American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold Review

Gold is a reliable investment that may safeguard your wealth for decades, even during down markets. Therefore people tend to invest in gold as a safety net or even hedge to their traditional portfolio. Some people choose a gold IRA, investment retirement account, to safe guard their wealth and use as a pass toward a stable future. In this American Hartford Gold Group review, we will determine if they are the best precious metals company to construct your gold investments.

American Hartford Gold Review

Choosing the Right Precious Metals Company

When you decide to diversify your retirement account or invest your money to buy actual gold or silver metals, there are advantages and hazards to consider. Your top priority should be figuring out how to pick the ideal company for your financial plan and also to avoid any scams or bad actors.

As scams can be devastating, be sure to check out this full guide on Gold IRA scams to look out for.

Gold IRA Scam

Choosing a subpar investment firm is a bad idea. At all costs, you must safeguard your wealth and guard against potential dangers. The ideal business provides complete security, dependability, and protection. Their fees should be low and your gold holdings should be totally transparent.

Let’s review how the American Hartford Gold Group stacks up when it comes to Gold IRAs and other precious metal dealings.

What is the American Hartford Gold Group?

Silver, gold, and other precious metals are among the products that American Hartford Gold Group, a Gold IRA company, assists investors in purchasing and holding in IRA compliant facilities.

The American Hartford Gold Group is one of the most well-known businesses in this field and provide their customers with a wide range of services. The American Hartford Gold Group is committed to providing its clients with the best goods and services.

American Hartford Gold assists clients in securing “safe haven” assets and claims investors only receive the best gold and silver coins. These coins are supplied at affordable costs and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

American Hartford Gold Review Products and Services

The business helps its clients buy and sell precious metals, such as silver, gold, and platinum. It can assist with IRA rollovers and 401(k) rollovers. It also offers direct delivery of metals to purchasers’ homes.

Precious metals IRA

Setting up money for retirement is essential. The main reason why so many individuals invest to be ready for retirement, instead of just hold cash, is that it’s one of the most acceptable ways to continuously grow your money.

An exclusive subset of investment accounts is individual retirement accounts. IRAs are a way for individuals to save for retirement and take advantage of favorable IRA tax laws. In short, there are two types of IRA: Roth IRA and traditional IRA.

A Roth IRA is formed with post tax money. This means that you’ve already paid taxes on the money when you earned it, and can therefore withdraw the money after the age of 59.5 without any capital gains tax.

A Traditional IRA is formed with pre tax money. That means you can contribute money to your IRA before paying taxes and write off the contributions, reducing your current years taxable income.

Which ever type of IRA you decide to use, American Hartford Gold can help you set up either. They offer both Roth and Traditional self-directed IRAs and hold the precious metals in an IRS compliant facility for you.

Spot Purchase: Silver, gold, and platinum products

If you want to buy precious metals but don’t want to set up an IRA, they can help. Buying precious metals now, rather than in an IRA, enables you to receive the physical coins directly in the mail. The following countries’ silver and gold are American Hartford’s specialties:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • South Africa

A major flaw among online precious metal merchants is the company’s lack of online pricing. If you want to find out how much a specific coin or metal bar costs, you must get in touch and ask for details.

Why Choose American Hartford Gold Group?

The American Hartford Gold Group, like other financial institutions that offer unconventional retirement plans, sells precious metals to assist you in maintaining the value of your hard-earned money. However, they offer goods, financial instruments, and a lot more. Here are a few of the company’s distinctive qualities:

Price Transparency

American Hartford Gold claims to have some of the best prices in the industry. They are open with their valuations and frequently adjust to match the going rates in the market. Since the price of gold fluctuates, they must make frequent modifications to their pricing. However, they of course disclose the exact charges to you before making any purchase.


American Hartford Gold Group reduces the stress and difficulty of investing. From the very first to the very last stage of the procedure, their skilled personnel will assist you. To open a new account, you must first fill out the relevant form, then meet with an account executive, and then add funds to your account.

It only takes three simple steps to purchase precious metals: phone the company and explains your needs, look over your alternatives and choose if you want silver, gold, or another metal, and then place your order.

Professional Handling and Shipping 

They adhere to established procedures to safeguard your priceless assets’ worth, consistency, and structure. Every shipment is verified twice, logged, and delivered to the client to ensure proper handling.

Great Customer Service

The American Hartford Gold Group guarantees staff members are there to help clients make everything simple. When there are questions or issues, they are only a phone call away. They add a personal touch with some professional investment knowledge.

They understand that people are investing their hard earned money with them, and want to provide support at every point along the way.


The company guarantees complete non-disclosure of all buying or selling transactions. They send out actual gold and silver in unassuming, secure parcels.

Models for Flexible Pricing

Investors can take advantage of the current market prices. A live ticker that offers minute-by-minute updates on market developments is available on the company’s website.

Without relying on forecasts from other sources, it aids clients in choosing the best moment to invest.

American Hartford Gold Fees and Pricing

The American Hartford Gold offers free Gold IRA account setup and retirement account rollovers to precious metals or Gold IRA customers. Along with tracking and insurance benefits, shipping gold and silver to the depository facility is also free.

Depending on the quantity of metals and the account size, they typically eliminate storage fees for 3 years. Waiving the storage fees comes with a high initial investment, but if you are ok with storage fees they do not require a minimum amount for Gold IRA contributions.

On their corporate website, there is no information on account upkeep. However, they frequently run promotions where customers can purchase a particular amount of precious metals and receive three years of no-account-maintenance fees.

Is American Hartford Gold Group a Scam?

From our research, American Hartford Gold is a legitimate product. They have thousands of reliable customer reviews and are recognized by numerous third-party organizations. Additionally, we haven’t been able to track down any repeated grievances that implicate poor management in the business.

That being said, it is always smart to educate yourself around Gold IRA scams before making any investments. Augusta Precious Metals has some excellent educational materials for learning about gold scams which you can download here.

Gold IRA scam Education

“American Hartford Gold BBB”

Customer satisfaction with American Hartford Gold is great when you read internet reviews. As of June 2nd, 2022, they have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+ with a 4.92/5 average based on 194 reviews.

Looking at all the complaints about American Hartford Gold, one of their strengths is that each was satisfactorily resolved, which is to be commended.

American Hartford Gold Group Complaints

Most consumer complaints made to the business are not about the company itself but rather about problems with precious metals price fluctuations. However there are some complaints about delays in metal shipments.

Verified customers who have used their services have left far more favorable than unfavorable reviews of American Hartford Gold Group.

Also, when clients express dissatisfaction, American Hartford responds immediately, identifying the issue and attempting to find a quick solution. American Hartford seems keen on keeping the integrity of their business intact and have done a great job so far.

American Hartford Gold Free Silver and Coin

For orders exceeding $100,000, American Hartford Gold offers up to $5,000 in complimentary silver and up to three years of IRA fees-free. For purchases exceeding $50,000, first-year IRA charges are eliminated.

They offer a buyback obligation in addition to the free silver offer. They advise clients to contact the company to discuss selling precious metals they have already purchased.

With American Hartford Gold Group, this offering of free silver and gold seems legit, but “offering free silver” is a warning sign in the Gold IRA Scam education pack.

Bill O’Reilly & American Hartford Gold Group

American Hartford Gold Group is recommended by popular TV commentator Bill O’Reilly. We couldn’t find info on his endorsement deal, but the company is also a sponsor of NASCAR.

American Hartford Gold Review Bottom Line

You can establish a Precious Metals IRA with American Hartford Gold and its experts. The company can match you with the ideal product at a reasonable cost. This applies whether you invest in gold, silver, or both. In the precious metals sector, American Hartford Gold enjoys a stellar reputation. They have thousands of positive ratings and an A+ rating from the BBB.

The company’s failure to publish its prices online is a bit annoying, but that is common due to the constant fluctuation in gold prices. It also can be challenging to determine what costs an account will incur. It seems the company really wants you to speak with one of their professionals to learn the rates, which is more complex than simply filling out an online form.

That said, American Hartford Gold Group has more than 20 years of experience in the precious metals industry. They can give you great advice on retirement planning and the nature of the precious metal markets.

Best of luck with your search for the right gold provider. Stay smart and stay safe.

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