Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold Investments Review

They say “old is gold.” But with less than a decade of experience in the industry, is Noble Gold Investments… gold? Are they the right Gold IRA dealer for you and your precious metal purchases?

In this article, we’re going to review the company and its products.

Noble Gold Investments Review

What is Noble Gold Investments?

Based in Pasadena, California, Noble Gold is a precious metals firm. The company makes it simple for users to get started with precious metals IRA (claiming to do so in just 5 minutes).

While still a relatively young company (it was started in 2016), it is giving old-timers like Birch Gold Group and Oxford Gold Group tough competition.

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Who owns Noble Gold Investments?

As the President and CEO of Noble Gold, Collin Plume is leading the company. He has been in the industry for over 15 years (and counting). The company had a co-founder, Charles Thorngren, but he left in 2020.

What products does Noble Gold Investments offer?

The company mainly focuses on providing precious metal IRAs to its customers. It segments that into two main products:

Gold IRA

This account works pretty much the same way traditional IRAs do. The only difference here is that instead of paper assets, out here, the assets held are in the form of physical gold bars and coins. When you invest your money in a Gold IRA, gold of the equivalent amount is moved to a certified depository in Delaware or Texas.

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Silver IRA

The way this account functions is quite similar to how you would see Gold IRAs work. Of course, instead of gold assets, you would have silver assets. And much like in Gold IRAs, silver is transferred to a certified depository in Delaware or Texas as per your investment.

Aside from this, they have Platinum, Palladium, and rare coins. And of course, gold and silver coins that you can buy directly from them.

Noble Gold Investments minimum investment

The minimum amount you need to invest in Gold IRA and Silver IRA is $2000. Note that this is the investment. It doesn’t include the fees that we’ll discuss in the next section.

Noble Gold Investments fees

If you choose to store your gold in Texas or Delaware, there is a $150 upfront cost plus an ongoing $80 annual fee. This price includes insurance, access to your online account, secure segregated storage of your physical precious metals, and real-time asset tracking. The best part is that you get separate storage instead of the commingled storage others provide (that doesn’t fully transfer the metal’s ownership).

If you store your silver in Texas, there is a $250 yearly cost as well as a $225 recurring fee. This price includes insurance, access to your online account, secure segregated storage of your physical precious metals, and real-time asset tracking. Once again, you’re provided separate storage instead of commingled storage.

Buyer Beware Gold IRA

Noble Gold Investments prices

We’ve already gone through the fees and minimum investment you’ll be looking at while investing with Noble Gold. If you choose to go for one of the rare coins like the 1854 Kellogg $20 Coin (AU53), you would need to contact the company and ask for the best prices. 

Noble Gold Investments pros and cons


  • Provides a free investment kit with educational material
  • Has a team of trusted advisors
  • Simplifies the process of precious metal IRA investment
  • Gives the Texas storage option


  • No option for international gold storage
  • Hasn’t been in the industry for long

Noble Gold Investments Complaints

In searching, we could not find any outstanding complaints in regards to Noble Gold Investments.

There were 3 complaints over the past 3 years for Noble Gold Investments on the Better Business Bureau web forum, but they have all been marked as resolved.

Is Noble Gold Investments Legit

Yes, Noble Gold Investments appears to be totally legit. However, that doesn’t mean you should still not be entirely aware of the possible Gold IRA scams and other financial scams out there before making large investments with your retirement money. August Precious Metals has put out some great educational material when it comes to knowing the risks associated with purchasing gold in an IRA plan.

Gold IRA's Are they legit?

Noble Gold Investments review conclusion

Noble Gold has shown quite some growth in just 6 years. The products it offers are competitively priced and its customers generally have good things to say about the company.

But is it the right choice for you? That’s for you to decide as there are many IRA company’s out there.

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