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Decentral Games & ICE Poker Wearable NFTs (A Complete Overview)

Decentral Games is a free to play, play to earn Casino in the Decentraland Metaverse. It’s core product is Ice Poker and the associated ICE Poker NFT wearables.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about ICE poker and teach you how to buy an ICE poker NFT, earn $ICE, stake $DG, delegate an $ICE NFT or rent an ICE NFT to play Ice Poker.

To learn more, keep reading our article on Decentral Games.

What Is Decentral Games?

Decentral games is a DAO run, play-to-earn Casino in the Decentraland metaverse. The Decentral games DAO is governed by the $DG token.

As of the time of this writing, Decentral Games has 6 casino plots in the metaverse and users can play 4 games: Ice Poker, Blackjack, Roullette and Slots.

Ice poker, and its associated NFT wearables and $ICE crypto token are currently the most popular offering by Decentral Games.

For the sake of brevity, this post is going to assume you are familiar with Metamask and switching between layer 2s on Metamask.

If you’re playing Decentral games you’re going to need Metamask and you’re going to want to be able to switch it between both the Ethereum and Polygon network. Primarily, ICE Poker and Decentral Games operates on Polygon.

What is $DG Token?

THe DG Crypto token is an ERC 20 governance token and medium of exchange/fee sharing token within decentral games. There is a max supply of 1 Billion $DG tokens.

Users can stake $DG in the DAO to “Be The House” and earn yield on fees from games. Staking DG token also allows users to add proposals and vote to govern the Decentral games treasury.

When you stake $DG Crypto you will receive autocompounding $xDG to earn an APY. This needs to be done through a non-custodial wallet and we highly recommend using a cold storage wallet like Ledger vs trezor

$DG Version 2 Migration

On December 1, 2021 Decentral Games migrated to an updated version of the DG token.

This migration included a token split of 1/1000 making the total supply of $DG 1 Billion rather than 1 Million. The migration also added an auto-compounding governance token xDG on both ETH and Polygon.

What is ICE Poker?

Ice Poker is Decentral Game’s Free to play, Play to earn poker game within Decentraland.

Users that own or are delegated an ICE wearable NFT can complete daily challenges for $ICE token. ICE token can then be converted to real cash value on exchanges like Quickswap.

Each day, anyone that owns or is delegated an ICE wearable is given an allotment of free in game chips.

These chips are free and non-transferable. Therefor there is no added risk to going out and playing at the Casino. The more challenges you complete and the better you play the more $ICE you will earn.

So basically if you own an ICE poker NFT you want to use or delegate out it’s use as much as possible.

I like to think of playing in the Decentral Games casino as ICE engagement mining.

The Components of ICE Poker

ICE poker is a texas hold ’em style casino game. I like this because it doesn’t require users to learn a crazy new blockchain game. Most people already know how to play texas hold ’em.

However, to maximize your performance at ICE Poker, it’s best to understand the macro picture of the Decentral Games and ICE Poker ecosystem. When playing ICE poker here are the components you’ll need to keep in mind:

ICE Poker “Chips”

ICE Poker Chips are in game, non-transferable free tokens to play poker. Chip leaders are tracked on a leaderboard and players earn an extra $ICE bonus based on their position in the chip leaderboard that day.

Chips Reset every 24 hours at Midnight UTC and then are re-delegated out to ICE Poker NFT wearables.

XP Points

Ice Poker Experience points (XP) are also in-game and non-transferable. Experience points are earned by an account the more it actually utilizes its ICE Wearable NFT, either by playing tiself or delegating it’s wearable to another player.

The only real reason you need XP points is they are required to upgrade your wearable to the next level. (More on that later)

$ICE and ICE Wearable NFTs

$ICE and ICE Wearable NFTs are the backbone of ICE Poker and Decentral games, so we will cover them in more detail below.

Decentral Games $ICE Crypto Token Price on quickswap
There are liquid markets for $ICE on Quickswap DEX

$ICE: What is $ICE Crypto Token?

$ICE is a cryptocurrency token on the Polygon Blockchain that’s used to play and wager in Decentral Games like blackjack, roullete, slots and Poker.

In ICE poker, players earn $ICE by checking into Decentral games and completing 3 challenges daily. A

s long as players have a Play-2-earn enabled wearable (or are delegated a wearable) they can complete the daily challenges for free and will earn an allotment of $ICE after 24 hours.

ICE is available on DEXs such as Quickswap and so can be traded freely for other Crypto currency. This means ICE holds real world value as you can exchange it for ETH, USDC, MATIC and more.

Another use case for ICE is minting Decentral Games ICE Wearable NFTs when there are new collection drops.

What are Ice Poker NFT Wearables?

ICE Wearables are NFTs with utility in the metaverse. Each p2e enabled ICE Wearable is granted a free daily allotment of chips to play ICE poker inside of decentraland.

Owning an activated ICE Poker NFT Wearable is the only way to receive these free to play, play to earn poker chips.

Having these chips enables you to check into the Decentral Games Casino and complete challenges to earn $ICE. The $ICE itself does have real world value as once you earn it, you can trade it on Quickswap for other crypto and stable coins.

ICE wearables give people a risk free way to earn money. This has caused the floor price of the NFTs to rise to above 2 ETH on secondary markets. (As of the time of this writing).

Because the high price of the NFT is often prohibitive, there is a system of delegating ICE Poker NFTs, which we will cover shortly.

First, let’s touch on how to get your own ICE Poker NFT Wearable.

How Do you Buy ICE Poker Wearable NFTs?

There are two ways someone can buy ICE Poker wearables. The first is minting directly from Decentral Games during one of their NFT drop events and the second is through a secondary market like OpenSea.

Minting New Ice Poker NFTs on Decentral Games

Users can periodically mint ICE wearable NFTs directly on the Decentral Games website when the company holds a direct minting event.

So far there have been 8 NFT drops. All of them come in general themed outfits (chef, beach day etc).

These drops sell out fast and are highly competitive. More than likely, buying wearables directly from a Decentral Games mint is only reserved for players that have already been whitelisted.

Each drop has different rules to be whitelisted. You’ll have to check the Decentral Games blog and discord for upcoming Mint dates and their rules. In general though criteria for whitelisting revolves around:

  • holding a certain number of xDG (>1000 xDG)
  • Participating and/or delegating your previous ICE wearables a certain number of times during a specified period.

NFT mints are held on Polygon and either priced in ETH or $ICE.

Mint 7 was price at .75 ETH and mint 8 was priced at 8000 ICE.

Buying Ice Poker NFT Wearables on OpenSea

The easiest way to buy an ICE poker NFT is to buy one on the secondary market through Opensea. Be sure that you are always buying from the official Decentral Games Ice Poker Collection.

The ICE wearables live on Polygon – so you can buy with $WETH on the polygon network by bridging over assets or you can actually buy the NFTs with a debit or credit card.

ICE Poker Wearable NFTs by Decentral Games

Delegating or Renting ICE Poker NFT Wearables in Decentral Games

The floor price of ICE Poker Wearable NFTs is often prohibitive for new players trying to enter the ecosystem. For that reason users can delegate or receive delegation of an ICE Wearable NFT.

By delegating an ICE Poker NFT, the owner and player agree to a split in $ICE earnings for the time the NFT is delegated.

The common split starts at 40% of ICE earnings to the NFT owner and 60% go to the player.

Delegation happens by signing transactions on the blockchain. The owner can “undelegate” their NFT every 24 hours after a reset in chips.

Performance can be monitored via the dashboard to view earnings on the Decentral Games Website.

The delegation system works well for players because it gives them a way to earn risk free money + not have to buy an expensive NFT to play. They just have to put in the time and skill to play.

The delegation system is good for NFT owners because they can earn passive income off their percentage of $ICE earnings without having to put in the time and skill to play poker in the metaverse.

P2E Blockchain Guilds

This idea of delegation and splitting earnings has given rise to micro entrepreneurs and p2e guilds within the blockchain ecosystem. We’ve seen it before with axie infinity scholarships.

Using blockchain, these splut earning transactions can be done trustlessly. The delegate and delegator can sign messages that automatically divides the ICE earnings based off percentage.

Also, the delegator doesn’t have to completely relinquish control of their NFT. They can take back permissions of their delegated NFT if the player isn’t performing up to par.

So it is up to the player to perform well and consistently and the NFT owner to chose the right players and monitor their performance.

How Do You Upgrade ICE Poker Wearables in Decentral Games?

ICE Wearable NFTs range from level 1 to level 5.

The higher level an NFT the more of an ICE bonus a player will receive each day of use.

An ICE Wearable will be a level 1 if buying a wearable directly from Decentral Games at a mint event.

In time, that wearable can be upgraded.

To upgrade a wearable the NFT owner needs to burn a certain amount of ICE, DG and accumulate enough experience points.

Experience points can only be gained by playing (or having a delegate play) ICE Poker with the NFT. So the more you can use the wearable the better.

You can buy any level of NFT wearable on opensea. Higher level wearables will likely be worth more money.

That is up to you as the buyer to decide if the added cost of buying a higher level wearable is justified based on the time and cost to upgrade a lower level wearable.

Note: All XP points go to the owner of the NFT when the NFT is delegated. XP points have no monetary value and can only be earned by playing or delegating.

Here’s a chart of upgrade prices and bonuses for different levels of Decentral Game Ice Poker NFT Wearables

Decentral Games ICE Poker NFT Upgrade Chart

How Much Can You Make With Ice Poker?

How much you make from an ICE poker wearable depends not only on the frequency and consistency at which you play, but also how well you play at the tables.

Some ICE will be rewarded for simple tasks, like playing 1 hand. But other times the challenges revolve around winning. You also earn more if you are high up on the “chip leaderboard” in the casino for the day.

Because of the performance based chip multiplier, a skilled poker players will earn more ICE than non experienced players if they both play the same amount of time and days.

It is not uncommon for a high level ICE wearable to consistently earn over 500 ICE a day.

As of the time of this writing, ICE is trading around .15 USD. So, .15*500 = $75 a day. That’s not bad.

Delegating vs Delegator in Decentral Games

As of now, when it comes to delegation, the common split starts at 40% of ICE earnings go to the NFT owner and 60% go to the player.

This percentage shifts further in favor of the NFT owner as the ICE wearable moves up in levels.

The reason for the shift in % is to account for the larger ICE bonus that the player automatically gets for playing with a higher level wearable.

If you are playing in the casino with your own wearable you will make 100% of ICE earnings.

How To Find an Ice Poker Wearable NFT Delegate or Delegator?

To find delegates and delegators you can go to the Decentral Games discord channel. It is a very competitive market for a player to receive delegation of an NFT.

As a hopeful player, you will have to cut through the noise to receive the attention of a delegator, impress them with an interview and then perform well once the NFT is delegated to your address. If you don’t continually perform, the delegation can be taken away.

The job of an NFT delegator is to find the best and most reliable players and monitor performance via the Decentral Games dashboard.

Decentral Games & ICE Poker Conclusion

Decentral Games is a very well thought out and well executed play 2 earn blockchain game in the Metaverse.

The team seems to be paving the way for DAOs, P2E gaming, and utility based NFTs.

Because the Decentral Games and ICE Poker ecosystem is well crafted it is gaining traction. This influx of players is also building up micro economies of entrepreneurs, guiild owners and players – all looking to capitalize on this new p2e blockchain economy.

If you want to get involved with the guild we are forming, please fill out this google form and you’ll receive further info.

Thanks so much for reading and good luck at the tables!

Shout out to @mutantpapasito for sending me down the Decentral Games wormhole.

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