Playlist Push Review

Playlist Push Review + My Results

Playlist Push was created to help artists get their music in front of Spotify playlist curators. It is also a means for playlist curators to earn a little extra money. In this Playlist Push review, we will not only cover what Playlist Push can do for artists and curators, we will also dive into my results using Playlist Push for a music track on Spotify.

Playlist Push Review

My Results Using Playlist Push

I recently launched a brand new project – Beach Cities – so we wanted to get a little bit of traction on our first single – Bali.

Playlist Push was my means to get started. I spent $463 on a playlist push campaign. My track was submitted to 33 playlists and received mostly positive feedback. The track was actually added to 5 playlists with a combined listenership of 41,000 people. The track received ~1700 streams in 4 weeks.

My results using playlist push

These streams and numbers were all real. The playlists contained similar songs in the genre of my song. So all and all Playlist Push is a legit way to get streams to your music if you are looking for an initial pop or kernel to grow from.

That said, Spotify pays nowhere near $463 for 1700 streams. It’s more like $5.61 (.0033*1700). So you are paying 100x the amount you are making. But the point is not to earn money directly from the streams of the playlist push – rather it’s to gain a foothold and clout in the hopes that your song takes off further down the line.

Playlist Push Promo Code

Playlist Push Promo Code

If you are an artist looking to run a playlist push campaign enter promo code F6895GA at checkout for a 7.5% discount.

There are no promo codes for playlist curators, you simply sign up as a curator here to start earning.

You can also sign up as a Tik Tok Creator to earn money by using specific songs in your creations.

What is Playlist Push?

Playlist Push is a music promotion platform that connects artists with playlist curators.

Playlist Push carefully vets its curators to ensure they have a large and engaged following. Then, they match them with artists whose songs they think they’ll like. The artist submits their song and pays a small fee. Curators listen to the song and provide feedback. If they like it, they add it to their playlist. This puts the song in front of a new audience and helps the artist build momentum. Over time, this can lead to more streams, more fans, and more opportunities.

With over 1,000 curators in their network, Playlist Push boasts one of the largest communities of taste-makers in the industry. Through their algorithm, they can match artists with appropriate curators, taking into account factors such as genre, location, and follower count. In addition, they offer a range of features to help artists better understand the promotion process and measure the success of their campaigns.

Overall, Playlist Push is a valuable tool for any artist looking to raise their profile and reach new listeners. It’s also a valuable tool for playlist curators looking to find new music and make a little extra cash.

How Does Playlist Push Work?

Playlist Push operates on a fairly simple model. Artists sign up for the service and create a profile. They then select which genre(s) of music they want to be considered for and submit their songs for review (along with a fee. The larger the fee the more playlist curators the song will reach.) If the song is approved, it will be added to Playlist Push’s database of music.

When a Spotify curator is looking for new songs to add to their playlist, they’ll search through Playlist Push’s database and listen to any songs that fit their criteria. When they listen to the full song and provide feedback, they will receive part of the fee. If they like what they hear, they’ll add the song to their playlist.

Is Playlist Push Legit? 

In short, Playlist Push is expensive, but it is totally legit to get your song real listens and added to real playlists.

The Good & The Bad

No doubt getting your music onto popular Spotify playlists can do wonders for your career as an artist. Being featured on a high-profile playlist can give you a ton of exposure and help you reach new listeners who might not have otherwise heard your music. If you’re serious about taking your career to the next level, then working with a professional playlist curator can help you get there.

Product Pros

  • Real Listeners
  • Real Playlist Adds
  • Save Time
  • Increase Acceptance Rate
  • Honest Track Feedback

Product Cons

  • Expensive* (cost > stream income)
  • No guarantee of placement
  • Feedback may not be desirable

Playlist Push Review Positives:

1. You’ll save time. Creating and submitting your own pitches can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. By working with a professional, you can free up your time so that you can focus on other aspects of your career.

2. You’ll increase your chances of being accepted. Let’s face it, getting accepted onto a popular playlist is tough. There are thousands of artists submitting pitches every day, so the competition is fierce. When you work with a professional playlist curator, they’ll know exactly what types of tracks are being accepted onto each playlist, which gives you a much better chance of being chosen.

3. You’ll get feedback on your tracks. A great thing about working with a professional is that they can give you honest feedback. This way, you can make sure that only your best material is being sent out. Your best material of course increases your chances of being chosen.

Playlist Push Review Negatives

Of course, nothing is perfect, and there are also some potential downsides to using playlist-pitching services that you should be aware of before making a decision. Here are some of the cons:

1. They’re not cheap. Professional playlist curators usually charge per submission. Submission fees can add up quickly—especially if you’re regularly submitting multiple tracks at a time. If you’re on a tight budget, then working with a professional may not be feasible for you at this stage in your career.

Put simply, the number of streams you get from playlists you are added to will not likely pay for your submission fees. However, it is possible that a placement on a certain playlist snowballs into more listeners and playlist adds overtime, eventually making Playlist Push a good investment.

2. You might not get accepted onto any playlists. Even if you’re working with a professional curator, there’s no guarantee that your track will be accepted onto any playlists—no matter how good it is. It’s important to keep this in mind before spending any money on submission fees.

3. Feedback can be harsh I was lucky enough to not get any feedback that was too harsh. However, in reading about other people’s experiences, it seems playlist curators can be brutal and down right mean at times. Be sure to have thick skin and not take anything too personally.

So, is Playlist Push legit? The answer is yes—but there are both pros and cons to using their services. Weighing these pros and cons carefully will help you decide whether or not working with a Playlist Push is right for you and your career at this stage in time.

How does Playlist Push Work for Curators?

PlaylistPush is a great way for curators to find new music, monetize their playlists, and support independent artists. Applying is easy and only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is create an account and submit your playlist for review.

PlaylistPush team of experts will then listen to your playlist and decide if it meets our standards. If it does, you’ll be accepted and can start promoting your playlist to earn money. It’s that simple! So what are you waiting for?

Click here to sign up as a curator today and start getting paid to listen to music!

What are the requirements for Curators?

To become a Playlist Push Curator, there are a few requirements that must be met. First, each playlist must have a minimum of 1,000 followers.

Additionally, each playlist must have a minimum of 30 active monthly listeners, and a minimum of 1% active monthly listeners per playlist. It is also required that all playlist followers are 100% organic and real people that have been gained through natural growth- no bots or fake followers allowed.

Lastly, curators must agree to update their playlists on a regular basis with new tracks that fit the theme or genre of their playlist. By meeting these requirements, curators can become an important part of the Playlist Push community.

How Much Money Can Curators Make?

Depending on a curator’s Reputation Score, they can make anywhere from $1.25 to $15 per song. The Reputation Score is determined by the number of followers and active listeners a curator has. It is also based on their activity on Playlist Push.

The more followers and active listeners a curator has, and the more active they are on Playlist Push, the higher their payout will be. As a result, curators with a high Reputation Score can make a decent amount of money by pushing songs on their playlists.

Click here to sign up as a curator today and start getting paid to listen to music!

Playlist Push & TikTok Campaigns

Playlist Push recently rolled out the ability to match your song with TikTok creators. The idea is the same as playlist curators. An artist with a song submits their song to approved TikTok accounts in the hopes they will use it in one of their videos.

For a music artist, the signup process is the same to launch a Tik Tok Campaign.

If you’re a Tok Tok creator who wants to earn extra money and find out about new music you can sign up to Playlist Push via TikTok here.

How does Playlist Push Work for Artists?

Playlist Push is an easy and efficient way for artists to get their music in front of new listeners. By targeting a group of curated playlists, your song will be exposed to engaged music fans who are more likely to listen and share.

Curators have the option to add your song to their playlist if they like it. You will be updated with reviews and notifications each time this happens. This is a great way to get your music in front of new listeners and grow your fanbase.

How Much Does a Campaign Cost?

The cost of a Playlist push campaign depends on several factors, including the targeting and matching you select. The average campaign costs around $450, but pricing can range from as low as $300 to $1,000+.

For our campaign, we spent $463 which was enough to give us ~1700 streams in 4 weeks and write this playlist push review. While it is far from cheap, we might have to do it for each track to continue to grow the music snowball.

Playlist Push Review Conclusion

Overall, I think that Playlist Push is a great service for independent artists who are looking to get their music on Spotify playlists. While I don’t own a popular Spotify playlist, if I did, Playlist Push seems like it would be a great way to monetize my playlist.

The curators on the platform appear legitimate, the feedback clearly showed they listened to the song and there is a good chance you will see your song on some popular playlists if you use their service. If you’re an artist serious about getting your music out there, I recommend giving Playlist Push a try.

By using code F6895GA at checkout not only will you get a 7.5% discount on your first campaign, you’ll support this blog and my music career.

PS. Check out the song we used to test out Playlist Push. It will give you an idea of our style and quality compared to the results we got AND help out my music. Song kicks in nicely after the first stanza 🙂

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