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No Fun News – 3 – We had to our change our name.

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Well, f*** me – our name was taken. 

I’m Caster the Toad & This is a special edition of the NFT News Round up Brought to you by — ‘ uhh, I’m not sure what our new collection name is yet.

Last night, Gremplin , and other 

Members of the noun.wtf  project stealth launched cryptoadz NFT. That’s cryptoadz with a Z, we WERE Cryptoads with an s. Anyway, cryptoadz with a Z took over crypto twitter and has a floor price reaching 1 ETH.  

Now for the record, my team and I want to congratulate cryptoadz with a z. The art is cool, they did some unique things with their launch which enabled them to sell out AND prevent insane gas spikes. 

There was no foul play involved, just bad timing for our project crypto ads with an s. 

Our unfunded, young, non-whale team has spent the last 3 months drawing toads, making content and animations like this one and better to come, and learning solidity. We can’t give up now. We have to pivot, which luckily rhymes with ribbit.

Our treat truly believes that between our quirky content, long term vision of an NFT gated social media platform called “The Pond” and more, we will become one of the best NFTcollections and the greatest NFT funded Media company on the planet.

We’re unique in our drive to succeed. This bump in the road of losing our original name is no fun. No fun, sounds like non-fungible, ‘ ‘no fun” reminds us of “Bond” like the gold standard nft, Bored Ape Yacht Club.

No Fun Toads also has the initials NFTs. 

We’re the No Fun Toads. Boo ya!

So follow the No Fun Toads on twitter, join our discord  and let’s all rise up as the underdog-toads and prove NFTs can level the playing field for creatives.

Jerry, my man , 12 hrs later & we’re back in business. Never give up, never surrender


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