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No Fun News – 4 – Tom Sachs Rocketfactory

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And blast off for episode 3 of the NFT News Round Up brought to you by Cryptoads

Tom Sach’s Rocket Factory has their launch line up locked in for  September 10, 2021 in Hamburg, Germany. 

Rocket Factory NFTs are sold in 3 parts: a tail, a body, and a nose cone. Each part is paired with a random brand, don’t ask me about IP laws, because I’m a toad not a lawyer. 

Anyway, NFT collectors try and get 1 tail, 1 body, 1 nose cone and when they do they can burn those part to assemble a full rocket. 

There were 3000 rocket parts to start with, meaning the parts themselves are deflationary and only 1000 Rocket NFTs will be made. 

Once a collector assembles a full rocket, a physical replica of that rocket  is then scheduled to belaunched at a launch event. The launch events will happen on all 7 continents over the next year or so. 

After launch, the physical rocket is collected and sent to the owner of the NFT. Giving the owner a launch certificate, the rocket NFT, and a physical rocket as a Holy Trinity NFT. Sotheby’s auction any one?

Anyway, this project spotlight was to highlight the fun that NFTs can have in the real world. 

IN other news, Toads also exists in the real world so be sure to check out our NFT collection on twitter and join our discord to learn more. 

Yo yo, Jerry let’s load up on sleeping pills, jump on a jet and cross the pond to check out this rocket launch in Hamburg tomorrow., whatta ya say?


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