. All secondary sale royalties remain in your control.

4.9% of initial sales for doing all the smart contract dev work is a pretty fair price. Otherwise you would have to hire a dev and invest a lot of money up front or likely give them far more than 4.9% of mint.

Note – contact me, , and I can likely get you a discount down to a 3.9% fee.

IPFS and Meta data – Component 3.5

When creating a smart contract to launch NFTs you also have to link that smart contract to the images and metadata stored on IPFS. 

NFT-generator and other no code softwares will take care of all that for you as well.

No Code NFT Minting Site – Free with Smart Contract 

Initially NFT creators needed to create a custom NFT minting website, usually with react.js. Reason for this is NFTs were so new they didn’t work well with wordpress and other website builders yet. The functionality to have a site that connected user wallets to web 3, wasn’t quite as plug and play. 

Now, using something like you can either have them host your site OR, even better, copy the HTML to embed the mint button directly on your site. 

That way, you can use a website builder and simply insert the mint button wherever you want it and it will take care of all the web3 interactions of having your customers connect their wallet to your smart contract. 

NFT Generator Software Conclusion

Creating an NFT has become much easier from a technical perspective. With services like you can generate the NFT art, smart contract, and site with no code. 

Now, the trick is, once you generate the NFT what utility will you give it to make it desirable and how will you spread the word? NFT marketing and community building are even more important now that NFT creation has become more accessible. 

Best of luck on creating something cool. 

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