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No Fun News – 6 – Hey Grandpa, We’re Bullish on #NFTs

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Yesterday I was trying to explain to my grandpa how trading cards have moved online. Considering he’s never used a computer, that didnt go to well.

But on today’s episode of I’ll recap that conversation as a reminder to keep the faith and remain bullish on the long term outlook of NFTs.


1. NFTs have utility as in game items or characters like Axie’s

2. NFTs have utility as building blocks to spawn games like Loot

3. NFTs are games themselves like crypto kitties

Flex Your Collection:

A big reason people collect things is to show off their collection. And while you might be able to wear a watch, drive a car, or hang a painting – not near as many people will see it as will see your twitter profile picture. 

In our ever growing online attention economy, that’s valuable. 

Tickets & Keys:

NFTs can be used as tickets to physical events, like how Veefriends grants you access to the next 3 years of Veecon. 

NFTs can be used as keys to unlock gated content or discussions, using tools like mintgate and collab.land

This is better than the traditional password system, because ANYONE in the community, not jsut the founders, can help to build up the value of that community and then profit by transferring their ownership – aka selling their NFT. 

Which brings us to the last and biggest value of NFTs

NFTs create communities that are financially aligned. This breeds positivity particularly in the early days of the NFT space where this is not a zero sum game, but rather a world we are all building from the ground up. 

So stay imaginative and keep gaming, creating, curating, and spreading love. Thanks for watching and give the No Fun Toads a follow for plenty more content. Our project will be announcing it’s mint date soon.


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