Youtube Launches Podcast Feature

YouTube Launches Podcast Feature: Empowers Podcasters & Listeners (2023)

YouTube has announced the addition of a dedicated podcast feature to the YouTube music app. This news has intrigued audiences who enjoy YouTube and other apps for podcasts.

YouTube aims to create a seamless transition for podcasters and listeners alike. The goal is to improve the creating and listening experience while drawing in more people. Let’s look at the recent developments and related news around the YouTube Podcast feature.

What’s The New YouTube Podcast Feature?

YouTube’s podcast venture is exciting news for many. There have been many questions about its features. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Only In the US: 

Users all over the globe are waiting for this dedicated podcast feature. However, this feature will only be rolled out in the United States for now. 

  • Available In The Explore Section: 

YouTube has decided that a dedicated podcast homepage will be located in the Explore section on the YouTube website and app. This will help in exposing users to new podcasts and creators. 

  • Still A Beta Feature: 

Even though the feature has been in the talks for quite a while now, it will initially be launched as a beta feature. The goal is to test the tool and people’s response before developing it into a full-fledged feature.

Reasons Why Podcasters Should Use the YouTube Podcast Feature

YouTube is launching a dedicated podcast feature. That’s great news, but why would a user switch to YouTube when they already have other apps? If you’re pondering along the same lines, here’s what’s unique about the YouTube podcast feature:

YouTube’s massive user base is second to none regarding content creation. If podcasters capitalize on this, along with a larger viewership, their content will also reach a more diverse audience from different regions of the world.

More Reach For Building Personal Brands As They Can Collab With Other Creators And Get Cross Engagement

Collaborations are instrumental for YouTube creators. They serve as exceptional tools for building personal brands. In addition, collaborating with other podcasters allows you to share audiences and get cross-engagement. 

More Revenue In Ads For Creators

Higher revenue is another lucrative reason why podcasters should use YouTube’s podcast feature. Podcast ads will help generate higher revenues for creators than on any other app.

Create YT Podcasts With Riverside

Now that you know about the features of YouTube’s podcast feature, let’s dive into how to create a YouTube Podcast. For recording high-quality podcasts, platforms like Riverside come in handy. Riverside allows you to record HD-quality video and audio straight from your browser.

Follow these steps to record your next big podcast with Riverside:

  • Step 1: Preparation

Before you start recording, decide what you want to talk about. This helps you stay on course and provides structure to your content.

  • Step 2: Setting Up

Once you are ready to record, Open your browser or app and create an account on After you set up your account, head to the Riverside homepage and click the “+New Studio” option. Next, enter your studio’s name and select “Audio and Video” as your recording type.

  • Step 3: Inviting Guests 

Once you are done with setting up, enter your studio on Riverside and share the meeting link with your guests. You can share the link through E-Mail or directly copy-pasting the shareable link with your guests.

  • Step 4: Recording

Once ready, hit the record button at the bottom bar and enjoy the recording session!

  • Step 5: Editing 

Once the recording process is completed, edit the recordings using Riverside’s editing tools before you share them with the world. Riverside allows you to create video clips, rearrange the layout, and add a logo or graphic. Once you have edited and made the final changes hit export, and you’re ready to share it!

  • Step 6: Sharing to YouTube 

The last step is to upload your downloaded file to YouTube and see how people react to it!

YouTube Launches Podcast Feature: FAQS

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about YouTube’s podcast feature.

What is YouTube’s Podcast Page?

YouTube’s podcast page is a new feature of YouTube. You will find the podcast page in the explore menu on the homepage. This is where you can explore and listen to podcasts by your favorite creators.

Does YouTube have a podcast platform?

Yes. YouTube now has a podcast platform where creators can upload and share their podcasts with the world. Even though the platform is only available in the US now, it will be launched in other countries soon.

Is YouTube Music getting podcasts?

Yes. You will soon be able to listen to your favorite podcasts on the YouTube music app. YouTube has been working extensively to bring podcasts to YouTube Music as quickly as possible. This will allow you to switch between audio and video versions of the podcast conveniently.

Why are all YouTubers doing podcasts?

All YouTubers are jumping in on the podcast train because of the massive audience that consumes podcasts. They want to reach a larger group of audiences and make their content more accessible. The advantage of podcasts over videos is accessibility, whether in the car, gym, cooking, or even running!

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