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No Fun News – 9 – Jay Peg’s AutoMart #nft

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This is the No Fun NFT news round up brought to you by the no fun toads. Check out our project (not minted yet at the time of this writing) – 

Coindesk article: https://www.coindesk.com/tech/2021/09…


The only thing better than these dope ass galaxy eggs, was the hack and then hilarious response of Jay Peg’s Automart. 

I’m Caster the Toad and this is your NFT news update. 

Ok, everything I’m about to say here actually happened… with millions of dollars on the line. Which is amazing. 

Jay Pegs Auto Mart – a fictitious, certified pre-owned 2007 Kia Sedona dealer in Florida, approached their NFT launch in a new way to prevent gas wars. 

They created a batch auction on Sushi swaps launch platform -Miso. A batch auction allowed everyone to contribute for a time period and then distributes tokens proportionally to everyone’s contribution so you don’t have to gas war FOMO into the Drop. 

You can trade in 1 DONA token for 1 certified pre owned Kia Sedona when they’re NFT lot opens on September 21st. A 2007 Sedona is a mighty fine vehicle may I add. 

Unfortunately, the Miso platform was hacked and the hacker took all 865 ETH that Jay Peg’s Automart raised. 

From there, Jay Peg’s figured out who the hacker was. Use post mates to order a Miso soup to his physical address, convinced him to return the funds without calling the cops because they aren’t NARCs, and then sent the hacker one $Dona token, because everyone needs a reliable vehicle to get back on the right road. 

They did all of this without breaking character. It’s crypto jokes and marketing at it’s finest. I’ve gone down their web of marketing projects and games and Jay Pegs Auto Mart the Ghouls, NGMI Global, $based – it’s all gold. 

I’ll leave you with the closing response from the team. Remember this is the parting words to coin desk, from  a man who just had 3 million dollars stolen from him and has been up for days dealing with it:

“In your article, can you add a blurb about how the Kia Sedona is among the most reliable in its class?”

“I’m a J.D. Power guy, so I’m going to cite the statistics – it’s a verified 78 out of 100.”

“That’s a strong, high C.”

“You can get behind the wheel, and it will take you where you need to be. It’ll get your loved ones there safe.”

“It’s a four-door, obviously.”

“Six-seat adjustment.”

“A 16 in the city and a 23 on the highway.”

“I know the hack is the headline, but the real steal is a Kia Sedona.

Ok cool – go read the article and maybe get yourself a nice reliable vehicle. Now that the hacker has returned the funds, you can get $DONA token on sushi swap and trade it in when lhe lot opens on September 21.

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