Oxford Gold Group Review

Oxford Gold Group Review

Oxford Gold Group is a precious metal investing company that focuses on helping clients achieve retirement goals with precious metal IRAs. Oxford Gold group can help you purchase gold today or in a tax-advantageous Gold IRA account.

Founded on the principle that everyone should have access to precious metals such as silver, gold, palladium, and. The business specializes in turning pre-existing IRAs, and 401(k) accounts into silver, gold, and other precious metals to diversify investment portfolios.

A team of precious metal experts at Oxford Gold Group provides personalized service based on their 20 years of experience working with significant precious metal firms. Customers at Oxford Gold Group directly engage with the owners of the Company on every transaction.

Oxford Gold Group Review

What is Oxford Gold Group?

The Oxford Gold Group was founded in 2017 and offers precious metal and gold IRAs. This allows them to diversify away from traditional stocks. Its headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California.

Ocford gold provides services generally associated with investing and their precious metals IRA.

You can choose spot market, home delivery of gold or to fund your IRA. Note: home delivery is not an option to take advantage of IRA tax savings.

Oxford is renowned for its excellent customer service. Also, there is a learning center where you can get retirement planning and precious metals investment advice.

Who is the Owner of the Oxford Gold Group?

This company’s ownership structure is not exactly clear. It’s ironic that they don’t explain who they are on their “About” page, nor do they provide a list of the people on their team.

The only person whose name we could associate with this business is Patrick Granfar, who, according to his LinkedIn page, we believe to be the President of the Oxford Gold Group. He presumably graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology.

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What do they offer?

As a dealer of precious metals, Oxford Gold Group provides several choices: Coins, bars, and bullion are available in silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

The organization also provides its clients with free research, services, and educational materials on precious metals.

Precious metals IRA

IRAs are investments made with retirement savings in mind.

By using their management of precious metal IRAs, clients of Oxford Gold Group can invest in precious metals in a tax-advantageous manner.

Making a monetary donation and selecting which metals to invest in are the only requirements for starting a precious metal IRA. However, you can not directly hold the gold because of IRA withdraw rules of 59.5.

On your behalf, Oxford Gold Group handles the acquisition and storage of such metals. The business can send the metal directly to you or sell them for cash when it’s time to make a withdrawal from the account.

Where does the company store the precious metals for IRAs?

The storage of precious metals is a crucial factor to consider when investing. To avoid theft or damage, you should ensure your metals are safely stored.

The company has two depositories:

  • Brinks Depository in Salt Lake City, Utah 
  • Delaware Depository in Wilmington, Delaware

The corporation delivers and collects precious metals from these stores via insured carriers.

There is cutting-edge technology and qualified personnel that safeguard both facilities and are protected by the reputable and well-known insurance company, Lloyds of London.

Gold, Silver and other products

Oxford Gold Group offers instant purchase and delivery of gold, silver and other precious metals as well.

Coins and bars of silver, gold, palladium, and platinum are among the available goods. They come from various nations, including Australia, Austria, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

You can submit an interest form on the website if you’re interested in buying these goods. The business will get in touch with you to review the transaction’s specifics, like price, shipment, and storage.

Review of the Pros and Cons of Oxford Gold Group?

There are both benefits and drawbacks to the Oxford Gold Group that we can review:


  • Highly rated
  • Gold and silver offer flexibility.
  • Easy to do business with.
  • Excellent Customer service.
  • Experienced staff 
  • Storage capabilities.
  • Gold and silver IRAs and 401Ks.


  • Not a lot of info on the owners.
  • Neither dividends nor interest is paid on gold.
  • Sudden drops in gold prices are possible.
  • A market fall can make recovery more complex.
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How is Oxford Gold Group different from its competitors?

Many other companies specialize in investing in precious metals. Oxford Gold Group stands out for providing excellent customer service. Trading precious metals would otherwise be complex and out of reach for the ordinary individual, but the group partners make it simple.

Additionally, they assist clients in developing investment plans and strategies based on a reasonable level of risk. The group’s partners departed their previous precious metals businesses to provide consumers with better business advice and support at a reduced cost. Since then, this has been their crucial differentiator.

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How can you open a Precious Metal IRA?

You must first register an account by going to the business’ website or calling (877) 544-1523. A few pages long, the application takes roughly 10 minutes to complete. Most new accounts are activated 24 hours after the application is submitted.

After completing it, the representative sends you the application so you may sign it and include copies of your identification. Within 24 hours of obtaining your paperwork and funding, the company can quickly start your new IRA account.

Minimum Investment in Oxford Gold Group

When purchasing metals outside of an IRA, the minimum is $1,500; however, the minimum investment in a gold IRA is $7,500.

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How much does Oxford Gold Group cost?

Precious metals investing can be attractive for various reasons, but it can also be more challenging than other types of investments. Storage is one of the biggest challenges and cost factors of investing in precious metals. Gold bars and coins take up room. They might also get stolen or destroyed.

Most businesses that assist buyers and sellers of precious metals offer storage and shipping services for a fee. For its services, Oxford Gold Group charges a set rate.

Opening an account is a setup cost of $325 for the first year. There is a flat price of $180 for each additional year.

Is Oxford Gold Group a reputable company?

You should conduct your due diligence before working with any precious metal company. There are a lot of scams and fraudulent offers in the field of precious metals. However, upon review, Oxford Gold Group seems like a reliable company with excellent reviews from various sources.

That said, it is always good to learn more about common Gold IRA scams by downloading this literature:

Gold IRA Education

Most of their clients stated that they are pleased or delighted with the level of customer care provided by the business. They deal with pleasant and skilled individuals in the organization. They are free to ask questions and are not under any pressure to make purchases.

The group keeps its word and avoids making exaggerated claims that would be a bait-and-switch tactic. They make it simple for a beginner investor to gradually begin investing in precious metals. There are no minimum purchase requirements, and all products are reasonably priced. The business puts a lot of effort into winning the patrons’ respect and confidence.

Oxford Gold Group Complaints and Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Trustpilot reveals that the company has a 4-star rating, with over 95% of consumers rate the service as good and 5% as fantastic. It is not to argue that the business is without problems; no company is perfect.

The Better Business Bureau gives the business a 5-star rating and keeps track of official complaints. However, users’ main complaints seem to center on the company’s short customer support hours rather than its actual operations or quality of service.

Only one buyer had filed a complaint reporting a problem and they received a refund.

Oxford Gold Group Review Conclusion

Oxford Gold Group offers gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. From our research, they appear to be a reliable supplier of precious metals IRAs. But it is always good to educate yourself on gold IRA scams.

Once you’ve finished educating yourself on gold scams, Oxford Gold Group makes it simple for newcomers to invest in gold incrementally or through a gold IRA.

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