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Koncepted Review – Web3 Design Agency

Koncepted is a full-stack web3 design solution that gives you access to a design team in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. The company uses a rigorous vetting process and hires only the top 3% of the talent. What’s great about Koncepted is that it has designers specializing in designing for the decentralized web.

If you are a Web3 design agency, a blockchain design agency, need some NFT art, want to create a crypto game, or create an immersive experience in the metaverse, you can do it all with the Koncepted design team. Like most design services Koncepted also offers basic graphic design services, but it is better known for its UI/UX design services and services in the Web3 oriented spaces. Some of the brands Koncepted has rendered its services to include a16z, Ardena, ULTRA, fetch.ai, Gamercraft,  iMMUTABLEX, refinable, and seedify.fund.

Web3 Design Review Koncepted

What services does Koncepted offer?

The services that Koncepted offers as of 21/09/2022 include the following:

Check their website for work samples.

Koncepted Web3 Design Features

Koncepted gives you access to a team of designers and a collaborative tool that you can use to communicate with the team assigned to you. You also get a dedicated project manager to manage your project for you. You can communicate with the project manager every day to stay on top of things.

Koncepted also allows you to schedule a call with your project manager so you can communicate your needs in detail and with ease. However, in each of its pricing plans, there is a limit on the number of scheduled calls that can be made in a month. It will be wise, therefore, to plan the call ahead of time to ensure that you won’t miss anything important that cannot be communicated properly otherwise.

It is important to note that while you can submit unlimited design requests on Koncepted, you only get a limited number of hours of monthly design capacity. The requests you submit will be added to your project queue and the designer will work on them one at a time, every business day.

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Koncepted Pricing Plans

Koncepted offers three pricing plans namely Pro, Premium, and Diamond. You can choose between monthly and yearly billing options. Not only the per month price is lower in the yearly billing option, but you also get two free months of service. There is no contract or hidden fee involved and you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. 

Koncepted also gives its customer an option to pause their web3 design subscription. Let’s say you are using Koncepted and know that you’ll need the services again soon, but don’t have any work to get done at the moment, instead of cancelling the plan or being charged for a month of no service, you can choose to pause the subscription. Koncepted lets you pause your subscription for as long as 3 months in a year. You can either pause for 3 consecutive months or pause 3 times for one month.


The Pro plan is available at $3,995 per month (billed monthly). For annual billing, the rate is $3,350 per month. With this plan, you get 60 hours of monthly design capacity, next-day turnaround time, and the ability to send unlimited requests which are included in the queue. 

Your design team includes a dedicated project manager, 3D designer, motion designer, graphic/social media designer, UI designer, and one senior web3 designer. With this plan, you can only have one scheduled call in a month.


You can get the Premium plan at $7,995 per month if you choose the monthly billing option and $6,650 per month if you choose the annual billing option. You get 120 hours of monthly design capacity and same-day turnaround. In addition to the project manager and the various designers included in the Pro plan, your design team in the Premium plan also includes a dedicated art director, brand designer, NFT artist (2D only), and UX designer. You can also have up to two senior web3 designers and up to four scheduled calls per month.


The Diamond plan is available at $15,995 per month for the monthly billing option and $13,250 per month for the annual billing option. With this plan you get 240 hours of monthly design capacity, 2-4 senior web3 designers, a blockchain game creator, a gamification strategist, a CX and conversion researcher, and an NFT artist that also creates 3D art. In addition to these, you get everything the Premium plan offers and are allowed up to eight scheduled calls per month.

How does Koncepted Web3 Design work?

Once you subscribe to one of the Koncepted Web3 Design plans, a project manager will schedule a call with you to discuss your project needs and expectations. Based on that call, the project manager will then assemble a team that can fulfill your needs. This onboarding process can take 1-2 days, after which you will get access to an all-in-one collaborative tool. 

You can use the tool to submit design requirements, set deadlines, track progress, leave feedback and ask for reviews. You can also invite your teammates and give them controlled access by assigning them different roles. Although you get a dedicated project manager to ensure the quality and efficiency of your project, you can also talk to everyone on your design team directly.

Is Koncepted Web3 Design a good idea?

Given that decentralized web is still a new and growing idea, it is hard to find the right talent with industry knowledge. Koncepted is bridging that gap. 

Koncepted is a great platform for getting high-quality designs for landing pages and dapps (decentralized applications) specific to web3. If you are a blockchain team of developers, looking to expand your web design capabilities, Koncepted looks like a great way to do so.

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