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No Fun News – 1 – #OpenSea #Loot #NFT

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This is the No Fun NFT news round up brought to you by the No Fun Toads.

Discord: http://discord.gg/UTRm2xxYFg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoFunToads

Website: https://www.nofuntoads.com


Yesterday my mom asked me what I wanted to do with my life

Today, here I am reading the news about a parallel financial economy as a toad on the internet

I’m Caster The Toad and this is the NFT News Round Up, brought to you by Cryptoads

Opens recorded 3.4 Billion dollars in transactions on Ethereum in August
That’s 10 times higher than it did in July

Imagine how much more it could have been if “BrokenSea” worked more than 75% of the time

I’m only kidding! And please verify Cryptoad’s project once it comes out. Moving on…

Let me make sure I’m understanding this correctly

Yes! It does appear that NFT collectors now need to know how to read after the launch of Loot, a new NFT that is tied only to a string of randomized words

These words theoretically represent in-game adventure gear for games that don’t exist yet

Think this is dumb as rocks? Well, then you might just be right that this IS the next big thing.

This NFT idea created by the founder of Vine flips the creation relationship between NFT and games

Which is kinda cool… once it clicks.

Anyway, the Loot collection saw nearly $200M in sales volume it’s first week

And people are building all sorts of marketplaces, artwork and games around these 8 word lists of adventure gear.

Now that’s enough adventure for today, but be sure to smash that follow button

As we’ll be coming at you frequently as we lead up to the launch of the cryptoad crew

Jerry! Nice! Episode 1 is in the can!!


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