YouTube Video Idea Generator Tools in 2023

3 Best YouTube Video Idea Generator Tools In 2023 (Must-Try)

More than 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute! YouTubers face intense competition to grow their channel and share content with the world. On this ever-growing platform, it isn’t easy to come up with ideas and topics to create engaging content regularly. 

AI generator tools solve this exponentially growing demand for new content. These tools use artificial intelligence to generate content ideas and topics based on your titles, keywords, categories, etc. However, the market is flooded with these tools, and it can be hard to find the best option.

I have been a YouTuber and a YouTube fan for years. So I tested several YouTube AI generator tools to find the best ones. Here are my Top 3 YouTube Video Idea Generator Tools In 2023!

Top 3 YouTube Video Idea Generator Tools For Beginners

The search for the best YouTube Video Idea Generator Tools led me to try and compare multiple tools. I have laid down their features,  effectiveness, and user reviews. Here are my Top 3 YouTube Video Idea Generator Tools For Beginners and their key features:

Best YouTube Growth Tool


  • AI-powered custom recommendations to help you create the best content.
  • Performance comparisons with competitors help you to focus on the right areas.
  • Subscriber analysis to help you understand your audience better and create more relevant content.

GPT3 Tech Video Idea Generator

Jasper AI

  • Video idea generator template to help you get the best ideas for YouTube.
  • GPT-3 technology to generate human-like content.
  • Search engine-optimised content for better rankings.

Advanced Keyword Research


  • Advanced keyword research helps you write titles that rank higher in searches.
  • Reduces video publishing time by half through time-saving templates.
  • Simplified A/B testing to help you choose the better thumbnail.

3 Best AI-powered YouTube Idea Generator Tools-Detailed Reviews

Now that you know the names of the 3 Best AI-powered YouTube Idea Generator Tools, let’s dive deep into their specifics. Curious about the functions and suitability of these tools?  Take a look.!

VidiQ Video Idea Generator Review

The first tool on our list is the VidiQ video idea generator. Here are some questions that may cross your mind related to this tool:

What are daily ideas on VidIQ?

Daily ideas on VidIQ can save you during a creative block. The feature uses artificial intelligence to generate relevant content ideas for your channel. Choose the best ideas and create content on them. The best part about them? They are renewed every single day.

Do VidIQ daily ideas work?

As per my first-hand experience, I can say that YouTube is big on relevance. Channels and content that are more relevant perform the best. Since daily ideas are generated through AI, the ideas are quite specific to your niche. With a personal touch, creativity, and good execution, daily ideas can perform great.

How Much Does Vidiq Cost?

The pricing for the VidiQ video idea generator varies depending on the features you wish to access. It comes in 4 different plans that range as per your channel and audience distribution. Here are the plans and their features:

  • Basic Plan: 

It is a Free Plan for users that are getting started. You can only access limited features in the free plan. However, these features are enough for new users willing to try out the tool before immersing fully into the world of YouTube.

  • Pro Plan

The Pro Plan starts at $7.50/month and has more powerful features, including 10 daily ideas, real-time statistics, detailed SEO analytics, a search companion for keywords, etc. This plan is for users with a running YouTube channel aiming to level up their channel growth.

  • Boost Plan

VidiQ claims that their Boost Plan, starting at $39/month, is the most popular one. The plan has better features and access to daily ideas, trend alerts, etc. You also gain views from trending videos in your niche and unlimited access to VidiQ academy. If you have multiple channels, you can purchase the Boost Plan for 1, 3, or 5 YouTube channels at once.

  • Max Plan

Their final plan, the Max Plan, starts at $79/month. You can access all the features of the Boost Plan in a max plan. The additional feature of this plan is group coaching. You can access dedicated live coaching, recorded video lectures, and an exclusive community of like-minded creators. Learn from the best and use that knowledge to grow!

Jasper Video Idea Generator Reviews

The following tool on our list is Jasper Video Idea Generator. You may have heard of Jasper if you have ventured into AI-generated content. It is an AI-integrated writing software that can generate written content in many formats. Our focus today is the Video Idea Generator template of Jasper.

Jasper Video Idea Generator Reviews

How Does Jasper AI Work?

Jasper AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate content similar to human-written content. Jasper AI uses GPT-3 technology created by OpenAI. The video ideas generated by Jasper are highly relevant and search engine optimized. Brainstorm and shuffle through high-ranking ideas using keywords to categories and pick the right ones.

Does Jasper AI Work Well?

Jasper AI is exceptionally responsive and understands the commands well. It takes Jasper only a few seconds to generate ideas or write relevant content. However, the content is not always accurate since different sources on the internet have different data and opinions. Regardless, Jasper AI’s functionality is unbeatable and is second to none.

How Much Does Jasper AI Cost?

Jasper AI also comes in different plans as per the services you need. Their plans range from basic ones suited for personal use to plans for agencies and companies. Let’s look at the different pricing plans that Jasper offers:

  • Starter Plan

The plan starts at $40/month. It is perfect for users that need the tool for writing short content like headlines, descriptions, tweets, social media posts, etc. This plan has a monthly word limit of 20,000 words. This limit can be extended through additional payments. 

  • Boss Mode

Boss mode starts at $82/month. The plan allows you to create full-length content with up to 50,000 words per month. It is suitable when you wish to access the Jasper AI and its features fully. Boss mode also gives you access to Jasper chat.

  • Business Mode

The Business mode is Jasper’s highest-priced plan. It is a custom plan depending on the types of services and the scale of the audience you wish to use it for.

Tubebuddy Video Topic Planner Reviews

The third tool on our list is the Tubebuddy video topic planner. First, let’s take a look at the features Tubebuddy video topic planner provides:

Tubebuddy video topic planner reviews

How Does Tubebuddy Work?

Tubebuddy video topic planner works differently to improve your YouTube experience and growth as a creator. First, the Tubebuddy video topic planner’s ‘Keyword Explorer’ provides you with the most popular topics in your category.

Second, the Tubebuddy video topic planner lets you note down and store any video ideas or suggestions for future reference. Third, detailed video analytics that ranges from the best time to upload videos to help you create the best thumbnails.

Are Tubebuddy Video Ideas Worth It?

Tubebuddy video topic planner ideas have shown excellent results, and YouTubers are satisfied with them. AI-generated ideas show great promise and generally do well as they are based on the most popular topics. With creative thinking and twist, you can make the most out of these ideas and bring in high traction.

How Much Is Tubebuddy per Month?

Tubebuddy video topic planner, like its competitors, also comes in different pricing plans. These plans differ based on the features you can access and their scope of use. It comes in 4 different pricing plans.

  • Pro Plan

The cheapest plan from Tubebuddy video topic planner provides the Pro plan starting at $2.80/month. This plan is perfect for new YouTubers getting started with their YouTube journey. For YouTubers with less than 1000 subscribers, they even provide a 50% discount.

  • Star Plan

The star plan is the most popular Tubebuddy video topic planner, starting at $9.20/month. Best suited for creators looking to save time and be more efficient. The star plan provides countless features, from scheduled video updates to playlist actions to thumbnail generators.

  • Legend Plan 

The legend plan, starting at $21.20/month, is for creators who wish to expand their reach up to maximum growth through detailed analytics and data-driven strategies. 

  • Enterprise Bundle Pricing

This Enterprise Bundle plan is for brands and enterprises looking to grow their channels using tools from the Tubebuddy video topic planner. The pricing for these plans is not specified on their website. However, you can request a demo if interested in their Enterprise Bundle plan.

How Do You Use the YouTube Research Tool for Video Ideas?

YouTube understands the insane amount of video content pouring in and the competition YouTubers face.  Addressing this issue, YouTube has introduced the ‘Research Tool,’ which can be found in the creator studio. The best part about this research tool? It’s free to use! 

Research Tab

The research tab in YouTube analytics tells you what your audience and viewers across the platform are watching. You can use these analytics to get video ideas that perform well. These analytics also help you find content gaps. Once you toggle to the ‘Research’ section in analytics on the YouTube studio app, you get these options:

  • Audience activity: Indicates the popularity of a topic concerning your audience.
  • Popular searches: Indicates the most popular searches related to the topic.
  • Popular videos: Indicates the most popular videos on that topic.
  • Related topics: Indicates similar topics to your search.

Note that the insights are limited to the activity by users from the U.S. Let’s take a look at all the information you can get from these research cards and how you can benefit from it: 

  • Top Searches

This card tells you about the top searches from your audience based on your saved content over the last 28 days. Use this to study what your audience likes.

  • Discover Topics

This card tells about the most popular topics among your viewers over the last 28 days. Creating content related to these topics would be a smart course of action.

  • Content Gaps

Learn about content gaps and create targeted videos to fill those gaps. A content gap happens when viewers need help finding enough quality results for a specific search. If you fill these content gaps with quality content, you will attract a lot of traction.

What Are Popular YouTube Video Ideas for 2023?

Going with the already popular video ideas is a good option if you are new to YouTube or do not want to create topic-specific videos. The general ideas and target audience may vary depending on what your channel is about. Here are some of the most popular video ideas in 2023:

  • Behind The Scenes

You can never go wrong with behind-the-scenes videos. If you have worked or are working on a big project, people love to know more about how it was made. Footage from behind the scenes amplifies people’s love for your content and effort. You should save extra footage from behind the scene and turn it into a great piece of content.

  • Product Tutorial

In general, tech and other YouTubers focus on unboxing and product tutorial videos. People love watching these videos either before buying a product they are interested in or after buying it to figure it out. Detailed and easy-to-follow tutorials draw a lot of attention. One thing about tutorials is they have great replay value!

  • Case Studies

Infotainment fans seek YouTube for detailed essays and case studies on relevant and history-related topics. Case study videos can be highly engaging. If done well, they solidify your audience to keep returning to your channel. If you wish to promote your products, case studies on how your product brought up change can be instrumental.

  • Reaction Videos

Believe it or not, watching people’s reactions to other YouTubers has a vast following. Reaction videos can be entertaining and also informative sometimes. Reaction videos are like showing a friend a funny or a sad meme and then anticipating their reaction to being the same as yours.

  • Lists

You may have heard, ‘Welcome to watch mojo’s top 10 blah blah of all time.’ Lists and ranking videos have insane viewership, from best movies to songs and other avenues that can be compared and put into a list like software, brands, etc. People love watching these videos, sometimes to get recommendations or see where their taste ranks. Regardless, lists and ranking videos are entertaining and bring in high engagement.

Video Idea Generator Tools FAQs

Now that you’ve gone through the entire article, you know about the best Video Idea Generator tools, their uses, and YouTube as an alternative. Let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions about YouTube Video Idea Generator tools:

What Is A YouTube Video Idea Generator?

A YouTube Video Idea Generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate ideas for YouTube videos based on the keywords and categories you select. These ideas are based on the most popular ideas in your niche. The keywords in these ideas rank high in searches and increase engagement. You can use a YouTube Video Idea Generator during a creative block or in general to create videos that perform the best and help you grow on YouTube quickly!

Where can I find ideas for YouTube videos?

To find ideas for YouTube videos, you will need a YouTube Video Idea Generator. All you have to do is tell the generator the topic and category of videos you wish to create. Then, the generator will show you the most popular topics in your category, which you can use as inspiration to get started and create more videos.

What are good YouTube video ideas?

Depending on your YouTube niche and content, YouTube ideas can vary. It’s always best to be creative and try new ideas that come to your head. However, you may need help with creative blocks more often than not.

 In such cases, it is advised to stick with the most popular ideas that bring high traction and engagement. These video ideas may include; vlogs, tutorials, lists, unboxing videos, reaction videos, etc.

What are some free video idea generator tools?

VidIQ, Jasper, and TubeBuddy are the best video idea generator tools in 2023. Even though these tools are not entirely free, they offer free versions and trials. So you can test these tools and use their full versions if you find them useful. Some other strong competitors of these tools are Writecream, CopyAI, Rytr, etc.

Are AI-generated video ideas good?

AI-generated video ideas show amazing results. Since these ideas are generated using artificial intelligence, they are specific to your category and based on the keywords you suggest. Furthermore, these ideas are generated based on what’s performing the best and what your views want. Therefore, these ideas have a high chance of performing well. You can get inspiration from these ideas and learn what your audience likes.

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