Tweet hunter Review

Tweet Hunter Review: Is It Worth It?

Tweet Hunter is an enticing new option on the block if you want to automate your tweets, generate viral tweets using Ai, and grow your Twitter account exponentially.

Twitter automation saves time and effort and helps you manage your tweets while scheduling them for maximum impact and reach. I tried the tool to see what the hype is about. Read the entire article for an honest, in-depth Tweet Hunter review.

Tweet Hunter Review: Smart AI Tweet Generator Tool

Tweet Hunter Review


Tweet Hunter provides a gauge that predicts how well your tweet will perform BEFORE you tweet it. Detailed analytics to help you analyze your tweet’s performance and plan out the best strategy for writing better tweets and gaining more followers.

  • AI Tweet Generator
  • Tweet and Thread Scheduling
  • Auto-Plug and Auto-DM feature
  • Twitter Analytics


  • Massive library with millions of tweets that can be re-written automatically using Ai
  • Automate your tweets to save hours of time and grow your Twitter account quickly.
  • Auto-scheduling helps with posting content at the most impactful times and maintaining the necessary gaps between your tweets to keep your Twitter account active. 
  • Generated tweets are not random. They are generated based on your industry category, interests, and patterns.
  • Features like Auto DM, Auto Plug, and Auto retweet help to keep your engagement high by Auto responding to direct messages and comments.
  • A dedicated AI assistant is at your dispense to create amazing Twitter content.
  • The thread feature in Tweet Hunter allows you to plan Twitter threads within the app and proves to be highly effective in increasing the impact of your tweets.
  • Tweet hunter does not violate any of Twitter’s terms and conditions.


  • Even though Tweet Hunter analytics are exceptionally accurate, you can only view them after a certain period; over 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days, etc. 
  • Tweet Hunter does not provide any real-time analytics.
  • Twitter Hunter offers content that works best in your industry; some fear this leads to the generation of non-unique copypasta. Using AI on a community-based platform just for growth takes away authenticity. The entire experience can seem very superficial and quantized.
  • Tweet Hunter only lets you access some of its features in the lower-priced plans.
  • There is no mobile app for Tweet Hunter.

Is Tweet Hunter Pro Worth It?

tweet hunter

Does Tweet Hunter live up to the hype, and is it worth it? Well, here is a breakdown of all Tweet Hunter features. So take a look at all you can achieve using Tweet Hunter and decide for yourself!

What Is Tweet Hunter.IO?

TweetHunter.IO is a tool for Twitter automation, tweet writing, and analytics. It automates your Twitter account and helps you create highly engaging and impactful tweets. For businesses that wish to market themselves on Twitter, it automates the complete marketing process through AI-generated tweets that are highly relevant to their industry. 

What does Tweet Hunter do?

Tweet Hunter is used for Twitter automation – this means you can schedule tweets, have your Twitter automatically reply to DMs and comments, and more. Furthermore, its strong catalog of features allows you to create high-value AI-generated tweets. Tweet Hunter is great for businesses that wish to promote themselves on Twitter without wasting a ton of time.

Tweet Hunter analyzes tweets in your existing industry and uses AI to provide you with ideas for your content and write better tweets quickly. Tweet Hunter features Auto DM and Auto Respond. This keeps your Twitter profile active and generates better leads. 

With frequent metrics and analysis of your Twitter profile on Tweet Hunter, you can identify the areas that need more attention and the ones that are bringing in no growth. This will save a lot of your time and effort and help you focus your energy in the right direction.

AI-Powered Tweet Writing

Tweet hunter

Tweet Hunter uses an AI writer to write your tweets. The tweets are specialized for growth and high impact. AI reads and analyzes viral tweets in your industry and creates similar content that will resonate and draw Twitter engagement. The AI powered writing also abides by the Twitter character limit and splits large paragraphs into individual tweets.

Tweet Inspiration

Tweet Hunter has a comprehensive library of over 2 million high-impact past tweets and new tweets spread over various categories so that you never run out of inspiration for your Twitter content. With interesting tweet-based suggestions, Tweet Hunter will act as your personal inspiration bank.

Select the industry you wish to write for, and Tweet Hunter will show you the best tweets in your industry. Browse through them and be inspired to write your tweets! If you still can’t come up with something, you can always use Tweet Hunter as your ghostwriter for high-value tweets. Ghostwriting features can be used for multiple clients from a single account.

AI Tweet Generator

Tweet Hunter provides you with an AI Tweet generator. After selecting a few options, you can sit back and watch the AI Tweet generator work its magic to produce engaging tweets in a matter of minutes. 

It allows you to write up to 100 high-value tweets in an hour. Tweet Hunter also generates a Tweet Preview Link which can be shared on other social media accounts. Clicking the preview link takes the user straight to Twitter, where they can read the entire tweet and browse your profile. 

Thread Ideas and Thread Hook Generator

Twitter threads are quite popular and draw a lot of engagement on Twitter. The tool allows you to create highly engaging threads. You can also schedule tweets and threads through Tweet Hunter. Look for viral tweets and hooks for Twitter threads and use them for your content accordingly. You can create your own tweet threads by using the keywords.

Twitter Automation Features

tweet hunter features

Tweet Hunter allows you to automate your tweets. You can also retweet or quote tweets on Twitter without having to do it manually using Tweet Hunter. Automation tools ensure your account stays active and your content attracts high engagement. 

Tweet and Thread Scheduling

Another highly useful feature of Tweet Hunter is Tweet and Thread Scheduling. You can schedule tweets and threats for future dates using Tweet Hunter. This allows you to create content in bulk and schedule it for when you wish to share it. It will auto-post your tweet on its designated date. Automation takes care of the rest, and your content is regularly shared on the dates you decide. This prevents dry spells and keeps your account active.

Auto-Plug and Auto-DM feature

If you are a business owner who aims to promote and sell his products or services online, the Auto-Plug and Auto-DM features are exactly what you need. The Auto DM feature will automatically send DMs to accounts that interact with your tweet. 

The Auto plug feature will automatically add a new tweet as a reply to one of your high-performing tweets/threads promoting “plugging” the service/product of your choice. The auto plug feature is perfect for selling your products or sharing your websites, newsletters, etc. You can enable the auto plug feature and link it with a command. 

For example, you can send an auto-plug after your tweet reaches a certain number of interactions; 25 likes, 10 comments, etc. You can use the auto-plug feature to redirect your Twitter audience to other platforms. 

Similarly, the Auto-DM feature is also interesting; it comes in handy for keeping your audience engaged and making them feel appreciated for showing support. You can enable the Auto-DM feature for the users that interact with your tweets and send them personal messages to tell them how much you value their time and support.

Managing multiple accounts

Twitter automation allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Instead of putting in hours of your precious time to manage and grow a single account, use Tweet Hunter. You can add as many accounts for automation in Tweet Hunter without extra cost. 

Twitter CRM

Tweet Hunter enables you to achieve effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and grow your Twitter audience faster. Tweet Hunter keeps your audience engaged with frequent quality content. It helps you extract user data and study your audience better and allows you to create content that people are most interested in. 

The CRM feature allows you to identify and engage with users that interact with your tweets. You can also see their latest tweets to see what they like and adapt those interests into your tweets. You can organize users that interact with your content into lists and categories based on past interactions and even add personal notes to those contacts.

You can identify the right audience and content by studying and analyzing Tweet Hunter’s metrics. Then, you can achieve effective CRM by creating quality content and targeting an audience that draws you in.

AI-generated replies

Using Tweet Hunter, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the replies on every post. Instead, AI-generated replies can be enabled to reply to comments and engage with your audience. This saves you a ton of time and effort!


Auto-Retweet is another cool feature of Tweet Hunter. It allows you to automatically retweet the tweets everywhere your account is mentioned every few hours. So you don’t have to manually go through every tweet and retweet it. Tweet Hunter also auto-retweets your own tweets to increase their impression.

AI-powered Lead Finder

Finding high-quality leads can take much work when promoting a product or service. However, Tweet Hunter’s AI-powered Lead Finder helps you identify leads and increase your conversion rate. Tweet Hunter uses artificial intelligence to find your industry’s most relevant, popular, and viral tweets. 

Twitter Analytics

twitter analytics

Tweet Hunter provides you with highly accurate and trustable analytics. It will show you data like The best time to share a Tweet, etc. By studying these metrics, you can identify the areas you need to focus on. For example, Tweet Hunter’s analytics tool will help you find; the right audience for your content, the best time to share your content for maximum reach, etc. Analytics are the main features that you can use to your advantage to achieve rapid growth. 

Even though the analytics are highly accurate, one major drawback is that they are not in real-time. You can only take a look at your metrics after certain periods. These periods may range from 7 to 30 days to 90 days. 

Tracking Key Metrics

Tweet Hunter is highly efficient in tracking the important metrics for boosting the growth of your account. For example, Tweet Hunter will provide information like; which tweet leads to the most followers, follower growth, impressions, clicks, engagement, profile visits, and more. You can even share these statistics with your audience.

Identifying Best-Performing Tweets

Using this Twitter marketing tool, you can identify the most high-performing tweets. These then act as frameworks for your future tweets. Best-performing tweets tell you what the audience likes and what they want. Incorporating the structure and the writing style of your best-performing tweets into your future tweets can increase the impact of your tweets.

Tweet Hunter Pricing

tweet hunter pricing

Now that you know about Tweet Hunter’s features, you must wonder how much it costs. Well, Tweet Hunter comes with different price plans. The plans start at $49/month. This starter plan has all the features mentioned except for one, AI writing. If you wish to use AI writing, you must upgrade your plan. To use AI writing, you need to upgrade to the $99/month plan. Apart from the $49/month and $99/month plans, there is an additional customizable enterprise plan. You may also find discounted rates at the above mentioned prices.

It’s understandable if you find these prices a little over budget. However, keeping their users’ needs as a priority, several discounts are offered throughout the year on Tweet Hunter. These discounts are based on the features you need and your account size. Based on the number of Twitter followers, Tweet Hunter offers discounts on their plans. 

Luckily, you can access a 7-day free trial to test the tool and its features. After that, subscribe to their plans only if you are completely satisfied with the results. 

Apart from the free 7-day trial, Tweet Hunter also gives a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So, if you realize you don’t need the tool within 30 days of buying a plan, you are eligible to cancel the subscription and receive a full refund. 

Apart from these paid plans, Tweet Hunter also has free tools like Twitter Banner. This tool displays your latest followers on the banner of your profile. Are you interested in Tweet Hunter and want to know if it’s worth the hype? You can go and test it out yourself for free!

Tweet Hunter Alternatives: Tweet Hunter vs Hypefury vs. Typefully

Tweet Hunter Alternatives

Is Tweet Hunter the best in the game? Do we have alternatives to Tweet Hunter? Does Tweet Hunter have unique features? If you have questions along these lines, I bring you the alternatives to Tweet Hunter and a comparison between them. There are many alternatives to Tweet Hunter in the market, like Typefully, Hyperfury, Narrow, Chirr App, etc. However, Tweet Hunter, Typefully, and Hyperfury are the biggest players in the market. So let’s compare their features to find the best one:

FeatureTweet Hunter HypefuryTypefully
AI-Tweet GeneratorYesNoNo
Tweet InspirationYesYesYes
Scheduling And Autosaving TweetsYesYesYes
Auto-DM, Auto-DM and, Auto-PlugYesYesYes
Multiple Account Management Yes, for Twitter.Yes, Including other platforms too.Yes, only for Twitter.
Twitter Analytics YesYesYes
Twitter CRMYesNoNo
Starting Price$49/Month$8/Month$10/Month

Tweet Hunter has the edge over its competitors with its advanced AI features. Both Tweet Hunter and Typefully allow you to automate and schedule your tweets. Tweet Hunter’s pricing may be a little higher than its competitors, but it is heavily supported by the quality of content and the difference in features.

Tweet Hunter Review FAQs

Now that you have gone through this detailed Tweet Hunter review, here are some frequently asked questions about Tweet Hunter:

How does Tweet Hunter work?

Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one tool. It enables you to grow on Twitter and monetize your growth. Tweet Hunter works by helping you create exceptional top tweets that bring in high engagement and increase your reach. Tweet Hunter uses Ai to help you write engaging and relevant tweets. 

Tweet Hunter helps you grow your Twitter followers and makes you more active on Twitter while saving 100s of hours of your time through its Twitter-dedicated AI engine and other features

Who should use Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is for any person or a personal brand that aims to increase their followers or promote their business. If you wish to step up your Twitter game, Tweet Hunter is what you need. It will help you gain followers, clients, leads, and sales and ensure your content reaches the right audience for maximum impact. 

It does not matter if you are starting your account from scratch or wish to grow an already established account. Tweet Hunter guarantees rapid growth on both types of accounts. So, if you wish to gain more followers and monetize them for your business or personal needs, Tweet Hunter is perfect for you!

What should I tweet to get more followers on Twitter?

The best way to increase your followers on Twitter is by creating the highest quality content and staying active. You need to engage with your followers more and keep them entertained and appreciated for them to continue their support. Unique content presented in the best way is a sure-shot way to achieve Twitter growth. Tweet Hunter uses ai to help you apply all of these strategies to help you achieve rapid growth.

What is the best strategy for Twitter?

To achieve quick Twitter growth and promote yourself or your brand successfully on Twitter, here is what you need to do:
Become niche specific; talk about one or two topics that concern you.
Keep your engagement high; this is crucial if you want a solid audience and quality leads.
Keep it real; make your tweets personal and fun.
Stay active and regular; daily presence on Twitter is highly advised.
Your focus should be on building stronger relationships and not gaining followers.

Follow these strategies and find unique ways to share your ideas. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Is Tweet Hunter free?

Tweet Hunter provides a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it is not free for use. There are three different plans offered by Tweet Hunter based on the features they let you use. Their starting plan is $49/Month and offers all the Tweet Hunter features except for its AI writing tool. You need to buy the $99/Month plan to access the AI writing tool. The third plan is a customizable enterprise plan.

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