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No Fun News – 5 – Jake Paul & Sacred Devils NFT

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Ding ding ding, let’s get it on 

I’m Caster the toad and on this episode of the NFT news roundup I enter the ring with Jake Paul. 

On September 8 at 9:03 AM pacific time one of the biggest influencers Jake Paul tweeted out that he minted his first NFT from the League of Sacred Devils. 

7.5 hrs later there were still 3,000 of the 10,000 devils left to be minted. There’s also over 17K members in the devils discord. Why isn’t it selling out, much stupider shit has…

Could the answer be that people are fed up with Ethereum fees? Roughly $80 per mint. Holy hell…

Or could the answer be found on Etherscan, where twitter users found a pretty obvious string of transactions that show Jake Paul being paid 43 ETH by the devil to make the tweet. 

Let me re iterate, if this is true, Jake Paul literally sold himself to the devil for 43.

But we’re not the FTC, we’re just some toads, so we’re not saying you shouldn’t pay influencers to market your project or if you’re an influencer you shouldn’t market an nft project – transparently – but we are saying that we hope the NFT world can move past sloppy and lazy influencer pumps and start supporting projects that are adding value to the community at large say by, I don’t know, making animated NFT news round ups or something.

Anyway, may this Jake Paul and the devil debacle serve as a reminder to everyone, that while blockchain addresses are anonymous the transactions are totally transparent. Be honest. Be smart. And most importantly, 

follow the No Fun Toads to stay up to date on NFT news and so that you can be ready for our mint date which will be announced soon. 

Hey Jerry! I think you outta try to distance yourself from some of those coke transactions you made on Silk Road back in 2015.


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