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If you’re like me, you’re searching for ways to get better at singing, as quickly, conveniently and cost efficiently as possible.

On this blog, I have reviewed other singing courses and even speaking courses on how to make your voice deeper. For this review though, I wanted to learn directly from a star and so took the Christina Aguilera Masterclass on singing.

Let’s get started with some basic 1-10 ratings to see if Christina can let your genie out of the bottle.

Christina Aguilera Masterclass Review Singing

A Ratings Summary on Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass:

  • Video Production Quality: 10
  • Instructors Pace/Ability to Hold Attention: 8
  • Concrete Learning/Exercises: 5
  • Inspirational/Philosophical boost: 9
  • Personal Enjoyment: 8
  • Overall: 8

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Christina Aguilera Masterclass: The Details

I don’t think Christina Aguilera needs much of an introduction, but she may need to be reframed in some of your minds. She is far more than an auto tuned pop-princess. She was packaged and sold that way in her teens, but many talented and respected singers will attest to the fact that Christina Aguilera is truly an amazing singer with a lot of soul and range.

You will see that demonstrated throughout this class as she walks you through various vocal techniques. As a student you really come to appreciate her skill. It’s definitely a plus to respect your singing teachers singing skills. It isn’t always the case that vocal coaches have the best voices. Luckily, Christina Aguilera has the pipes to prove her tips.

Let’s see what this course has to offer to improve your skill.

Here Is The Video Version of This Review

Christina Aguilera Masterclass Pricing

The cost of the course is $90 – which isn’t too bad considering you get close to 4 hours of instruction, spread over 23 videos, from a six time grammy winner. Your local singing instructor is likely to charge close to $90 an hour, and I doubt they have 1 grammy let alone 6.

Another cool thing about the price, is that you can opt to pay $180 and get unlimited access to any masterclass for a year. As of now, Christina’s is the only masterclass on singing but there are guitar lessons, performance lessons and other interesting subjects taught by celebrity teachers.

Christina’s Masterclass also comes with a workbook, which I used for the first couple lessons, then completely disregarded. (So I guess I didn’t find the workbook to be that helpful.)

Christina Aguilera Masterclass Range Finder

What I did find to be a nice add on though was a ranger finder tool within the course. It would use your computer’s microphone and an onscreen piano to walk you down to the lowest note you can sing and up to the highest note you can sing – measuring your range.

Christina Aguilera Masterclass Overall Instruction

In terms of instruction, what I found to be most valuable in this course was Christina’s ability to describe the indescribable. If you want to learn to sing, you have to tune into your own inner body.

For instance, Christina describes how to add an authentic growl to your voice by rooting it in your emotions and compacting your stomach muscles. Also her demonstrations and descriptions as to when to use your talking voice, screaming voice, whispering voice, or whining voice when singing were excellent.

Creating a certain sound with your voice is much harder to describe than finger positions on a piano and guitar. So again, props to Christina for describing and demonstrating those more esoteric points.

I also really like how it felt like I was learning through osmosis. In some videos she was accompanied by a piano player and drummer, and she would take some of her popular songs and change up the rhythm on the spot, just to demonstrate how to feel a beat or modify a melody.

Given the intimate nature and high production value of the filming it did feel like you were in the practice room with her and could glean more into the thought process and techniques of such a talented and successful singer. Again, she really has a lot of talent and you will see that watching these videos.

For Fans

So maybe you’re not even looking to improve your singing, and you’re just a massive Christina Aguilera fan. If that’s the case, you’ll find Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass well worth the money.

Not only do you see her singing, but also and you also learn so much about her life and how many hurdles she had to overcome to become who she is today. For any musician, it’s a great demonstration of the mental toughness it takes to be a performer who makes it to the top. I did find Christina’s words of wisdom and inspiration quite valuable and they felt very authentic rather than just cliche catch phrases.

I did find Christina’s words of wisdom and inspiration quite valuable and they felt very authentic rather than just cliche catchphrases.

What I Didn’t Like

As compared to other online singing courses I have taken in the past, Christina’s Masterclass wasn’t as participatory or tangible. (Note: Check out my Roger Love Singing Review)

Other online singing courses I have taken are very much – here is a practice exercise, here is the reason for this exercise and here is how it should feel. Then here is an audio file for you to practice to. Go do that for a day or two and then come back and watch the next video.

This course was not like that. It did have a few tangible steps and vocal warm up suggestions, but it was primarily demonstrations and ideas to keep in the back of your mind. I personally liked that, as I already have a set of exercises I do on the regular to improve my voice physically and so her thoughts further informed my practice. They took little things I had been feeling or thinking and put them into words. However, if this is your first singing course you may want something a bit more concrete to start off.

For instance, Roger Love’s singing course is my favorite online singing course I have taken thus far.

Christina Aguilera Masterclass Review Conclusion

So in conclusion, I give Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass a 8/10.

It’s very well produced, it’s entertaining, there is tons of wisdom and some great tips to break through the mental game of performing and singing.

While this class covers a lot of the basics, I would actually recommend it more for people who already have a basic understanding of singing techniques. The course is a high level supplement that can work wonders on your confidence, and make those subtle emotional tweaks to take you to the next level.

Thanks for reading. For the most up to date deal on Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass – click here.

Enjoy your journey of learning to improve your voice!

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