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Best NFT Marketing Strategies

NFTs are all the rage now. As an artist wanting to hop on the bandwagon, you want to create and sell your own NFTs, but you need an NFT marketing strategy. So, you create an NFT collection and list it on OpenSea. Months go by as you eagerly wait for even a sale that never happens.

Sounds familiar? A lot of NFT owners feel this way. The trick is to promote your NFTs right. And that is exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article on NFT Marketing Strategies!

Promoting NFT/NFT Collection on OpenSea

While OpenSea is a great platform to list and sell your NFTs, there are almost no options here to promote them. I say almost because although there are no ads on the platform, you can head over to the stats section and find out which NFTs are at the top. There are also “featured collections” on the homepage, however for now those are chosen by OpenSea and not ad space. But then, since you’re reading this article, you’re probably not on that list. So let’s see how you can promote your NFT on Twitter.

NFT Marketing Strategy
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Promoting NFT/NFT Collection on Twitter

Crypto Twitter is one of the most active and engaging communities out there, particularly for NFTs. So, engaging with people on the platform to spread the word about your NFT/NFT collection is a great idea.

One of the best ways to promote anything on Twitter is to use the right hashtags. So, using hashtags like #NFT, #NFTs, #crypto, #blockchain, etc can help bring your tweets to the right audience. You can also use these hashtags to find relevant posts to engage with. So, try retweeting, replying, and quoting other NFT twitter users to make them notice you. And try to be active while you’re at it. The more you interact, the better are your chances of being noticed by a potential buyer.

Another twitter strategy is to follow the followers of an account or project that is similar to yours. The idea behind this Twitter NFT marketing strategy is that you are following people within your NFT Collection’s target audience. The accounts you follow will get a notification that you followed them and click over to your account. Hopefully, they like what you see, follow you back, and buy an NFT. 

You can do this process manually, or there are also chrome extensions and programs. However, be careful, automating this process can cause you to be banned from twitter and lose your account.

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Promoting NFT/NFT Collection on Instagram

Promoting on Instagram is very similar to promoting on Twitter, so using the right hashtags and visuals helps you connect with the right NFT audience on instagram as well. Supplement that with compelling descriptions to pique the interest of potential buyers.

You can also connect with influencers on Instagram through direct messages, asking them to post your collection out to their audience audience. But that can set you back some cash. If you have the money for it, great. If not, you can always use organic interactions to your benefit.

Giveaways work pretty well across platforms as well. Again, if you have the funds or NFT base for it, give it a shot along with some ads to promote the giveaway. While it can’t promise conversions, a giveaway can give you a much-needed boost in visibility.

Similar to the “follow similar accounts” strategy mentioned above on twitter – you can do the same in your Instagram NFT marketing strategy.

Promoting NFT/NFT Collection on Discord

Promotion on Discord is a completely different ballgame. To promote your NFTs on discord – you can either create your own server and try to direct people toward discord, and/or you can *tastefully* promote your collection in other discords.

To find other NFT discords you can search the hashtags you defined on Instagram and Twitter to find the right Discord servers to join. Once in the server, you can share NFTs in the relevant channels and groups within those servers. Most NFT projects have a “Shill-other-projects” channel. 

You can also engage with other users present in those channels and groups – answer questions, give your opinion, and start discussions. Simply being a solid community member in another discord can help raise your status and ultimately the visibility of your NFT collection.

WARNING: Don’t oversell or be pushy with your NFT marketing strategy. Interact naturally and when a natural time to mention your NFT collection appears, present it tastefully. 

When sharing your NFTs, be sure to include all the relevant information and links that other users will need.

But remember to be active and helpful in the Discord servers and channels related to NFTs. Just pushing for a sale will do more harm than good. Being relevant, on the other hand, can eventually help you build up a good reputation and following.

NFT Sweepstakes and giveaway

Running Giveaways and Sweepstakes with SweepWidget

Giveaways and sweepstakes are excellent ways of building awareness and increasing audience engagement. Businesses do that all the time. But as an artist with an NFT or an NFT collection, you stand to benefit a lot from them too.

To start with, giveaways and sweepstakes incentivize the process of spreading the word about your NFT/NFT collection. You can ask people to share a post or multiple posts across different channels to have a better chance of winning. This incentivized word spreading hopefully leads to a chain reaction of sorts. 

SweepWidget makes it easy to run giveaways and sweepstakes, providing you with all the tools you need to host them on your own site or one of their landing pages.

Using Influencer Marketing to Promote NFT/NFT Collection

If you have the cash and connections – you can employ twitter and instagram influencers to “shill” your NFT for you as part of your NFT marketing strategy.

The best part of going for influencers is that there’s a whole range of influential people. You could go for a big influencer with millions of followers. If you’re on a tight budget, you could reach out to smaller influencers with maybe a few thousand followers. If you target right, the smaller influencers can even outdo the bigger ones as their fans are more loyal. 

Just make sure that you are being transparent with payment to influencers and that they are noting that it is a #sponsored post. 

Also, be sure to not simply pay accounts that are clearly just paid shill accounts. Check out their profile and try to determine how much real engagement the account gets.

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Partnering with Other Collections for Giveaways (and more!)

You’re tight on budget, but so are many other artists. If you can identify collections that might have a slightly different audience from yours, the two of you can be exposed to a wider audience through a join NFT marketing Strategy.

Reach out to the NFT collection and see if they want to do a cross-promotion giveaway. This can be done on social media. For instance, your social account gives away one of their NFTs in exchange for liking retweeting, and following both of your accounts. Their account does the same with your NFT. 

This NFT marketing strategy exposes both of your NFTs to a new audience and hopefully gains you more followers and NFT sales. 

Employing an NFT Marketing Agency to Promote NFT/NFT Collection

Promoting NFTs and NFT collections is exciting. But if you’re just starting out, it can get overwhelming real quick.

If you have too much on your plate, one of the things you can do is partner up with an NFT marketing agency. Let them worry about the promotion while you do what you do best—create amazing NFT art. This can free up a lot of your time which you can use to plan your next NFT/NFT collection.

While this may be a pricey option—it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You may find an agency that fits your budget or is willing to work on a % of sales. 

You can also use our NFT Calendar to promote your NFT/NFT collection.

What is the Best NFT Marketing Strategy?

The best NFT marketing strategy is the one that works for you.

I would love to pick one strategy out of all of them and say that it’s the best. But honestly, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Twitter might work for some, while Discord might be the best for others. Unless you try each out, you wouldn’t know what works best for you.

With this article, we’ve tried to show you some paid and free ways to promote NFTs/NFT collections. So go out there and sell some NFTs!

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