Roger Love Singing Academy Review

In this article I review The Roger Love Singing Academy to see if it is worth the price and if it is better than other online singing courses on the market.

Roger Love is a world renowned vocal coach, however Roger Love’s Online Singing Academy doesn’t seem to get the mainstream attention it deserves.

I have taken Christina Aguilera’s Singing Masterclass, The Superior Singing Method, and a few other online singing courses. Out of all those courses Roger Love’s course has been my favorite so far because of his knowledgeable instruction.

Let’s dive in and find out more about Roger Love’s online singing course.

Who is Roger Love?

Roger love is the self proclaimed “voice coach to the stars.”

Roger Love is the singing coach to Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, John Mayer, Brian Wilson, Demi Lavato and SOOO many other huge stars.

Not only does Roger Love focus on singing, he teaches people how to speak, deepen their voice, and give presentations as well. One of his client’s is perhaps the biggest motivational speaker around Tony Robbins.

Roger Love trained both Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon for their roles in “Walk The Line”, and Bradley Cooper in “A Star Is Born.”

Jeff Bridges even thanked Roger Love in his Oscar speech, citing Roger’s work on his voice in the film, “Crazy Heart.”

Roger Love has over 20 years of experience, has taught over 100,000 students, and many of his students have won Oscars, Grammys and other major entertainment awards.

So whether you like his online course or not, there is no denying that Roger Love has one of the best pedigrees of any singing instructor or vocal coach you’ll find.

What is Roger Love’s Singing Academy?

Roger Love’s singing academy is a premiere online vocal academy for singers who want to either learn the fundamentals or take their skills to the next level.

Roger Love’s Singing Course is sold in 3 major levels. I have personally completed Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 1 and received a ton of benefit.

Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 1

The first level of Roger Love’s Singing academy includes 35 instructional videos and a vocal exercise pack.

Level 1 primarily focuses on learning the fundamentals of your three major voices – chest, middle, and head. Yes, Roger Love includes a “middle voice”, which is a mixture of your head and chest voice. Roger claims that finding your middle voice is what will truly separate you from all other singers.

Level 1 of the singing course also covers vibrato, pitch, vocal fry and how to overcome stage fright.

Price of Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 1

Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 1 costs $197 and has a 30 day money back guarantee. This can be considered expensive compared to other online singing courses. However, when you look at his extensive pedigree and consider that the price of his full course is around the cost of 1 private lesson with a less experienced vocal coach, you realize it is worth the price.

I took Roger Love’s singing course after taking a few other online singing courses and I enjoyed his positive, uplifting teaching style and his explanations of internal singing processes and concepts. So far it is the best online vocal course I have taken in terms of teaching the correct fundamentals.

If you are going to do an online singing course, I recommend Roger Love’s simply because you won’t find a better teacher for the singing fundamentals you need to succeed.

Roger Love Singing Academy Promo Code

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Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 2

Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 2 includes all the lessons in level one plus 35 more videos.

With a total of 70 instructional videos, Roger claims that he is giving more advanced techniques to take your singing to the next level.

The additional videos focus on intermediate breathing techniques, mouth positioning, how to choose the right song to sing and how to audition. He even goes into popular singing styles for each particular genre like pop, country, rock and more. 

Price of Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 2

Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 2 costs $297. Level 2 is $100 more than level 1 but you get twice as much content.

I have not taken the lessons past level 1, so I can’t personally recommend the extra content is worth it. However, Roger Love has a reputation for delivering high-quality content, so it is likely great.

Also, if you buy level 1, you can upgrade to level 2 later by paying only the difference. Level 2 also comes with a money-back guarantee.

Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 3

Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 3 offers everything in level 1 and 2, plus 30 more videos, AND a personal review of your voice sample by Roger Love himself.

Level 3 touches on things like microphone technique, crowd control and stage presence.

Again, I have not personally gone past level 1, but I’d imagine the info in the additional videos is great. Also, the personalized review and attention from Roger Love is definitely an enticing perk.

Price of Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 3

The price of Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 3 comes in at $497 which is certainly steep.

However, 100 videos means you’ll have 2 to 3 months of in depth instruction. Plus you get personalized attention and voice reviews from Roger Love himself. So it very well could be worth it.

Like with level 2, you can always upgrade to the next level by paying the difference after you’ve completed the previous level and are ready to go.

If you know you are ready to go all in and have the money to do so, it could make sense to start with level 3 as you get the personalized vocal review from Roger Love himself.

Does Roger Love’s Singing Academy Actually Work?

Yes, Roger Love’s Singing Academy will make you a better singer.

At the start of the course, Roger has you record yourself singing happy birthday. Then after you finish the course you sing it again and can compare. He offers a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied

You will improve with almost any singing lessons you stick to as long as you are doing them correctly and not damaging your voice. Learning to sing is a lot like working out. If you learn the basic fundamentals and stick with it, no matter what exercises you choose, you will see results.

Singing is all about training your voice, breath and ears. The more you use them, the better they will get. Just don’t over use them or do things that could hurt your voice in the long term.

It is important to have the correct technique and that is where Roger Love’s Singing Academy excels. No matter the singing exercises, you want to make sure you are performing them correctly. Roger is a master at explaining the fundamentals and how your body’s singing system works.

Using his principal’s you can then go out and practice any lesson/song safely and effectively.

What Are The Downsides of the Course?

The singing exercise pack could be better and more structured. 

Luckily, there are tons of free exercises out there on YouTube. In fact, I even made a free vocal & ear training exercise pack that you can download below. Once you learn the fundamentals from Roger you can combine them with any practice routine or song out there. 

The value in Roger’s course is understanding the fundamentals, so that no matter the scale or sound, you are performing it safely and correctly. This will not only help to protect your voice, it will also make sure that you improve faster and receive maximum benefit from the exercises. 

Learning To Sing Online vs In Person Lessons

You absolutely can learn to sing online. In fact, most singing basics come from repeating simple breathing exercises or sounds. You’ll hear the same spiel from every instructor to kick things off.

It is almost silly to pay a high hourly price to an in-person teacher when you can simply press play online.

That being said, there are certainly benefits to in person lessons. An in person instructor can provide individualized specific feedback and take you to the next level once you reach a certain point.

Use Roger Love’s course to learn the concepts and basics from an absolute master. Then if you’re still looking to take your voice to the next level, or feel stuck, you can seek out a personal instructor in your area, or even through skype.

Roger Love Singing Academy Conclusion

Overall, Roger Love’s Singing Academy Level 1 is worth it.

It provides you with a solid foundation from the best instructor in the business. While the structure of the exercise pack could be a little better, the fact that you are learning from the same coach that teaches the top talent in the world is incredible.

If you do plan to take online singing lessons, I recommend you enroll in Roger Love’s Singing Academy.

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