Is Home Storage Gold IRA Legal

Is Home Storage Gold IRA Legal? (Read Before You Invest)

Have you been researching precious metal investments online? You’ve likely stumbled upon many home storage gold IRA ads. While these advertisements may seem alluring, do note that storing gold IRAs in your home is not legally permissible. The IRS does not permit self-custody of IRA assets because of withdrawal limits. 


Gold IRAs are a fantastic way to diversify your long-term investments tax-advantageously. However, because of the withdrawal rules around IRAs, no gold IRA is legally allowed to offer home storage. 

If you are considering investing in a gold IRA, we recommend educating yourself about any possible scams first and only go with a verified vendor. 

To get started here is an excellent education and scam prevention pack by the Harvard economists at Augusta Precious Metals.

We have curated this detailed guide with better Gold IRA investment options to give you with the right information at your disposal. Read this post as we discuss the best gold IRA investment opportunities.

Can You Store IRA Gold at Home? Rules & Risks 

While companies may promise you easy and convenient gold IRA storage, the truth is that it is only legally permissible to do so by meeting specific requirements set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

A prime example of this was in the case of Andrew McNulty et al. v. Commissioner [157 T.C. No. 10 (Nov. 18, 2021)], where Mr. Andrew lost a staggering $3,00,000 in taxes and penalties due to storing IRA gold in his home without proper IRS authorization.

It’s crucial to remember that the IRS has strict guidelines pertaining to storing IRA gold, and any deviation from these regulations can result in hefty fines and penalties. Therefore, hold your gold IRA assets with a qualified custodian to avoid such consequences. 

Getting lured in by false promises of quick and simple home storage can ultimately lead to losses. So it’s vital to be vigilant and not fall for the deceptive yet convincing ads leading to severe penalties and losses. 

Penalties And Risks Of Storing Gold IRA

Penalties and Risks of storing Gold IRA

When it comes to investing in home storage gold IRAs, there are certain risks and penalties that must be taken into consideration. 


  • Storing your gold IRA in a home storage facility is not allowed by the IRS, as it puts your investment at risk of theft, loss, and damage. 
  • The IRS has ruled that the physical storage of IRA physical assets in one’s home is illegal. Doing so can be considered a criminal offense and put you in prison. 
  • Home storage of gold IRAs can also lead to losing half the value of your IRA along with criminal records. 


  • If the IRS detects physical possession of gold IRAs, you could face distribution penalties like a 10% fine at the federal level if you are under 59.5 years of age, along with state-level charges. 
  • Your IRA investments will lose tax advantages and no longer have tax-deferred status. That means you’ll be bound to pay income taxes owed on the distribution.
  • Storing IRA gold outside an IRS-approved financial institution like the Delaware depository can lead to fines or even an audit of your IRA accounts resulting in additional fines and penalties depending upon the findings. 

Choosing a reputable custodian or trustee is important to ensure that your gold IRA is protected and complies with IRS regulations. Moreover, complying with IRS rules will not only ensure that your gold IRA is safe but will also keep you worry-free.

However, it is recommended to stay informed about the scams prevailing in the world of IRA investing. To ensure you are protected from potential scams, read the gold IRA scam guide and arm yourself with the information you need to make informed financial decisions.

How To Legally Set Up Home Storage Gold IRA? 

How to legally setup Home Storage Gold IRA

According to guidelines stated by the IRS, you must first become a trustee under Section 408(m) of the IRS code to legally set up a home storage Gold IRA. Also, to qualify for a home storage Gold IRA, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Firstly, you will need to establish a limited liability company (LLC) in your name and ensure that it has a specially written operating agreement. If you already have an LLC that meets these requirements, you’re one step ahead!
  • Your minimum net worth must exceed $250,000 to qualify as a self-directed IRA custodian. Additionally, if your LLC has employees or trustees, they must also have a $250,000 fidelity bond as corporate insurance. It’s important to note that the trustee corporation cannot be owned by just one person and must be open to the public.
  • The corporate trustee corporation overseeing your gold IRA account must maintain a physical depository location accessible to the general public. 
  • Moreover, you must have a reputable financial background and a proven track record of experience to qualify as a self-directed IRA custodian. This includes knowledge of accounting, the ability to conduct audits, an understanding of storage requirements, and experience handling retirement funds. Additionally, you will need legal counsel from a retainer who can work with a certified public accountant to conduct audits.

With all of these qualifications met, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a qualified IRA custodian! 

Now that you know the rules of becoming qualified custodians, let’s look at how home storage gold IRAs work. 

Getting started with a home storage gold IRA is quite feasible. Once you open a home storage IRA account, the IRA company will set up an LLC for your IRA account for a fee and appoint you as the non-compensated manager. After your account is well in place, you can visit any bank to open a checking account in the name of the LLC. This checking account and its accompanying checkbook IRA will help you with buying. Next, you can write a check to opt for IRA purchases. 

After you have opened your account, the next step is to start a self-directed IRA account to make it fundable through your new LLC account. Once all the accounts are opened are fully operational, you can now pick the precious metal IRAs of your choice and get them shipped to your address for home storage. 

Home storage IRAs work by complying with IRS rules and regulations, which most companies offering home storage gold IRAs must mention. The odds of a typical taxpayer qualifying for a home storage IRA are very low, and they cannot legally store gold IRAs at home. Note that once you begin with home storage gold, you may become a bigger target for an audit by the IRS. 

What Is The Best Way To Invest In a Gold IRA? 

Investing in a gold IRA through a trusted IRA assets provider like Augusta Special Metals is the best alternative for an average person to invest in a Home storage gold IRA.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to invest in a Gold IRA using Augusta precious metals:

  1. Research and compare Gold IRA providers to ensure you pick the best company.
  2. Contact an Augusta Special Metals representative to discuss your investment options and establish an account.
  3. Decide on the type and amount of physical precious IRA metals you want to invest in for your gold IRA.
  4. Fund your new account, and Augusta will handle the process of purchasing and storing the other precious metals on your behalf.


  • Augusta is a reputable company with a proven track record of satisfied customers.
  • Augusta offers a wide range of precious metal IRA options to choose from.
  • Augusta will manage the purchasing and holding of your precious metals, minimizing the hassles for gold IRA account holders.


  • Investing in a Gold IRA may not be suitable for everyone, and it’s important to do your research and consider your financial situation before putting your money in it.
  • Some customers may find the fees associated with Augusta’s services higher than other providers.

Before making IRA investment decisions, it is imperative to explore and compare different providers. You can check out our other IRA company reviews to understand the pros and cons of each company and make an informed decision to ensure adequate financial gains.

Home Storage Gold IRA FAQs

What Is A Home Storage Gold Ira?

Home Storage Gold IRA allows investors to store their tangible assets at home, which is an attractive option for those who want to store their gold at something other than a third-party facility. However, there are restrictions set by the IRS for storing physical gold at home, and investors need to meet certain prerequisites. Additionally, it may only include hidden storage fees making it less cost-effective.

Can I Store My Ira Gold At Home?

When you own physical gold inside a gold IRA, you are not allowed to store it at home. A gold IRA company will assist in setting up the IRA and purchasing the gold coins or bullion. However, you still need to find a custodian and secure depository for your gold.

Many gold IRA companies partner with a custodian and ensure that the storage facility is reputable. Confirming that the gold IRA company you invest with has all the required licenses, registrations, insurance, and bonds to protect your investment is important.

How Home Storage Gold Ira Scams Work?

Home Storage Gold IRA scams trick investors into believing they can store their physical gold at home and often offer a “free safe” incentive. However, the IRS has strict rules for storing gold at home, and these scammers often fail to mention these restrictions.

In reality, the “free safe” may be shoddy and not secure, and the scammers may use high-pressure sales tactics to convince investors to buy overpriced or counterfeit gold. Conducting a thorough background check before funding a Home Storage Gold IRA is crucial.

Where Can I Store My Ira Gold?

When putting money in a gold IRA, you must understand that you cannot store your precious metals at home. Gold IRA companies will help you establish your IRA account and buying gold and other physical precious metals IRAs.

It is your responsibility to book a trustworthy custodian and depository for storage. Ensure that the company you invest with has all the necessary licenses, registrations, insurance, and bonds to safeguard your investment, and always request verification of these credentials.

How Does Buying Gold With Ira Work?

Buying gold with an IRA works by setting up a self-directed IRA account with a custodian that allows for alternative investments such as precious metals. Next, you would allocate funds from your traditional IRA or 401(k) into the self-directed account. Once the funds are transferred, you can purchase gold and silver coins that meet the IRS guidelines for funding a precious metals IRA. Finally, the gold is stored in a secure, IRS-approved depository.

Are Gold IRAs Worth It?

Investing in a gold IRA can be a wise decision, especially during uncertain times. Despite the shortcomings of self-directed IRAs, keep in mind that reputable companies specialize in setting up precious metals IRAs, offering stability and diversification to your portfolio.
Gold is a stable asset with an upward trend in value, reducing its risk in terms of investment.

Additionally, investing in precious metals, especially gold, is beneficial for retirement savings or during periods of financial or global uncertainty, like the current economic slowdown. A gold IRA is likely to increase in value as gold prices and other precious metals are expected to rise during a downturn.

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